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Really nice!

I tried APH and Marine together, and while APH wreaked havoc on my extremely sensitive skin, Marine seems to be helping undo the damage APH did. It feels so nice going on and absorbs in quickly. I do feel a bit tight if I wait too long to put moisturizer on, but that's pretty minor. I really like this and will continue to use it.

I wish I could love it. It's not for me

I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. It's delicate (rips/tears easily) and I also have rosacea and adult acne. The first couple days I used APH, it stung a bit, but on the fourth day, it turned to full-on burning, and my skin exploded in scaly/scabby flakes. :( I had to stop using it. I would say to be careful and buy a trial size if you have extremely sensitive skin, and make sure you're using no other exfoliating products with it.

Jury is still out, but I love most of this stuff

I got the revive sampler as a gateway into SB. It's definitely improved my skin's dryness. The goat milk wash, however, does not get along with my face--it stings and left my face really dry post-shower today. But I figure SB is a bit of trial and error to figure out what works, and I'm thrilled with 4 out of 5 of the items I got.

Perfect for older, combination skin

I've been using RFC at night for a couple of years now, and it does a great job controlling oil and breakouts without irritating or drying my skin. I use it with a soft brush, and it foams up nicely.

An excellent start to Sabbatical Beauty!

I bought the Rescue Sampler Set on the recommendations of people in the Facebook group. This set has been a lifesaver! I have acne rosacea and kept searching for something to help. The low ph of the Rose Foaming Cleanser and the moisture from the Camel Milk Cream are a dream pair for my skin. I've only been using the full routine for a week now and already I can see a fairly dramatic change in my skin. I can't wait to see what my skin looks like in a month!

My favorite serum!

I really like the way my skin feels after I use this serum. I like the subtle consistency and like that it leaves my face feeling silky and soft after only a few drops (I use four). I am new to SB products and have been trying different products, this is my favorite serum so far. It will definitely be a staple in my daily routine.

The Pressed that Impressed!

I never thought that I am going to love Glow as much as this! I was having bad breakouts on my face recently (due to a product or a combination of products that I recently tried. I was upset and that makes me even stressful hence making the breakoutseven worse. I bought Glow when I restocking my APH and Marine serums and thought to give it a try. I used it at night during the first week and the during day and night the following week. I am amazed at how it helps heal the breakouts! The zits immediately dried without over drying and now are healing well. I also use it as my moisturizer. My skincare goal this year is to eliminate makeup (i am not a big makeup person but i wear powder foundation and blusher + lip stain) on regular working day. And this is me today without makeup except lip stain on my weekday. So so happy! This will be my holy grail!

Strange but effective

I've been using this for three weeks and the sample size is almost gone. My skin feels distinctly smoother and has a bit more of a glow. The cream seems to be gradually removing the clogged pores that result in tiny bumps that don't quite qualify as acne. It smells wonderful.

I'm giving it four stars because it's a bit difficult to use, as taking the cream out of the jar with your fingertip results in long trailing threads, just like when you dip into a honey jar. It's also rather sticky and hard to apply smoothly. It seems more like a 'treatment' than a moisturizer. I'm planning on trying a different moisturizer before investing in another jar of this.


Okay I have tried everything there is, including some verrrrrrry expensive products, and nothing NOTHING has worked on my pores like Piper’s Peat Serum. It feels sorta silky when you are putting it on and it’s very thin, disappearing quite quickly, but man it makes such a difference. I don’t know if it’s tightening up the pore walls or just exfoliating them to keep them clean or what, but it WORKS. I’m so very glad to finally have something that can minimize my pores. Between this and Tea Tree & Volcanic Ash, my pore/blackheads problem is completely taken care of!


This mask smells like blueberry pie. It feels nice on and it’s one of those clear masks so it’s good for stealth masking. A lot of times when I use masks I can’t really see a difference immediately but this one always leaves my skin feeling so deeply hydrated and moisturized and the difference is visible. Definitely a fan.

Gentle and very effective cleanser!

I really like the mild fresh scent of this gentle cleanser. I use it after oil cleansing and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and oil free. In the picture I've just used the product and my (oily) skin is soft and matte. It has a slight foaming action and I find that a small amount - dime sized or so - is enough for a good clean. I'm really enjoying this product!

