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Deidre's First Week With The Winter Box!

Deidre's First Week With The Winter Box! - Sabbatical Beauty

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Skin Type and Location:

Hi! I’m Deidre Garriott in Lexington, Virginia, and I have dry, aging skin with some hormonal discoloration over my lip.


General Impressions

So, the first thing I’ve noticed is how rich and thick Donkey Cream and Snow Sleeping Cream are. A little of both goes a long way. I also notice how much moisturized my skin is and how the product LASTS even after I sweat! Sabbatical Beauty does NOT budge. Everything is lightly scented, though,frankly, I want Adeline and company to turn the scent from the Bamboo Cleansing Balm into a perfume. It’s amazing. It makes washing my face enjoying.

Changes I’ve seen

My skin is much more hydrated, even after I have sweated. This is a big deal to me, because my skin is prone to dryness, especially under my eyes and on my cheeks. I’ve also noticed that the oxidized stuff in my pores on my nose are empty. I hope to see them get smaller.

AM Routine & PM routine

In the mornings, I wash withRice Against the Patriarchy and then applyRadiance Serum,Anti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil (not in the Winter Box), Rosehip Healing Oil (Coming Soon!) on my cheeks, andDonkey Cream. If I have worn makeup, I wash withBamboo Cleansing Balm,Vacuum Cleansing Oil, andRice against the Patriarchy. Afterwards, I applyRadiance Serum,AAEGO, Rosehip Healing Oil (Coming Soon),Donkey Cream, andSnow Sleeping Cream.

Any changes I’ve made

I have added more oil and balm-based cleansing because of SB, and I am loving it. My makeup melts off. My face no longer feels dry like paper after I wash. I’m also using fewer products right now than I used to before the Winter Box, but I feel like I’m seeing better results.

Overall thoughts

If you need hydration and great cleansing, these products are perfect!


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