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Deidre's Second Week with the Winter Box

Deidre's Second Week with the Winter Box - Sabbatical Beauty

deidre winter box week 2 progress


Skin Type and Location:I have dry, aging skin with some hormonal discoloration over my lip. I live in Lexington, VA, which is wet and cold during the winter.


General Impressions:I don’t know how else to say this: TheWinter Box products are LEGIT. Even if I may prefer one product over another, they all still do exactly what they’re supposed to do. My skin feels supple and hydrated--youthful even!

Changes I’ve seen: Today, I was taking a good look in the mirror and noticed that the Radiance Serum really is lightning the hormonal discoloration over my upper lip. I’ve been so self-conscious about the discoloration, which I noticed several years ago and darkens during summer months when I’m outside more, even when I wear sunscreen. I bought this terrible liquid-gel stuff that is supposed to lighten melasmas like mine, but all it did was burn my skin and smell noxious. I used it for a month without progress. In the two weeks using Radiance Serum, that melasma as well as some splotchy freckles have lightened. The best part is that Radiance doesn’t burn my already thirsty skin; it HYDRATES it too while evening out the color.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM: wash withVCO (not in the Winter Box) and then applyRadiance Serum,AAEGO, andDonkey Cream.

PM: wash with Bamboo Cleansing Balm,Rice Against the Patriarchy, andVCO. I follow that withRadiance Serum,AAEGO, Rosehip Healing Oil (Coming Soon!),Donkey Cream, andSnow Sleeping Cream.

Any changes I’ve made: The products feel so good that I am taking more time massaging them into my skin.

Overall thoughts: It’s worth the money, lovelies! If you can’t afford theWinter Box, then definitely try a product or two available from it. Your skin will thank you!


Click to watch Deidre's Week 2 Winter Box Routine!