Routine staple

Asian power house and marine are my first SB loves. No matter what these 2 go on day and night. APH is a very light liquid consistency so a little goes a long way. My skin just soaks it up. Once absorbed my skin is soft and doesn't feel like I put anything on. Definitely recommend.


Winter Box

Routine staple

This was the first cream I used from SB . It's one of my favorites. It's light, not greasy, but it moisturizers so well. And like with all the products a little goes a long way. Definitely recommend Camel milk cream.

Peat is Bananas!

Y'all. I don't write reviews. Like, never. But I am nearly out of my sample of Piper's Peat, and I've come on here to reorder a full size. I live in a subtropical swamp, and I have naturally oily, acne-prone skin with enlarged pores. I don't want overpromise in my review, so I won't say it's magical (though it is SO TEMPTING). People have been commenting on how even my skin looks, and I've noticed that a couple of inflamed pimples diminished significantly in a single day. Piper's Peat is a game-changer for me, and I don't want to be without it again!

Kissed by.... Cake?

I'm a person of many contradictions. Super oily skin on the face but ultra dry skin on my thick lips, hands and legs. I've always been searching for the ultimate product to soothe my chapped and flaky lips and then I stumbled upon this lip scrub. While other lip scrubs tasted of synthetic flavours and left my lips even more dry, this lip scrub tasted exactly the yummiest cake and leaves my lips moist, flake free and soft! One application is enough to keep my lips flake free for days and a little goes a long waaaaaaay! I've always hated applying lip colour due to the flaky skin, but now? I've no fear of puckering up!

May repel Prince Charming’s kiss.

The only downside to this oil is that it has a stronger fragrance than many other SB products. The first night I used it, I got a “WHOA what is that smell” from the hubs as I climbed into bed. The sent comes from the wonderful oils included (blue tansy, which also gives it the darker color). It doesnt bother me but my honey is more sensitive to smells. I’ve found it dissipates after it’s had time to absorb so I just put it on a little bit before I plan to lay down, so I don’t overpower his nose.

Not a deal breaker for me. Who needs kisses when your skin is smoother than a glass slipper? Seriously my pores are shrinking up! If YOU are sensitive to smells try Dorian Grey as an alternative!

HOLY Grits!

I’ve been plagued with blackheads for my entire life! No amount of exfoliation/steaming/pore-strip voodoo has ever worked at actually removing them until now.

It was 3-4 uses of the Got Grits set before I actually “got grits” but oh man was it worth it to see and feel these tiny specs! I get them everytime I use the set now, it’s SO satisfying! I will also recommend using this in conjunction with your choice of beauty water for a quick wipe down after you do the final rose balm cleanse. I use this set 2-3 times a week with VCCO and rose foaming cleanser as a daily double cleanse, my skin has never been better!

Instant Game Changer

I ordered the Revive set in the midst of a skin freak-out induced by both the return from hiking in the southern hemisphere to subzero midwestern winter AND starting some medication. My skin felt like sandpaper and was breaking out. Two days after starting, my skin was softer than its ever been, the break outs were gone and my skin looked lit from within. Since then, my SB routine has become key to keeping me calm and grounded in the midst of physically demanding medical treatments. So glad I found this now.

Gateway Serums

Like most reviewers, I bought this set to test out Sabbatical Beauty products without dropping a ton of money (yet LOL). After obsessively reading through the SB facebook group, it seemed like APH and Marine were a fairly popular combo and Hydra was the cherry on top - it's a great price for 3 serums! It took a bit to figure out how much to use, but once I figured it out, it was like magic. I'm about a week in and I already feel a huge difference - velvety skin. Can't wait to transition to a full SB routine!

Plays well with others

I am very impressed with the Piper's Peat serum. I replaced my "regular" first serum (Asian Powerhouse) with Piper's Peat for two weeks, and surprisingly my skin became even softer. I use Piper's Peat in combination with other SB products. It soaks into my skin nicely and lets other products play together. I *should* be using this twice a day; but I forget in the evening because the effect from the morning's application last so long.


