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Achieving Dat Cloudless, Chok-Chok BTS-member Skin with Crispy Potato Smashies from the Chrissy Teigen Cookbook

Who knew that what you EAT could actually get you that Korean beauty idol cloudless skin? In this blog post, Adeline delves into cutting edge gut microbiome research to explain the gut-skin-brain axis to you, and how making (and eating) Chrissy Teigen's Crispy Potato Smashies can be an unexpected way to getting that chok chok glow.

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Korean Skincare Routine Anti-Aging Hack!

my new anti-aging skincare hack! So as part of my gift for my fortieth birthday, my sweet husband gifted me a facial at my favorite spa in the USA, Rescue Spa, where I saw my favorite esthetician, Magda! When we were geeking out over new stuff in skincare, she told me about a hack that I knew would work really well for you if you're suffering from irritated, reddened skin from winter dryness, if you overcleanse too much because you have oily skin, and if you want to diminish the appearance of those fine lines. It's super easy, following along below! Our acid toners we recommend for this: Botanical Acid Toner & Janah's Strawberry Toner. Want more dedicated advice and...

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Homebrew Beauty Revolution: Cosmetic Chemistry in Your Kitchen

This is the story of how my anger at the beauty industry made me start the Homebrew Beauty Revolution. [1] In this blog post, you’ll hear a tale of how toxicity conducted at different levels of the beauty industry drove me to create the most radical experiment I’ve ever conducted in my life. My name is Adeline Koh, former professor and founder of Sabbatical Beauty, a small batch, luxury, Korean beauty inspired beauty company. I founded Sabbatical Beauty in 2016, and we achieved a gross annual revenue of $780 000 in 2018. [2] The Homebrew Beauty Revolution is my experiment to answer my research question below. Research Question Is it possible to radically change the beauty industry, so that we...

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Luxury Skincare: Is It Worth The Cost?

Ever felt lost at the beauty counter? Not sure if the sales rep is trying to "hard sell" you, or if the luxury skincare product is really worth how expensive it is? This FREE online training will give you the tools to empower yourself.

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