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39 and not afraid of 40

After the birth of my daughter three years ago, my “youthful skin” seemingly changed overnight to aging skin with larger pores, lines and dark spots. Unsure what to do about it, I sadly thought this was my new normal. Not so! After two weeks using the No More Lines Sampler Set I see a visible difference in my skin. It’s plumper, moisturized and the lines are less pronounced (they aren’t gone—that would be magic). I’m looking forward to what I will see, or won’t see, after continued use. Oh, and the Camellia Gold Beauty Oil smells divine! Every time I apply it, I take a deep breath and feel my muscles relax. So, I guess it’s also a little yoga in a bottle!

Great for Rosacea & Variable Climate

I have rosacea and live in a highly variable climate—hot and humid in summer and dry and very cold in winter (the second coldest city in the US). This sampler, particularly the cleanser, serums, and calm cream, have been a great combination for my sensitive skin on both the hot and cooler days. They give enough moisture without causing breakouts on the warmer days, which is typically my problem.

Youthful Glow

I love the ongoing effects of Dorian Gray! I always look a little brighter!

So far, So good

So far, the products work great and are easy to use. I've only had a chance to use them for about a week, but they are easy to use. I'm ready to add more to my beauty kit!


When I use this at night, I feel like my skin looks and feels healthier in the morning. Im using this in conjunction with hydra and Asian powerhouse, and I love them all!

A cleansing staple

This cleanser is great for a deep clean. It works well following an oil cleanser or just on its own. Does wonders at the beginning of the day when I want to start with a clean face, or at night when I want the day’s makeup and grime removed.

very moisturizing

I love the way this feels when I put it on at night because it makes me feel that my eyes will be moisturized all night long! I've been using this for 3 weeks now with the Dorian Gray's serum, and I see a real difference in the wrinkles around my eyes (see before/after picture below). I'm definitely planning to keep this up- and a little goes a long way. I've barely made a dent in my sample so far. One note - it is too oily for me to use during the daytime, but perfect for night.

Definitely a difference

I've been using the Dorian Gray serum, along with the anti-aging eye gel oil, for 3 weeks now, and i see a real difference. the lines near my eyes are much less pronounced, and i think that the wrinkle between my eyebrows is getting less. the serum feels lovely and a little goes a long way. I'm less than 25% through the sample size now. I definitely seem myself using this for a long time!

Makes mornings perfect

I use this serum every morning. It's the perfect first layer to apply after cleansing. 5Ginseng gives my skin a nice glow and even texture, so even before I add anything else, I look and feel great. It works really well on my skin, which tends to run dry, and a little goes a long way. Even I will end up a bit shiny and oily if I am overenthusiastic. Just a few drops do the trick and leave me feeling dewy and fresh for the rest of the day.

Amazing, even (especially?) for oily skin

This mask is a life saver if you have raw skin - I recently had a bad case of allergies and my nose was dripping like a faucet so the skin around my nose was really dry and painful. I slathered on a good layer of Blueberry and Cream everywhere - there was a bit of a sting on the especially raw bits, but when I washed it off my skin was immediately smooth, hydrated, and suuuuper soft. I have oily skin, but I've been using this mask on my entire face and haven't noticed any extra oiliness at all. It has the sweet tang of berry flavoured bubble gum to make things even better. It separates a little in the pot so just give it a good mix before application. Overall, even if you don't *think* you need extra hydration, GET THIS.

Game-Changer for Oily Skin

I cannot recommend this serum enough! I’m 25 with combination skin that gets very oily and shiny during the day, but it will also get dry and flakey in spots if I use products that are too astringent or don’t moisturize after cleansing. Unfortunately, every moisturizer I’ve tried has been too heavy or clogged my pores. I also tried several of the SB serums, but my skin didn’t absorb them well and left me shiny and feeling tacky for hours (I now use these only at bedtime). The Tea Tree & Volcanic Ash serum is AMAZING. It is light and quickly absorbs into my skin, doesn’t leave me shiny, controls oil production, and gives the perfect amount of moisture all day. There is no overpowering Tea Tree scent — there’s really no scent at all. If you have oily skin, I highly recommend pairing this serum with the Rose Foaming Cleanser — your skin will thank you! I’ve also been incorporating the new Tea Tree Beauty Water into my routine (to remove makeup or as a toner between the cleanser and serum), which works especially well on break-outs.
Pictured: my go-to oily skin products (full size Lavender Rosemary Cleansing Balm and Tea Tree & Volcanic Ash Serum, trial size Rose Foaming Cleanser and Tea Tree Beauty Water)

My favorite makeup remover!