This is a thinner serum than you might think. It could be your first one on if you don't use APH. I am not oily or large-pored, I am older (58), and I feel as if this serum works harder than any other I have seen. It simply makes you prettier. Skin glowing, lines diminished. I am using this twice a day, unlike many others. A new favorite.

Magic in a bottle

This super lightweight serum immediately soaks into the skin. I notice very little scent with this serum. This magic potion somehow balances my oily areas (no more midday blotting papers) and plumps and hydrates my normal/dry areas. I also feel a slight tightening effect with Peat. I would definitely say my pores appear smaller and cleaner after application. This is a product that I would recommend to anyone and I personally will never be without this. Love it

Peat Yourself to Something Lovely

Full disclosure: I'm the Piper of Piper's Peat. Having this named after me is honestly one of the biggest honors of my life--because I am SO proud to think I'm associated in a small way with such an effective, wonderful product. I was a very early tester of this product, and RAVED about it to Adeline. "This is one of your best products ever! You have to put this into full production!" I said (okay, demanded). I've used SB almost since the very beginning, and this is one of my favorite products, ever, hands down. It absorbs like a dream. It brightens, an effect particularly noticeable in winter. It smooths out my fine lines, particularly around my eyes. And, it keeps my skin nice and matte without drying it out (note, my skin is combo in summer, drier in winter, and sensitive all of the time). It's my go-to daytime serum. one that plays well with just about every other SB product I use. I love it. (Picture is of me with nothing on bu tmy SB products, including Peat, some mascara, and lip balm. This is what SB can do for 50+ year old skin!)

Revive Set Review

Just moved to Boston from Singapore and based on past experiences on holidays to cold weather countries, my skin usually goes haywire - zits on top of dry, flaky, dead-looking and red skin. But the Revive set really kept all that at bay - it plumped up my skin and left it less oily. I haven't been plagued by flakiness or painful peeling redness at all in the time I've used it. Thank you to the SB team for making such wonderful products!


Couldn't help but spend them on myself SB is worth every pennY and more.

MOAR of this, please!

MOAR Honey serum was one of the first items I purchased and has never let me down. It is great for night and day application, but I prefer night because it does leave a little sticky spot (cmon, it IS honey!) But, this can quickly be covered with a moisturizer if undesired. Other than putting it on my face directly on places I desire to "heal", I also put this on little cuts or wounds and they heal up so much faster! Dry spots? Acne? This is your go to!!!


I love this printable magazine! I printed it out at work to share with Co workers and for quick reference when wondering about a specific product. Great details about ingredients as well as benefits.

Must download!

Favorite Mask!

I absolutely love this mask! I stole one of my mother’s sample to see if I liked it, and then I immediately bought a full size for myself! The smell is so delicate and lovely, the texture is soft and scrubby at the same time, and it leaves my skin smooth with out drying it out at all. It has actually surpassed CMYM in my affections!

RESCUE: The Sabbatical Beauty Sampler Set #2 (Oily/Combo/Acne-Prone)

My skin is generally ok, but it is easily congested and I suffer from occasional hormonal acne, or those pimple that comes up beneath the surface of my skin- you know those really painful ones that don’t have a head quite yet but when you accidentally brush against them and your eyes start to water in pain? Those.

On one hand, I would want to control oil/acne. On the other hand, i want to work on my skin's hydration, so as not to have dry patches from harsh drying acne control products. Before taking the plunge with SB, i was already on a double cleanse regime, using hydrating products and acne control products topically.

I enjoyed the 2 serums (APH and Marine) and the rose foaming cleanser the most. The balm still leaves a lot of slip after washing away with water, so be sure to always second cleanse with a foaming cleanser. I used the Camel Milk Yeast and Sakekasu mask topically on my scars or zits. My scars did not lighten after 2 weeks of application, however I hope to see better results in time to come !!

love camel milk cream

I think this may be my favorite SB product. It's moisturizing without being greasy, and when i put it on at night, my skin looks smoother in the morning. I like to pair it with the Sake and Rice sleeping pack at night to maximize the effect! I don't apply to my t-zone during the day because it can get a bit oily, but does great on the rest of my face. it works very well with makeup, and i've used it on my kids when they get dry skin on their cheeks and that works great too!

clean pores and smooth skin

I started with the revive sampler set in November and splurged on full sizes plus some new items when they ran out. The new item is VCCO and my pores have never looked better. Serums from other companies never did much for me and usually sat on my shelf until they expired, but I am addicted to APH and Marine for the moisture boost they give my skin in the dryness of a midwestern winter. I usually feel shriveled like a raisin and this year feel smooth and supple. Winter is Coming smells amazing and feels so good at night. I can't wait to order more!

