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The only kind of vacuuming I want to be doing

I wasn't sure I needed this. I was excited to try it, but I figured, "Self, you've been oil cleansing for a while now, surely this won't make much of a difference." And I'm happy to report that I was *wrong*. A couple of incredibly stubborn milia - so long-term now I'd just figured they were part of my face, forever - have disappeared, and the couple of blocked pores that nothing else has helped, have shrunken themselves and seem to be going away. This oil feels amazing for facial massages (which are also new to me!) and it has a light, pleasant smell. I am not a fan of chores, in general, but I'll happily vacuum anytime, as long as it's with this wonderful stuff. (Also, I convinced my husband to let me use this on some incredibly stubborn blocked pores he has, and my daughter on her cheek milia, and POOF, away they went. So I'd say this works well on other skin types, too.)

How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways! This light, age-fighting oil smells divine and sinks into my skin like a dream, leaving my face soft. It eases fine lines and fades my aging freckles and makes the perfect base for moisturizer. I have combo aging skin, so I can use as little as a single drop in my whole face, maybe two for neck and decolletage, so it lasts a good long time. But on dryer days a drop or two more and you are dry no more. This is a must have for me.

Avoiding chores

I know people rave about this, but this cleansing oil avoided doing any vacuuming on my face. I've tried it several times, and there are no miracle results for me to rave about. I also tried it on my teen daughter as well as my mother and we all came up shrugging our shoulders. I gave it three starts because I think it is a good enough cleanser for someone who wants to use an oil based cleanser sometimes, but it certainly was not a miracle worker for me.

not my favorite

This is the third SB cleanser I've used. It is my least favorite. It received 3 stars because the fragrance, or smell of the cleanser is terrible, in my opinion. It smells like plastic and something organic that has gone off. FYI - I am not sensitive to fragrance and have no allergies. It also doesn't cleanse as well as the other SB products I've used. I don't feel like my face is as clean as with the rose cleanser. In short, this was a real miss for me, and at $60 dollars that is a shame.


I've used high end moisturizers for more than a decade, but this one is my favorite. It goes on smoothly, absorbs well, and plays well with my make up. I also appreciate that a very small dab goes a long way - one jar lasts me several months.

Like Antigravity For the Trapped Nasties In Your Pores!

I can't go more than a day without using this! I use VCCO to double cleanse just about every day because I feel the effects immediately. As I rub the oil in, little sandy bits and nasties rise out of my pores. It's perfect to free your skin of caked on makeup, dead skin, grits, or anything else that may linger. VCCO works wonders for my combo/acne prone skin. It sloughs flakey dead skin (from breakouts) leaving my skin feel soft, refreshed, and's like my skin can finally breathe after a long day. I'm also impressed by how long the bottle has lasted as I use it so frequently.

The best, especially when paired with Asian Powerhouse

I first got a sample in the Revive set in July 2016 and haven't been without this serum since. Especially when paired with APH, this serum is so soothing. I finally ponied up for the full size, and I am never going back.

Smells like heaven!

I have tried several micellar waters, and loved them for the ease of use and frankly because sometimes I just want to swipe my makeup off and drop into bed. This beauty water accomplishes the task, smells heavenly, and moisturizers on top of everything else. I can still feel my skin happy and healthy after I use the Beauty Water. One note- the very first time I used it on my eyes, I got a tingly sensation that went beyond pleasant. That hasn't happened I think it might have been some product I had on, or some makeup, etc. Just tread carefully with your eye area, as you would with any product.

An SB Beginners Must Have

This was one of the the first serums I purchased as a part of the "Shine Bright Like A Diamond" set. Don't let the thin texture of APH fool you, it's chock full of nutrients and I can't go a day without it. This is the first step in my routine and I noticed after applying APH, other serums glide onto my skin with ease and soak into my pores faster. It also amplifies the other serums effectiveness. APH, itself, hydrates and soothes after cleansing. I have combo/acne prone skin so it really calms my skin if I exfoliated too much or have an inflamed break out.


