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Carol's Second Week with the Winter Box

Carol's Second Week with the Winter Box - Sabbatical Beauty

carol winter box week 2 progress


Skin Type and Location:

Hi! This is Carol again and I am back with my observations for Week 2! I live in Singapore where the weather and climate is always hot and humid (Yup! No winter!). And my skin type is on the oily combination side with enlarged pores that are clogged.


General Impressions

To be honest, I was expecting the items from the Winter Box to turn me into an oil slick. I mean,Donkey Milk Cream andSnow Sleeping Cream? They are well known for being so moisturising, right? But the pleasant surprise is that I can totally use Donkey Cream in the morning and not worry about my face spewing oil by the middle of the day! So of course, yes, I deliberately applied only a thin layer of Donkey Cream (as opposed to my usual go to ofRed Wine Pressed Serum which I do use with a pretty heavy hand) but that only shows two things: 1) As with most SB products, a little goes a long way and 2) Donkey Cream is so freaking hydrating yet mild that I know need a small dab to make my skin happy!

And then, I don’t know why, but it only dawn on me that the Winter Box items looks like a magical fairy land because all the colours of the items are so Christmasy! It’s either white (Milk Cream Mask,Snow Sleeping Cream,Donkey Milk Cream and Day Spa Body Cream), transparent (Botanical Gel Mask) or in a tarnished colour (Bamboo Balm,  Rice Against the Patriarchy Rice Cleansing Milk and Rosehip Healing Oil andRadiance) or Red (Burgundy Lip Tint).

Changes I’ve seen

First and foremost, it is that the Botanical Gel Mask changed my skin’s ability to absorb more serums! In the past, my face couldn’t handle too much and it was a maximum of 2 drops of serums and no more than 2 different types of serums at any given routine. Ever since I have used the Botanical Gel Mask, I can go up to six drops of serums!

Then, I do believe that my face has evened out in skin tone slightly. Prior to starting to use the Winter Box, my face looks pretty ok from far, but up close, you can see the little patches of discolouration from previous acne scarring. But this morning, while examining my face for any changes to update this blog, I do see that while my face is still not flawless and airbrushed like the models in magazines, at least the skin tone seems more even than before! And I do think that is because of Radiance!

AM Routine & PM routine

AM:Vacuum Cleaner Oil,Rice Against the Patriarchy Cleansing Milk,Maple Essence Toner,Coconut,Radiance,Donkey Cream and Sunscreen.

PM:Bamboo Balm, Rice Against the Patriarchy Cleansing Milk,Maple Essence Toner/Botanical Acid Toner/Strawberry Cocktail Exfoliating Toner (I rotate them),Lotus Serum Mist/Asian PowerHouse/5 Ginseng (I also like to rotate them),Radiance,Donkey Cream/Snow Sleeping Cream and Day Spa Body Cream for hands and legs.

Any changes I’ve made

This week, I have switched outRose Foaming Cleanser and is now using Rice Against for both AM and PM. Also, I am now usingRadiance both in the AM and PM routines when before, I was only using it in the PM routine.

Overall thoughts

To date, after almost two weeks since I have started incorporating the Winter Box items into my routines, I dare say not only have they not caused my skin to break out due to the intensity of hydration they delivers, but they also conditioned and coaxed my skin into behaving well (no purging and no additional oil!).


Watch Carol's Week 2 Winter Box Routine!