Glow serum

I started out with the sample size of the glow serum. I use it at night before I go to bed and I really feel like it is helping with my dark spots. I purchased the full size serum and I can’t wait to open it tonight!

Perfect brightening and anti-aging serum

I have sensitive skin with rosacea and dryness, and had hesitated to try any of the chemical exfoliants for fear they would be too harsh for my skin. But Apple Cider serum is perfect for me! It helps to tighten my slightly enlarged pores and overall brightens my skin so that it looks smooth and porcelain-like in the morning. I think it may also be helping to lessen faint lines around the corners of my eyes. Absolutely no irritation at all. The serum smells great and goes on very smoothly. I use it at night, every other day, but could easily use it every day .

Rose Foaming Cleanser Love!

I absolutely love love love this cleanser! No burning or stinging when I use it and my skin is so soft afterwards without becoming dry!! 10/10 would recommend to people with sensitivite skin!!

as if I needed a reason to stay in the shower longer...

I was so excited to try these beautiful showe4 bombs. As per usual, Sabbatical Beauty exceeded my expectations. I started with the eucalyptus because it was my least favorite scent (just in general). It was divine. The scent lasted the whole shower (shout-out to Adeline for the hopeful how-to video), but it wasn’t overpowering to say the least. I’d definitely indulge in these again!

I'm in LOVE with this cleanser!

I just found Sabbatical Beauty through a Facebook group. I turned 45 earlier this month and treated myself to a facial, when I was, ahem, **strongly** encouraged to start taking better care of my skin. When I mentioned my Neutrogena and Cetaphil "regimen," the esthetician was silent for a moment and then mentioned that those products had petroleum in them. I don't know exactly what petroleum does to skin, but it can't be good.

I also considered R+F, but it felt like such a commitment to me. I liked that SB would let me try sample sizes before buying full -size. (And it's almost a joke to call this one a "sample"-- It's going to last me three months!)

So I'd never done a double -cleanse before trying this. First, the smell is heavenly. Before I started adding serums I could still smell it when I went to bed, and I swear it helped with insomnia. When I finish with a foaming cleanser (my fave is Goat Milk and Rice), I feel clean and calm.

Plus, my skin is softer than it's ever been. And those red patches that I thought were permanent damage from teenage acne? Significantly lighter. I will use this cleansing balm FOREVER!

Where has this been my whole life?

I love, love, love this product. My skin has really responded to the double cleanse method. It is clearer, smoother and less dry. It removes my eye makeup well. So far I have been using it for about a month and I some small breakouts at first and then it cleared up.

Got Grits Set

This set maybe didn't get me to the point of actually feeling "grits" come out of my skin, but as someone who has been covering up blackheads and trying to keep my skin clear since puberty, this mask set definitely made me feel pampered and clean! The Rose Balm Cleanser has a lovely scent and luxurious texture, which gave all three steps that relaxed-at-the-spa atmosphere. I was somewhat apprehensive about the Bethany Charcoal Mask as it is PITCH black, and I was worried would stain my skin or get ingrained in my pores - how could something be so dark and not leave a mark? My concerns were totally unnecessary, it came right off and didn't stain at all! The follow-up short mask with the Rose Balm was soothing, and then I completed the routine by doing a final cleanse with the SB Goat Milk & Rice Foaming Cleanser and my pores looked awesome! Mask routines are time-consuming but totally worth it, I am so glad I gave this set a shot.

Got Grits Set

This set maybe didn't get me to the point of actually feeling "grits" come out of my skin, but as someone who has been covering up blackheads and trying to keep my skin clear since puberty, this mask set definitely made me feel pampered and clean! The Rose Balm Cleanser has a lovely scent and luxurious texture, which gave all three steps that relaxed-at-the-spa atmosphere. I was somewhat apprehensive about the Bethany Charcoal Mask as it is PITCH black, and I was worried would stain my skin or get ingrained in my pores - how could something be so dark and not leave a mark? My concerns were totally unnecessary, it came right off and didn't stain at all! The follow-up short mask with the Rose Balm was soothing, and then I completed the routine by doing a final cleanse with the Goat Milk & Rice Foaming Cleanser and my pores looked awesome! Mask routines are time-consuming but totally worth it, I am so glad I gave this set a shot.