The Lavender with Rosemary Cleansing Balm is one of my favorite SB products. I use it as a makeup remover before workouts and at the end of the day, or in place of a foaming cleanser whenever my skin is feeling dry. [Side note: this is an awesome favorite product to take to the gym or studio… it won’t ever leak in your bag and it cuts down on trash from cotton pads or makeup remover wipes]. The scent is very light; I prefer the Lavender Rosemary scent MUCH more than the Bamboo or Rose cleansing balms, which can be a bit overpowering. I highly recommend trying a cleansing balm if you haven’t used one before! It feels so good to apply and massage into the skin and really does wonders for my pores. I ran out for several weeks and my pores were noticeably larger and more clogged, even though I was still using other SB products.

My Autumn Go-To Cleanser

I have now tried all four Sabbatical Beauty foaming cleaners, and they are all lovely. This one has a warm, grainy smell that is perfect for fall - and of course it gets the job done, cleansing without burning or abrasion, and leaving a soft and clean face to act as a palette for whatever serums and such I'm adding later. With this for fall, Goat Milk & Rice for winter, Rose for spring, and Cucumber & Mint for summer, I'm set for foaming cleansers all year round :p

So smooth and SO delightful!

This lovely scrub is smooth where other brands are too rough on my skin. Who thinks a scrub that feels smooth going on your skin is effective? THIS ONE IS! It has a gentle, small grain sugar feel and smells great—a little tart, very bright, and both energizing and relaxing. Yay! It does leave a fine and not overwhelming sparkle on skin. Use it when you want a subtle sparkle or simply don’t care that you sparkle! I got an early sample of this new SB product and love it so much. I am super excited to get my full size version for home spa showers regularly.

Everyone should try this

I love that this Is a handmade product from the USA made of amazing Asian ingredients. The smell is almost non existent and the watery consistency means easy application and absorption. My son loves this stuff and drinks all that goodness right up. While I've never really had skin problems, I do appreciate the quality of ingredients I'm putting on my face.

More of a mask than the original

I was a giant fan of Blueberries and Cream 1. The biggest difference between the two, for me, is that this one is definitely a mask, while the first could actually be used as a serum (on my skin). This one needs to be removed. However, it smells a lot more like blueberries and it still does wonderful things for my skin!

Beauty water

This is amazing!!!! My skin was sooo soft in the morning!!! I was being lazy and didn't want to go thru my whole routine. Used this then sleeping Beauty oil and donkey cream and done!!!
P.s I did not wear make- up that day. So the beauty water did the trick. Although I have used it too remove my make up and it does the trick. I definitely recommend this!!

Brilliant ingredients

I was looking for a moisturizer that tapped into the powers of sake and was beyond thrilled to find this sleeping pack, with a list of pronounceable ingredients and handmade in the USA. Then I actually tried it and I love it. It goes on smooth, my face feels moisturized but not slick or oily, and when I rinse in the morning, that softness is unmatched. I don't have any major skin ish, but this stuff definitely makes my skin quite a bit happier, plumper, softer, and glowing, though again, not in a slimy way. I'm so glad.

My SB Game-Changer

I have been using SB for a year and a half, and the difference in my skin is remarkable: its more balanced, clear, and even. But even with the major changes, I have never found that GAME-CHANGING product that other SB customers talk about. Like, I have favorites, but no one product has ever made a drastic, immediate improvement for my skin.

Enter: Maple Essence Toner.

Wow. The minute I put it on, my skin feels smoother, more even. My skin is ready to absorb all the serum goodness that follows. MET gives it a matte finish, which is the thing I love so much. I have combo skin, so my cheeks are dry but my T-zone gets super oily by the end of the day. And with the oil comes the redness. But MET provides DAY-LONG OIL CONTROL. Like, not just the moment I apply it, but allllllll day! No more mid-day oil or redness. My skin is even 24/7 when I use MET. And I haven't even mentioned the price! You get so much bang for your buck with this product. I do with the bottle came with a sampler (you can apply with a cotton ball, but I like to pat it all over my face), but I've made do by using a dropper from a different SB product. So this is still my absolute favorite SB product EVER!

Could be great, not for me

I really wanted to love this oil, but it was not for me. I love its counterpart - the serum - but this is just too much for my skin. I’m sure it’s someone’s holy grail - it just isn’t for me. This oil smells delightful, though REALLY strong, and for me, the smell lingered for quite some time. Sensitive noses beware!

Three stars because it works for some, but not for me (and overwhelming aroma).

Love the hydration!

I tend to have very dry skin that itches and flakes around my forehead and cheeks, especially after I wash. The hydra serum has completed eliminated the flakes and itchiness. Before trying this I had resorted to using body lotion for eczema on my face - it was the only think that worked. For me it works best as a nighttime serum because it's a little thick, but I think it can be used as a daytime serum as well. It's unscented and doesn't irritate my skin, which I love. Would definitely buy it again.


