Toners, Essences & First Serums

Unlike in Western beauty, in Asian skincare, toners are not highly astringent but used for calming, hydrating and prepping the skin for later layers of skincare. This collection also includes "first serums", or serums that are light enough to serve the purpose of an Asian skincare toner, and the Sabbatical Beauty beauty waters, which add a final cleanse element.

Watch out soon for more concentrated "acid toners" from Sabbatical Beauty, these being exfoliation-driven toners that are generally composed of Alpha-Hydroxy & Beta-Hydroxy Acids and more! Acid toners are more traditionally found in Western beauty. 

Maple Essence Toner
$ 20 +
Asian Powerhouse Serum
$ 10 +
Beauty Water with Rose, Lavender and Silk
$ 12 +
Five Ginseng Serum
$ 15 +
Peppermint Water
$ 20 +
Tea Tree Beauty Water
$ 15 +
Lotus Serum Mist
Free Gift


Lotus Serum Mist
$ 38 +
Janah's Strawberry Cocktail Exfoliating Toner
$ 30 +

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