Anti aging set

I’m only giving 4 stars because I think maybe people should buy these separately ONLY because as it turns out my skin doesn’t like Camellia oil (sad sad sad). The Dorian Gray is a magic potion. So smooth and just sinks into the skin. Love how my skin feels after. The Camilla gold smells and feels like heaven. I tried so hard to make it work, it’s just the oil that my skin didn’t like. I would suggest trying these separately just to make sure they both work for you.

Lovely soft mask

This is my favorite mask for a relaxing process and smooth finish. Absolutely no sting. It goes on smooth and creamy, consistency is like butter cream or carmel. This mask doesn’t harden but soaks into the skin. Feels so good I always leave it on longer! Washes away easily leaving skin smooth and firm. Holy Lotus I love it!

Marine Serum
Big fan!

This is my second bottle and I am loving this serum! It's not too drying and easy to absorb into my skin. I feel fresh after each application and feels like my skin is ready for any products in my routine!

Winter Wonderland!

This box has been amazing! Winters in Chicago can be harsh with the cold temperatures and windy conditions. This box allows me to combat all these winter conditions. In particular, the Rose Body Cream is amazing to use after a skin is so much softer and I look forward to using it every morning. Now the dry skin is gone! My favorite is probably Peat which has drastically changed my face; in fact, I use it once in the morning and once at night so I'll need to get a full size bottle! Peat has made it look brighter and less oily! Finally, the snow cream is one that I use at night as my last step and I absolutely LOVE the smell and my skin just soaks it in. There are so many great products in this box...definitely worth the purchase!

Love it!

Love the provides all the information one needs to look at all the products. Very helpful! Thank you!

It works!!!!

Not sure where to begin! This set has so many great products all wrapped in one cute small blue box. I did loosely follow the guide on how to get smaller pores. The first step that I used was the Vacuum Cleaner Cleanser and WOAH, let me tell you...this stuff actually works. It really cleans your pores out and the first time that I used it, a bunch of stuff came out and similar to others, I had a few breakouts at first but it quickly went away after using VCCO for about 5-6 days. After this step, I used the Rose Foaming Cleanser, which is key to make sure that all VCCO is off your face. Once a week, I use the Soy and Scrub Mask which makes your face really soft. I have tried to use it multiple times a week but found that it was a little too much for my face so I'm sticking to the once a week right now. After the scrub mask, I use some sort of serum and finally that's followed by Donkey Milk. I do use the Beauty Water in the morning to take off the sleeping pack and sometimes after working out because my face feels gross! The bottom line is that these products work and I love how it has changed the size of my pores!

No white residue

I used to have long hair that is chemically treated. On days when I am in a rush, I used to just tie everything up and that's it. However, not taking care of my scalp properly has led oil build up and dandruff from the clogged follicles and I decided to chop off the length. With the scalp still producing the same amount of oil for long hair that is now less than half the length, I lived with flat and oily hair matted to my head the very next afternoon even after I washed my hair the night before!

I've tried dry shampoos before but they tend to leave a white residue if I don't disperse it properly. But with Bamboo Dry Shampoo, I don't have that problem! And I purposely flipped my hair all around for this picture so you all can still see the strands by themselves instead of being all glued together the way they used to the very next day. Happy hair means happy me!

Beauty Water

I so loved this product when taking off my makeup, it's smell is so soothing to me!!!! I am re-ordering in the larger bottle.

Winter box bring snow to my tropic countrt

Peat is awesome that help to control oil. SBO leave my skin soft the next day. Use nourish mask is my first time as it is oil mask. It is also multi task as make up remover while travelling on road carrying less skincare products. Awesome!!


I have combi skin and stays in tropical country(hot and humid). Apply after APH and Marine. Still find it too rich for my skin.(use it @night instead) Will need to adjust the amount of drops with APH and Marine.



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