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Peyton's Fourth Week With The Winter Box

Peyton's Fourth Week With The Winter Box - Sabbatical Beauty

peyton week 4 winter box progress


Skin Type and Location:

Salutations! This is Peyton, and it’s the end of week 4 with the Sabbatical Beauty Winter Box. It’s been cold here in Maryland this week, staying in the 30-40 degree range, and it has been raining for the past 48+ hours. I have aging/combination skin.  


General Impressions

I am continuing to enjoy theWinter Box products. I still have plenty of everything, except for Radiance Serum - I think I only have enough of that for one more day. I have been using it both AM and PM, on my face as well as my throat, so it’s not surprising that I’m running low. I typically get dry, irritated skin in the winter, but these products are keeping that from happening this year. My skin remains hydrated, smooth, dewy, silky, and youthful.  

Changes I’ve seen: The sun spot I have on the right side of my jaw is continuing to lighten. I have continued to apply the Rosehip Healing Oil on the backs of my hands and also on my face to stave off skin irritation.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM: Double cleanse with Bamboo Cleansing Balm andRice Against the Patriarchy, applyLift Serum (not in the Winter Box),Radiance Serum, apply Rosehip Healing Oil (Coming Soon!) to face, dėcolletage and backs of hands, use  AAEGO (also not in the Winter Box) under my eyes and stroke any remainder over my eyebrows, and finish withDonkey Cream (and then sunscreen!). I also use Day Spa Body Cream (Coming Soon!) for hands, arms, and legs. If my hair is dry and/or flyaway, I will put a couple of drops of Coffee Hair Oil (Coming Soon!) in my palms and rub my palms over the top layer of my hair, the sides, and at the nape of my neck (which keeps my hair from getting tangled by the collar or hood of my coat.)  I wear the Burgundy Lip Tint (Coming Soon!) almost every day; it’s a very flattering shade of burgundy. .

PM: wash with Bamboo Cleansing Balm andRice Against the Patriarchy; I follow that withRadiance Serum,AAEGO, Rosehip Healing Oil (Coming soon!),Dorian Gray's Anti-Aging Serum, Donkey Cream, and thenSnow Sleeping Cream, Day Spa Body Cream (Coming Soon!) for hands, arms, and legs.

I use the Botanical Gel Mask and the Milk Cream Mask once each week. I usually use the Botanical Gel Mask in the early part of the week, and the Milk Cream Mask in the latter part of the week. I am amazed by how soft my skin is afterward, especially after the Milk Cream Mask.

Any changes I’ve made

I am continuing to use the entireWinter Box. I started incorporating Dorian Gray’s Anti-Aging Serum into my PM routine last week, and I am going to continue to do that. I really like how the products work together, and I’m happy to report that my skin look amazingly clear and blemish-free.  I am going to have to substitute a different serum for Radiance in the next day or two - I am thinking of trying Pumpkin Spice Latte and Apple Cider Serum (both from the Fall Box) instead.

Overall thoughts

Overall, I’m very happy with the results I’ve gotten from the Winter Box routine.  My skin looks wonderful, and I’ve gotten numerous compliments on my skin.

Watch Peyton's Week 4 Winter Box Routine!