I adore everything about this beauty oil. Between the immediate brightening power and dreamy scent, I feel like a radiant goddess! It's a staple to my routine both day and night. Aside from the glow, I use this oil to soften the fine lines around my decolletage or on any dry/rough spots. I have combo/acne prone skin and the gold does not irritate my skin. It breaks up quite nicely as its applied. My tip: place a few drops around your decolletage and shoulders when wearing lower cut tops for a golden-airbrushed-Hollywood look. My only grievance is that I NEED the scent in body spray form to prevent me from dumping half a bottle all over my body!... I'm serious!

A Fabulous Treat For My Skin!

I was hesitant to use an oil mask as I have oily, acne prone skin. Since I do tend to get some dry patches and am of the age where those pesky fine lines are starting to appear, I thought I'd give the Nourish Oil Mask a try. OMG! I have been converted! The mask glides on gently and has the faintest, but most intoxicating scent. Not only does it moisturize, but it goes deeply into my pores to rid them of debris. I have sensitive skin and find this mask to be extremely soothing. Because of it's additional cleansing properties, I love to use Nourish Mask after doing a Bethany Mask. I get to relax with the lovely scent as the oil purges my skin of grit, adds needed moisture, and works to plump up my post-menopausal skin.

The best for a double cleanse!

I'm in love with Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil! It is light and penetrates deeply into pores to rid them of debris. This is as effective as the balm cleansers, but rinses more cleanly with water. I find the liquid oil adds simplicity to my cleansing routine which makes me more compliant with double cleansing. I never thought I would be fond of an oil cleanser, but this is now a staple in my beauty regimen.

Anti-aging must have.

Lift is perfect for fine lines and crepey skin. After a few uses, there was noticeable diminishing of lines on my face. After more applications, deeper lines were softened, skin felt firmer. This would be a great alternative for people who are sensitive to retinol; a great compliment to the Dorian Gray oil and serum, sleeping beauty oil, and / or Camellia Gold facial oil. It's lightweight and a little goes a long way.

Magical Fairy Glow

I have to admit that I held off on trying this one because, frankly, I was a little turned off by the prospect of gold in my moisturizer. But, my 6 months of Sabbatical Beauty skincare have taught me that Adeline and her elves work in mysterious and magical ways, so I snagged a sample of this with a coupon I needed to use. And I'm so glad I did. I'm not the sort of person who tends to get immediate, visible results with any product, but I do with this oil. When I use it, it's the skincare equivalent of a photo filter - it blurs fine lines and gives me an all over glow. Is it the camellia? Is it the gold? I don't know and I don't care; I just know that it works.

Got Grits - Didn't Work For Me

I bought this product, hoping that it would help eliminate the continuous black heads that plaque my T zone area. So far I've inserted Got Grits into my nightly regimen about three times now, with 3-4 days in between use (because it is super drying) and with no result. And the mask product actually has left Black residue in my pores, making my skin appear to be even more clogged! I'm not sure what is in that black mask, but it STAINS your skin, and your cuticles. Beware. Now I know why the instructions say to use the Balm Twice, once before the mask and once after. However, it still doesn't help to cleanse the black tar out of your pores. Maybe I have deeper pores than most, but I will be discontinuing use of this product. I'm bummed because it was so highly recommended but has actually caused more issues for my skin.

More like Vortex Cleanser

This stuff will suck all. the. things out of your pores. Before my purchase, I double-cleansed daily. My skin was pretty clean. My first use of Vacuum Cleanser cleaned out some gunk, but not a ton. By my third use? It was pulling out some seriously deep clogs. Milia? Gone! Nasty little hormonal zits along my jaw line? No match. I've really liked several Sabbatical Beauty products, but the other reviewers who have called it a holy grail are on point. Vacuum Cleanser is amazing.

Glow serum

I have scars on my cheeks from popping and picking through out HS. I am a week into using glow and everyone notices a difference. My skin is not only glowing, but the scars have reduced by atleast 40%. I can't wait to see what a month of use does.

Obsessed - this really works

I have aging skin, combination skin. I bought Pearl Serum - and continue to use it - for the pearl, but this has also become my go-to niacinamide product, which I consider a must-have ingredient for my routine (pore shrinkage? yessss please). It's genius to combine these ingredients! This is a thicker serum and a little goes a long way. The next morning, after rinsing and toning, it looks like I have subtle highlights for the rest of the day (on cheekbones, etc.). I sometimes do a double-take in the mirror because it looks like I'm wearing flawless makeup when I'm only wearing brows/mascara! My face is super smooth, more even-toned and glowing, and it's now part of my core routine as my favorite serum.