I've never really believed a product would *actually* help reduce my lines (especially my large forehead worry-line), but after using this for about 3 weeks, I see a real change. The line isn't gone, but I no longer lose makeup in there. The sample size lasts a long time (I'm still working on it), and just a few drops are enough. (At first I was using too much and thought it made my skin greasy, but now that I've scaled back it's much better.) I've already ordered the regular size. Very happy with it.


If you want to emphasize a moisturizer, or serums, this is the way to go.

On days when my skin feels especially dry and moisturizer doesn’t seem to cut it, I use the supercharge set and skin feels hydrated, plump, firm, and rejuvenated when I’m done.

Great introduction to serums

These two serums work amazingly well together. If you haven’t tried serums before, this is a great place to start. Skin will be more radiant, smoother more even skin tone. If you introduce other serums, oils, or moisturizers these will serve as a great foundation for those products and will amplify their effectiveness.
With these serums, a little goes a long way; it took me a few tries to really understand this and to get the amount right. Once I did, however, APH and Marine became fast favorites.

Got super clean pores

I love this set. The rose balm is so calming, then the charcoal mask really gets rid of impurities. I did not get "grits" per se but whenever I use it (about once a week now), my pores are amazingly cleaned out and tightened. My skin feels so very clean and soft after using it. Feels just like after getting a professional facial.


This serum rocks. It's perfect for a quick layer under sunscreen for daytime moisturizer, or else as a base layer for the night-time masks. There's a little zing every time I put it on, almost as good as caffeine. A definite staple in my regimen.

Camel Milk Cream Is Exactly What I Needed!

I’ve been using CALM cream for about a year and I loved how moisturized and healthy my skin looked, but when I put makeup over it, my skin was a bit too shiny. I read a review on here where someone said she had the same issue and the Camel Milk Cream solves it. Well, I can totally vouch for that as well! It goes on so smoothly, my skin looks and feels great, and the shiny face problem is totally solved. I love it!

AAEGO where have you been all my LIFE?

I ordered AAEGO based on comments and recommendations by other SB users. I had a sample of Bright Eyes Eye Gel and it was my first skin product for eyes I had ever used and was very happy. BUT STOP THE PRESSES!!! Anti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil is AMAZING. Just got it today and it was the first thing to try while I sit here at my work desk. It smells amazing and goes on like butt-ah. Can't wait to see how it holds out over the day as well as over time. Thanks to all who make the recommendations at the last party. You were all right for me to try it!!

Miracle product!

I love this mask. It's deeply hydrating and, as others have said, smells absolutely heavenly. It feels so luxurious going on and leaves my skin so, so smooth and also eases redness. Not sure exactly how to describe it (I'm pretty new to high end skin care), but my skin feels plump and springy after I use this. I've never experienced anything like it-- Dream is one of my SB favorites!

Fall Facial

The PSL serum is perfect for fall. It's crisp, invigorating, and has a delicate fall smell. It gives a gentle tingle, is moisturizing, firming. It pairs especially well with Apple Cider Serum, Dorothy's licorice mask, Ekaterina. However, it's a great addition to any routine.
I find that while it's gentle, my skin responds best when I rotate it into my routine. My skin is slightly sensitive enough to it that using it more than once a day (or sometimes even daily) is more than my skin needs.

Effectively soothing

This is a versatile product. It's great for cleansing, post-cleansing, or a refresher. It's gentle, soothing, and calms my skin. It's great for fall and colder seasons; however, I also worked it into my end of summer routine. It's a subtle scent with more than subtle effects.

Fabulous results! Fun to use, as well.

I didn't fully know what to expect from my first SB order, but I'm so happy I found them. First of all, the products are delivered in really beautiful packaging--making them a pleasure to use and keep out on my sink. Since starting 2-step cleansing and using serums (about a 3 weeks ago), I notice that my skin is brighter and less prone to becoming an oily mess (even with my period). The Rose Balm was a little hard to wash off at first, until I started using a washcloth, and now it comes off just fine. The scents aren't very strong, which was a concern for me, but I've had no bad reactions. And the sample sizes are quite generous--I'm still working on them! There's definitely enough time to see if a product works for you before committing.


This gorgeously scented, smooth-as-silk mask is my absolute must-keep-on-hand SB product. The scent is beautiful and subtle, and the texture is so smooth that a little goes a long way and it is so light that I can sleep with it if I feel like my skin needs some extra love. My favorite way to use this is after masking with an exfoliating mask like Sakekasu. Taking the extra time to mask again with Holy Lotus makes me feel like I've been to the spa and my face feels plumped and baby-soft when washing off this luscious blend.

Sorry this product is temporarily discontinued!

