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Carol's Fourth Week With The Winter Box

Carol's Fourth Week With The Winter Box - Sabbatical Beauty

carol week 4 progress winter box

Skin Type and Location:


Hi again! I am Carol, and I live in Singapore. The weather conditions here are eternally hot and humid throughout the year, and I have oily combination skin that is aging, has discolorations, and plagued with enlarged and clogged pores.



General Impressions


I am now convinced that theWinter Box is also suitable for the hot and humid tropics! I have been monitoring and changing how much Radiance and Donkey Cream I use daily so as not to use too much products to aggravate my oily combination skin, and to date, it has been working fine!

Changes I’ve seen


This week, I am continuing to be amazed by how Radiance is making my face glow! I mean, Radiance is aptly named because it delivers exactly that, RADIANCE! There used to be patches of darkened skin where acne scarring left their mark, and makes my face appears uneven in skin tone, but right now? It seems that the discoloration has been controlled and my face looks even and radiant! Also, to make sure I report on any changes I have seen so far, I was looking in the mirror to scrutinise my face just now and I realise that I could not find the one dented patch of skin on my face! I don’t even remember if that was left behind due to chickenpox scarring (from when I was a kid) or was it due to mishandling of my acne, but it was there. Like a crater left behind after the volcano erupted. But just now? I couldn’t find it! It has been on my cheek for so long, I took no notice of it since I started using Sabbatical Beauty but I couldn’t find it just now! Can it be due to Radiance?? I don’t know!!! All the SB products are ultra amazing but the ones that promotes healing is Radiance and it is the only product I am using A LOT of recently!!


Also, another happy discovery is that the Rosehip Healing Oil helps soothe post shave irritations! I have always hated shaving my legs because I always get rashes from the irritation and since I have the healing oil this time round, I thought ‘Why not?’ and went ahead to use it. And much to my joy, the rashes were gone the next morning! I will definitely be getting the oil again for future use!

AM Routine & PM routine


AM:Vacuum Cleansing Oil,Rice Against the Patriarchy Cleansing Milk,Maple Essence Toner,Coconut,Radiance,Donkey Cream and sunscreen.


PM:Bamboo Cleansing Balm, Rice Against the Patriarchy Cleansing Milk, Botanical Gel Mask/ Milk Cream Mask (Coming Soon!),Maple Essence Toner/Botanical Acid Toner/Strawberry Cocktail Exfoliating Toner,Lotus Serum Mist/5 Ginseng,Pumpkin Spice Latte Serum, Radiance, Donkey Cream/Snow Sleeping Cream.


Any changes I’ve made


This week, I have cut down on the amount of Donkey Cream I am using because the weather is getting hotter again (where did all the rain go?). Since I am already oily by nature and  Radiance by itself feels moisturising enough for me, I felt that it was ok for me to use lesser creams.


Overall thoughts


Now that I am into the fourth week of using the items from the Winter Box, I have already decided which are the MVPs for me: Botanical Gel Mask, Milk Cream Mask, and Radiance Serum. These are the items that I will definitely be wanting full sizes of when they are launched! It has come to the point where when I think I want to be pampered, I think of Milk Cream Mask, when I want to ‘reset’ my skin, I reach for the Botanical Gel Mask and definitely, for all time brightening, Radiance!


Watch Carol's week 4 Winter Box Routine!