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Deidre's Fifth Week With the Winter Box

Before the Winter Box, I used a lot of drug store products. I didn’t double cleanse. Washing my face felt like a chore and something my skin had to recover from. My skin would feel dr dry and papery. Now, washing my face is a gift. My skin feels so and nourished. Adding the rest of my routine just amplifies what is already there. I’m more confidence going without makeup, and I feel like the money I’m spending on SB products is paying off with real results. I look younger and revitalized.

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Deidre's Fourth Week With The Winter Box

 Along with the increased hydration, my skin is more resilient. Last year, I would have to re-apply moisturiser or use hydrating face mists periodically throughout the day. My makeup and the climate would drain all moisture from my face, and I would spend upwards of an hour applying so many products to try to restore it. But in the morning, I wouldn’t see great effects and would start all over again. Now, my skin seems to be working like skin should, protecting me from the weather. I credit the Winter Box for that.

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Carol's Fourth Week With The Winter Box

Now that I am into the fourth week of using the items from the Winter Box, I have already decided which are the MVPs for me: Botanical Gel Mask, Milk Cream Mask, and Radiance Serum. These are the items that I will definitely be wanting full sizes of when they are launched! It has come to the point where when I think I want to be pampered, I think of Milk Cream Mask, when I want to ‘reset’ my skin, I reach for the Botanical Gel Mask and definitely, for all time brightening, Radiance!

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Peyton's Fourth Week With The Winter Box

I am continuing to use the entire Winter Box. I started incorporating Dorian Gray’s Anti-Aging Serum into my PM routine last week, and I am going to continue to do that. I really like how the products work together, and I’m happy to report that my skin look amazingly clear and blemish-free.  I am going to have to substitute a different serum for Radiance in the next day or two - I am thinking of trying Pumpkin Spice Latte and Apple Cider Serum (both from the Fall Box) instead.

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Peyton's Third Week with the Winter Box

The Winter Box products are continuing to work their magic. In spite of my experience with the Sabbatical Beauty product line, I was still surprised by how well they are lasting. A little bit of product goes a long way. Generally, I begin to get very dry during cold weather, but that has not happened this year! My skin is hydrated, smooth, dewy, and silky.  

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