A must have

This is quite possibly the best dry shampoo I've used. A little goes a long way and unlike many dry shampoos this is light *and* provided some volume. I have fine, wavy hair & this makes my hair look fresh and clean without being dull or weighed down.
Product has a clean, light scent.
(Photo is with product, at least 3 days without wet washing)

Moar, please!

I'll admit I wasn't immediately sure how this would work into my routine. My biggest disappointment is that I waited so long to give it a try. It works wonders with acne, fine lines, as well as any irritation on the skin. The healing properties are more impressive, however; a friend fell and scraped her palms was in pain when I offered to let her try the MHII on it. She was immediately hooked. It soothed her hands, it alleviated the pain, and the next day her skin was healing without painful scabbing. After seeing how well this worked for her, I tried it on irritating mosquito bites and a weird bit of discoloration I haven't been able to get rid of. Moar Honey helped with both of these. I'd had that small patch of discolorarion for months; it's essentially gone after 2 days.
But this and you'll be amazed at the versatility.

I love this

It took me a long time to decide on my first SB purchase. I wasn't sure what to make of an oil moisturizer, or the scent (I prefer unscented but this is light) reviews talked about, but I love this balm. I have dry/sensitive skin (very dry in winter, less so in summer) and this works well for me. It's also helping to reduce my fine lines and wrinkles.

Shower Gel of my dreams

I love this shower gel. It smells and looks amazing. I seriously feel like an goddess in the shower. Love the citrus scent and the way it sparkles on my body. Also it's the only way i can get my toddler in the shower instead of taking a bath to same time. It's her sparkle sparkle pink shower gel.

Smells delicious, moisturizes beautifully

This is my favorite summer serum. I use it in place of a moisturizer and I am adequately hydrated all day. It smells GREAT too!!!

I have a new favorite SB product!!

I cannot possibly adequately put into words my feelings about this mask. I've been an SB fan for about six months, and I only just tried this one today for the first time. This is my favorite mask BY FAR from SB, and maybe my favorite mask I've ever used. My skin was IMMEDIATELY bright, even toned, and radiant the moment I washed it off. THANK YOU!!!

My favorite moisturizer!

This is my favorite moisturizer, not only that I've tried from SB, but EVER. I've always had problems with moisturizers feeling heavy on my skin, and have avoided using them. This one absorbs so quickly that I never get that heavy, unpleasant feeling. I put it on at night and in the morning my skin is wonderfully soft AND the redness is all gone! A miracle worker.

A lifesaver

This product feels like it's working the minute you apply it-- it gives me a very pleasant, very light tingle! When I apply it at night, I wake up with much brighter, former skin-- and I have literally had dark under eye circles since I was an infant. This is a favorite!

Love This!

Moar Honey II is my go to serum. I use it every morning. For me, it boosts my Camel Milk Creme moisturizer. It is also good for added moisture or healing to dry spots.

Better Than That $300 Cream!

Marine Serum has become a daily necessity in my skincare routine. The ingredients list is so impressive and clean, it's like I dip my face in the ocean everyday! Using this serum with your other skincare instantly transforms your treatments into that insanely overpriced skincare line that boasts of luxury ingredients of the sea in their "Miracle Broth" (a secret cocktail of stuff they have yet to disclose). The truth is, there are more filler ingredients in their $300 jar of cream than Marine Serum's entire ingredients list. Since using Marine, my skin has a lit-from-within radiance and natural dewy glow. All redness has disappeared, even around my nose! My pores are also visibly smaller. I don't wear foundation anymore, but on rare occasions I'll wear a tinted moisturizer or bb cream. If there is 1 beauty product in this whole world that is worth your hard earned money, it's Marine Serum.

