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Luxury Skincare: Is It Worth The Cost?

Ever felt lost at the beauty counter? Not sure if the sales rep is trying to "hard sell" you, or if the luxury skincare product is really worth how expensive it is? This FREE online training will give you the tools to empower yourself.

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Snail Secretion Filtrate & K Beauty: An Easy Guide To Scientific Research In Plain English

I never thought snail secretion filtrate would become such a big part of my life. When I was ten years old, I accidentally stepped on a poor slug in my bare feet. In years to come I never forgot how gross the sensation was of feeling the slug under my foot. It still makes me squeamish today to think of it! Eewww… Anyway. Snail secretion filtrate, snail mucin, snail juice, snail extract. I don’t care what you call it. Given that experience, I never thought that I of all people would be one plastering snail mucin on my face in the quest for better skin, let alone the wackadoodle witch manufacturing her own snail serum because she was unhappy with...

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Peyton's Fifth Week With the Winter Box!

I would have definitely purchased the Deluxe Winter Box; the Burgundy Lip Tint is such a beautiful color and really moisturizes your lips. I often wear long-wear lipstick, which can be very drying, and putting Burgundy Lip Tint on afterward makes my lips feel so much better! The products work extremely well together, keeping skin hydrated, but also very clean and clear. I knew the products were going to work based upon my experience with Sabbatical Beauty skincare prior to getting the Winter Box products, but Radiance Serum is kind of a game changer.

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Carol's Fifth Week With the Winter Box!

Every reviewing journey seems like a lesson itself. Not only have I learnt to listen to my skin, see how my skin respond to the products I use, I have also learnt that even with the same product, I can use varying amounts to achieve various desired results: lesser during the day for just the right amount of hydration without making me oily, or more at night for ultimate pampering and supercharging it for maximum benefits.

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Deidre's Fifth Week With the Winter Box

Before the Winter Box, I used a lot of drug store products. I didn’t double cleanse. Washing my face felt like a chore and something my skin had to recover from. My skin would feel dr dry and papery. Now, washing my face is a gift. My skin feels so and nourished. Adding the rest of my routine just amplifies what is already there. I’m more confidence going without makeup, and I feel like the money I’m spending on SB products is paying off with real results. I look younger and revitalized.

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