I'm glad I managed to get an Orange Blossom Facial Mist before it was discontinued. It's a really nice product! I should say that it smells strongly of citrus rather than of orange flower, but it's a lovely, fresh scent. On my sensitive skin, this product has a little too much zing to be a part of my everyday routine, but I'm enjoying spritzing it on occasionally midday as a pick-me-up. I think for those with stronger/oilier skin, it would be an incredible addition to the daily routine!

A truly great cleansing mask

I have super, super sensitive skin (sensitive to fragrances, ingredients, weather, you name it) so I was hesitant to try a mask that's so purifying -- but I'm really glad I did! Bethany deep cleans my skin and leaves it feeling very soft and smooth, without any irritation whatsoever. I have been alternating using it on my whole face about every week to ten days with using it just on my oilier areas once in between, and I think my skin looks and feels great. I've read some reviews that have mentioned it being hard to get off your skin, but I haven't found this; good rinsing with tepid water followed by a gentle Clarisonic cleaning, and I don't see a speck of it left on my skin. I'm excited to try it on my upper arms, too!


Camellia Rose Exfoliating Wash Off Mask

Feels and Smells like a Luxury Product!

I love Apple Cider Serum! It's super thick, super hydrating, and super delicious-smelling. Honestly, it feels like such a luxury product--especially coming in its fancy glass container--and yet it is more affordable than other luxury products. It's thick, so I use it at night. My skin soaks up all the fruity goodness!

great cleanser

I've been using this as part of my nighttime routine. Although I've never masked with it, I do use it as a cleanser. There is a slight grittiness to the product that is very effective. It's not harshly abrasive like other scrubs can be, but leaves my face feeling so fresh and clean. Every time I use it, I feel like I've created a clean slate onto which I can layer my other products to give me glowing, clear skin.

Be Prepared to Smell and Glow like a Dream!

This was one of the first masks that got me hooked on masking! The smell is divine--so relaxing and dreamy. The mask is super hydrating, so I love to use it in winter or as a second mask after Camel Milk & Yeast or Camellia Rose. No matter when or how I use it, I positively glow afterward! The smell and the effects keep me coming back for more. It's one of the few masks I have in full-size!

Mint to be

I absolutely love peppermint anything and the soft tingle of the scent and feel of this toner is perfect. It's not too strong and it doesn't "bite."
After only a few uses, PW has surpassed my precious favorite, Tea Tree.

Rose-Honey Cream Delivers Dewy and Supple Skin

I am in love with the rose and honey cream II. It smells delicious and makes my face glow with a light suppleness that lasts all day. Even with sunscreen or foundation over the cream, my complexion retains its dewiness.


Anti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil


SNOW Sleeping Cream

Daily staple

I use Red Wine Pressed Serum every day as a moisturizer replacement. It goes on so silky and leaves my skin feeling plump and smooth. My routine pretty much revolves around it. Others things may change. Red Wine Pressed Serum never does!

Beauty Water goodness

I love Beauty Water. It works really well on my combination skin and it has become a staple product in my routine. While it is somewhat tingly when applied, the burning sensation fades away quick and leaves behind well cleansed and toned skin with zero dryness.

It's Dream

This mask is like wearing a puffy cloud on your face. I was amazed to find out it does exfoliate, because it is so fluffy and good for your skin. Many of the newer masks get a lot of love on here, but it comes in a gorgeous glass container like the other masks. If you like Lotus, you would really love this mask. If you like the new Licorice Mask, then get this for afterwards. If you do that in succession, your face will love you. If you have dry and/or aging skin, give Dream a chance. It is really, really nourishing and moisturizing.

Me Time

Using these serums is definitely helping me relax and unwind as part of my routine. Great smelling products and I can't wait to use more of them!

Yes, please

People have been asking me lately what I've been doing to my skin (in the good way). I just started masking regularly, so I'd have to say it's working! I love pairing maks, starting with Sakekasu and following with Blueberries & Cream. Sake leaves my skin calm and soft. It's very soothing to my skin, taming any angry pimples or irritated patches. Plus whatever serums/masks I put on after seem to work twice as well. It has a delightful creamy texture on application and smells like something I want to eat with a side of kimchi. It never fails to make me feel that extra little bit pampered.


This is my new favorite oil cleanser. It's cleanses gently yet powerfully. Unscented, which I like. Works like a dream for getting mascara off (and face paint on kids!!).

Absolute favorite!

This has been an absolute miracle for my dry, acne-prone skin! I had never found a moisturizer that didn't cause additional breakouts until I tried Rose and Honey. I've been using it nightly for almost three months and my skin feels smooth and hydrated all day long... and my acne has virtually disappeared! And as a bonus: the smell is heavenly. Couldn't be happier with this purchase!



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