So fresh and so clean

Bought this as a treat to myself because I absolutely love rose and lavender. That turned out to only be the tip of the iceberg for what makes me love this product. Even though I already double cleanse, somehow this magical water still finds junk on my face! It's the only thing that can whip up the last of Bethany mask particles. I love using it in the morning as a quick clean-up and I'm always shocked to see debris on my cotton pad. Never would have thought there was so much on my face for this stuff to grab up. Of all my SB samples so far, this one does seem to be going the fastest even with conservative application. I take delight in using Beauty Water and want to try them all now.

No feeling blue, here!

This is my first SB mask, and I was intimidated by the 20-30 minute work time as I'm used to masks that I can use while I shower. Holy cow - the way my skin FEELS during and after use. It's unbelievable! I have combination/oily skin, so I won't be using it as often as I might use another mask, but it was completely nourishing and moisturizing. And it smells DIVINE. Love this little pot of love!

"rescue" is an understatement!

Since I started using the Rescue set, my first SB products, I've seen a tremendous change in my skin--and I actually look forward to my routines. Be sure to really shake up the rose foaming cleanser. I had a bit of sting the first couple of washes but noticed that it's less watery when I shake vigorously and I don't have that sting. The product I love the most in this is the camel milk and yeast mask. It does wonders on hormonal acne. I've noticed it dries up and shrinks over night, and my morning application of the camel milk cream helps them stay away. If you aren't sure where to begin with SB products, I highly recommend treating yourself to the Rescue set. The only thing it hasn't rescued is my bank account! :)

Perfect Intro to SB

I'm new to KBeauty and Sabbatical Beauty so this set seemed like a good place to start. I was dubious at first but DANG, it works! I've been using my samples for over a month every night and there has been a definite change in my skin. APH and/or Marine seems to be really helping with the hormonal acne I've been battling for a few years. Hydra has proved strong enough to keep my skin properly moisturized. I'm not sure if my skin has been this well fed in a long time! Really glad I dipped my toe in the water with this set. Totally hooked now.

Another Skincare Addict...

I love trying new products and I love K-beauty, so I ordered a bunch of Sabbatical Beauty samples a while ago, several of which are now daily go-to's. This Marine Serum especially I am hooked on. You can tell it actually DOES something, not only because you feel that tingle, but because you wake up with smoother, tighter skin every time you use it. I was skeptical of the 100% 5 star reviews, but now I am frantically re-ordering it before I run out.


I am obsessed!!! I've used the paper mask with the rose water twice so far. My skin feels sooo smooth and extremely soft after. I want to use one every night !!!

Works for my sensitive, dry skin!

Between reacting to the mineral oil in the Rose oil cleanser (rough, red skin) and then having different reactions from my attempt at a DIY oil cleanser (weird dry, flaky bits), I was starting to worry that my skin was too sensitive for oil cleansing. Then my July subbox introduced me to the Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil! Not only did weird, gross stuff come out of my face, but no reactions!! I have held off reviewing until I was three-quarters through my sampler, just in case, and I can definitely attest that it doesn't bother my skin. I have heard some people say that castor oil can be drying, but I always follow with serums/moisturizers, so I really can't say that I've noticed any drying effect. Finally, this product washes off better than the Rose Oil Cleanser and my DIY oil cleanser; I think in a pinch you could get away without following it with a foaming cleanser (though I always do, because I love my foaming cleanser!). I am absolutely buying a full size and this will stay part of my general routine.


Dorian Gray's Beauty Oil

Love this Cleanser. Period.

I hate cucumbers. I don't particularly like mint. I have tried all the cleansers and this one is the best. It is the foamiest one I have used and the scent is not overpowering. It is sincerely just right. I love it and it truly makes my face feel cleansed. I have a sample and I am actually finding reasons to cleanse! A bit of sweat? Well, let me just cleanse that off right now! The sample will be gone soon, I do think! Get this. I think you will love it.

Summer Serum

I love coconut serum for the hot, humid Houston summer. It is light and feels great alone. The smell of this serum is yummy too!

pièce de résistance

I have very resistant skin and felt like the products I was using were not being fully absorbed by my skin. Enter Moar Honey II... I dab some of this product on my face in between my serums and oils. After many trials to find the right combination of products in my routine, this was the one that literally sealed the deal for me. Moar Honey II has also been key in healing the acne on my face and body.

