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Peyton's Second Week with the Winter Box!

Peyton's Second Week with the Winter Box! - Sabbatical Beauty
peyton winter box week 2 progress

Skin Type and Location:

Hello! This is Peyton, and I’m telling all about week 2! I live in Maryland where it has been cold, dry, rainy, not as dry, sunny, overcast, down to 34, up to 61, and basically all the craziness that climate change has to offer. I have aging/combination skin.  


General Impressions

First off, I love theWinter Box products. They were all new to me and this is the first time I’ve tried these particular products. They have been generally working very well on my skin and with my skin type. I think the products have had to work overtime because of all the crazy weather that has been thrown at me for the past week. My skin has remained hydrated, smooth, dewy, and silky, while also (for the most part) remaining very clear. Since I’m 50 years old, and battling visible signs of aging tooth and nail, that’s very important to me.

Changes I’ve seen: I have a small sun spot on the right side of my jaw which has lightened quite a bit. Thank you,Radiance!  I have been under a bit of stress with family health issues, disturbed sleeping patterns, and intensive workshops, which contributed to my sprouting several small pimples on my chin. I’ve used theWinter Boxproducts plus  Camel Milk and Yeast Mask to dry those pimples up at night, and am applying Rosehip Healing Oil to the affected areas during my morning routine (this helps heal them from the inside as well as providing a good surface to apply makeup over.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM: wash with Bamboo Cleansing Balm andRice Against the Patriarchy, applyLift Serum (not in the Winter Box)  Radiance Serum, apply Rosehip Healing Oil (Coming Soon!) to face, dėcolletage and backs of hands, use  AAEGO (also not in the Winter Box) under my eyes and stroke any remainder over my eyebrows, and finish withDonkey Milk Cream (and then sunscreen!). I also use Day Spa Body Cream (Coming Soon!) for hands, arms, and legs. If my hair is dry and/or flyaway, I will put a couple of drops of Coffee Hair Oil (Coming Soon!) in my palms and rub my palms over the top layer of my hair, the sides, and at the nape of my neck. I love the Burgundy Lip Tint and use it almost every day.

PM: wash with Bamboo Cleansing Balm andRice Against the Patriarchy; I follow that withRadiance Serum,AAEGO, Rosehip Healing Oil (Coming soon!),  Snow Sleeping Cream, Day Spa Body Cream (Coming Soon!) for hands, arms, and legs.

Any changes I’ve made

I’m still using the entireWinter Box. I have been having a bit of skin upset that I think is more related to stress than anything else, and I’ve been using my Camel Milk and Yeast Mask as a spot treatment as needed.

Overall thoughts

I am really enjoying the Winter Box products. I’m going to continue to use my AM and PM routines as I have outlined above, and I think I’m going to incorporate  Dorian Gray's Anti-Aging Serum into my PM routine prior to applying Radiance. Overall, my skin looks amazing, dewy, and youthful. I’m very pleased!


Click to watch Peyton's Week 2 Winter Box Routine!