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Peyton's First Week With The Winter Box!

Peyton's First Week With The Winter Box! - Sabbatical Beauty

peyton winter box week 1


Skin Type and Location:


Hello, this is Peyton. My skin type is combination/aging. I live in Maryland in the United States, and it has gotten really cold in the past week. It dropped down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit! It’s also rained quite a bit in the past 48 hours, so it was cold and dry and now it’s 45 degrees, but damp.


General Impressions


I am enjoying all of the Winter Box products quite a bit. Even though I have been a SBee since April, they were all new products to me (except the Burgundy lip tint, which I have inRose Gold Lip Tint andMerlot Sparkle Lip Tint.) This Burgundy lip tint (Coming Soon!) is a bit more saturated in color, and has less of a cake-smell. I love the color - I am a makeup person, and I generally wear mascara, concealer, and eyeliner at a minimum. The Burgundy Lip Tint is dark enough to be a bit more dramatic than my natural lip color, and the formula is very hydrating. I love it!


I have used a different SB (Rose Cleansing Balm, which I really enjoy) and I like theBamboo Cleansing Balm as well. The Bamboo Cleansing Balm has a thicker texture than the Rose Cleansing Balm, but that that also may be due to the colder temperature in my house. I also have theBamboo Foaming Cleanser, which was featured in the Summer Box, and the two products smell exactly the same. It’s a very fresh botanical scent, but it is in no way overpowering.

I like theRice Against the Patriarchy cleansing milk, but it tends to separate in the cold. I have to stir it up, because it won’t shake up together very well. That being said, it foams up nicely when you add a little water to your fingers, and my skin feels squeaky clean after I use it, so I think it’s worth that little extra step.

I was really surprised to receive a full size Day Spa Body Cream in the Winter Box. I have heard from other SBee-Enthusiasts that the Day Spa scent is amazing, and it does not disappoint! In addition to smelling fabulous, the Day Spa Body Cream is rich and hydrating without feeling greasy or cloying. My skin drinks it right in, and it provides immediate relief to the onset of dry skin that has been caused by the change in seasons.  

Changes I’ve seen


My skin is not particularly sensitive to products, so I completely switched my routine over to the Winter Box products immediately. The only non-Winter Box items I’ve used areAnti-Aging Eye Gel Oil andLift Serum, and I’ve added them to my Winter Box routine rather that substituting anything. Even though I was very pleased with my routine before I started using the Winter Box products, I have been impressed with how soft the skin on my face is. Both of the masks, Milk Cream Mask (Coming Soon!) and Botanical Gel Mask (Coming Soon!), have acids and they really prepare your skin to drink in the serums and moisturizers to follow. I did learn not to fall asleep with the Botanical Gel Mask on though, because my cheeks were super-pink until the next day! Both of these masks are perfect for “stealth masking”. Botanical Gel is clear, and the Milk Cream Mask just sinks in. Like I said, however, don’t leave the Botanical Gel on longer that is recommended.


I LOVE theRadiance Serum. I’m used to using two serums layered upon each other, so I was a bit skeptical when I realized the Winter Box only contained a single serum. Fear not! This serum rocks! It’s made to minimize pores, increase cellular metabolism, and improve fine lines and scarring. I have noticed that my fine lines have improved, even in such a short time. I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses!


As far as the moisturizers in the Winter Box go, I have been impressed with  Donkey Cream (I haveCamel Milk Cream, which I adore, but the Donkey Cream is a bit richer and more hydrating in cold and dry weather. I have also been usingSnow Sleeping Cream as the final step in my evening routine. It’s not as heavy as Ekaterina, but it’s incredibly moisturizing and plumping.


AM Routine & PM routine


AM:Bamboo Cleansing Balm,Rice Against the Patriarchy,Anti-Aging Eye Gel Oil, Lift,Radiance Serum,Donkey Cream, Sunscreen.


PM: Bamboo Cleansing Balm, Rice Against the Patriarchy, Anti-Aging Eye Gel Oil, Radiance Serum,Snow Sleeping Cream and Day Spa Body Cream (Coming Soon!)


I’ve done each Mask twice in the past week.


I’ve only used the Coffee Hair Oil (Coming Soon!) sparingly - I work out a lot, so I tend to have to wash my hair quite a bit. I do like the smell and how it feels, so I will try to make a point of incorporating it more often.


Any changes I’ve made


As I said  before, I completely discontinued my prior SB routine to implement this Winter Box routine. I don’t necessarily recommend anyone else make such a wholesale change. I know my skin, and I knew it wouldn’t be a big issue for me. Most people should make those kind of changes gradually.

Overall thoughts


I’m very impressed with the Winter Box products. The collection has been curated not only to have maximum hydration properties, but to keep your skin clean and clear so those products can sink in and won’t clog your pores. I tend to be overwhelmed with scents, but all of the different product scents are harmonious with one another. The routine is also a bit shorter than what I have been doing, so it’s been pleasant having a little extra time available. I look forward to continuing using these fabulous products over the next few weeks, and will report back


Click to watch Peyton's Winter Box Unboxing video!