Great for the Whole Body!

I had used and loved the original Rose and Honey Cream back in the day as a winter moisturizer. I always loved its healing properties and it's decadent smell! So I was excited to receive the second Rose and Honey Cream formula in a sub box... But I wasn't sure how to use it during the summer. My skin needs very little moisturizing in this hot humid DC Summer! So one night, I decided to rub the cream on my pregnant, growing belly. I know from past pregnancies, growth spurts, and a ton of research that no product can fully prevent stretch marks (especially if you're genetically prone to them, like I am), but the healing properties of Rose and Honey certainly makes my stomach feel soft and luxurious. I'm thinking the healing properties may help keep the stretch marks light and thin, too! Plus, I smell divine all night and wake up to the glorious Rose & Honey scent. This is the perfect product to pamper my protruding pregnant belly.

Cannot live without this!

i love all the products I have purchased and I am evaluating them as I use, however, the Goat milk and Rice cleanser makes my skin feels so smooth and clean I cannot wait to use every morning and night!

I'm radiant

This serum turned me into a mermaid.

I'm a new woman

Let me tell you something right now: I will never use another product for the rest of my life. My skin has NEVER looked as good as it does right now. I'm convinced it looks better than when I was born. No lie.

Rose and Honey Dream ❤

This cream has majorly renewed my skin. I have dark spots and scarring from acne I had in high school that has been on my face for YEARS and after only two weeks of using this product, they have noticeably faded. My skin is glowing for the first time in years and I'll never go back.

Thank you, SB ❤

I have combo oily/acne Prone skin with a lot of scarring/dark spots from previous acne I had in high school. I've tried a lot of high end and a lot of drug store skincare products, but SB has transformed my skin. I've been using this stuff for about two weeks and there is a noticeable glow to my skin now. My dark spots that have been there for YEARS have begun to fade, and I honestly don't know how I could ever go back to what I was using before. I'm only sorry I didn't take a "before" Picture of my skin so that others could note the difference!

Miracle Soothing Balm for Sunburns!

In the past, I've used After Sun very successfully as a morning moisturizer for the summer. But this summer, my face couldn't even handle the light and refreshing After Sun in the mornings! I was bummed--whenever will I use this light and fresh smelling delight? Oh, reader, an opportunity would arise due to my own arrogance. I went to a water park boasting that my legs never get sunburned, so I never put sunscreen on them. By the end of the day, my legs were boiling hot and bright red (the photos uploaded weirdly, so I think the second picture is the Before picture in this story). I slathered on After Sun all night and then the next day as well. Unlike pure Aloe Vera, After Sun doesn't feel sticky, and the relief continues after the initial application. I was so excited the next night, 24 hours later, the burn was 90% gone (see the After picture, with my gloriously tanned legs holding up the After Sun container)! So After Sun provided both relief AND healing, making my burn bearable and then taking it away completely. A great product if you plan to be outside in the sun a lot! I'm so glad I brought After Sun along for my summer vacation.

So much pearly goodness

It leaves my oily acne-prone skin glowy and matte throughout the day (especially important for no-makeup days and I have no setting powder on).

Snail mucus is love

It smells wonderful, sinks easily into the skin despite the heavy sticky feeling, and my acne is less red after application.

So far, so good

So far, so good
I bought this for my mom and the revive set for myself (we both have dry, sensitive skin). She loves it and so do I. I'm using the revive set sometimes altogether but often separately; using these two together leaves my skin tingly and soft. Fine lines seem to be disappearing, too. I'm hooked on SB now!

Vacuum cleaner oil is amazing at clearing your skin

So, I'd already been using SB for a year when VCO came out. "I've already taken all the gunk out of my skin, my skin is as good as it can be, how will VCO do anything for me?" was my thought when this was first released. Oh me of little faith. I should have known, Adeline doesn't hype her products and if she bills it as amazingly effective, it's going to be amazingly effective. My skin after using this oil was smoother than I have ever felt skin be, on any human, ever, and I have a small child! I use it every second or third day, so even my sample bottle is lasting and lasting, and I will definitely be replacing it when it runs out. Run, don't walk, to get some!



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