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Good starter kit for a rookie

I'm already about halfway through my samples, and I think the most interesting thing so far is how much my skin *hasn't* really reacted. I think it's softer/better, but I did such a large-scale change in regime and I'm adding all this extra stuff to my face that I've never done before, and my face is just rolling with it, if not getting better. This has got to be good stuff.

I highly highly recommend pairing any Sabbatical Beauty product with the facebook group. I've taken advantage of asking questions there, and I get flooding with friendly advice and recommendations and anecdotes. So great!

This is CRAZY

I've been using this oil for 2 days and I am amazed. I can be very skeptical and bought this oil without conviction based on the reviews. Well... Day 1, nothing. Day 2, WOW. I've had teeny tiny blackheads on my chin for a very long time but just accepted that this is how my skin is and they weren't very noticeable. After massaging the oil, they all just came out!! It was like the carnival game "Whac-A-Mole" - they just came right out of their shells. I can't wait to see what more time using it will do to my skin. Absolutely give this a try!


After just TWO uses of this mask, it has far and away exceeded my expectations. It smells light and fluffy, and glides on my face like icing. I van FEEL it exfoliating my skin, and I don't hate the way it feels. This is going to be amazing for the winter, definitely, but I'm excited to bring it into my normal routine.

My Favorite Cleanser!

Sabbatical Beauty products are known not only for how great they work, but also for the fantastic scents the majority of the products have. Rose Foaming Cleanser is one of my "forever" products. It cleans deeply without stripping my skin, it keeps my acne at bay while nourishing my skin and the rose fragrance is absolutely divine! Also, a little bit goes a long way. 3 drops of this cleanser is all I need to wash my entire face and neck (although I'm guilty of using more just to enjoy the scent a bit longer).

When I found Sabbatical Beauty just a year ago, I was on oral medication for acne as well as using 2 different prescription gels which were not working. My entire face had acne (despite being in surgically induced menopause) and my chin area had painful, cystic acne. Within 3 weeks of using an oil balm cleanser followed by Rose Foaming Cleansing twice daily (and adding Asian Power House and Marine Serums with the occasional spot treatment of the Camel Milk and Yeast Mask), my skin totally cleared! Sabbatical Beauty did what my dermatologist could not. Sabbatical Beauty saved my skin and helped my self-esteem. Rose Foaming Cleanser was probably the biggest help in this process. I highly recommend this cleanser to anyone who is acne prone or for "normal" skin types who love the scent of blooming roses!

Adeline has done it again!

Somehow the new formulation makes this cream even better. The same luxurious, decadent scent and feel I loved about the original C&G, but a wonderful, fast-absorbing texture. Thick enough that it won't slide/melt off your finger while you close the jar, absorbs effortlessly. A little goes a long way. Adeline Koh you're a genius! I love this even more now!

Extremely Moisturising

Holy Lotus! is currently my go to moisturising mask right now. The scent is AMAZING and it helps to calm the mood down after a long day at work. First, I will clean my face and slab this baby on. Pouring myself a cup of cup and read a book, 20 mins will pass by in a heart beat. It left my skin firmer, smoother and rosy just after 1 application. I do notice that I am now able to use less makeup in the morning!

Love in a Jar

I was really worried that I would find this too strong a scent because floral scents usually give me a major headache. But I kept hearing so much about this mask that I got a sample. WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR !??!? The scent is subtle and not overpowering and I can NOT believe how smooth my skin is after I use it. In fact, I just used it about 20 minutes ago and my face is so smooth. I am 50 and have aging/dry-ish skin and this mask is wonderful. It has become a major part of my masking routine. I try to mask 3X a week and I only use SB masks. This one is just great.

My new "must-have" item!

While all of Sabbatical Beauty products have done wonders in clearing and calming my post-menopausal combination skin which is prone to oiliness and break-outs (yet still gets dry patches), the Maple Essence Toner blew me away the instant I used it!

My skin felt incredibly clean and smooth, which allowed my skin to soak-up all of my SB serums. I noticed hours later, my skin was not oily, which is rare for me. I usually must either wash or use a beauty water every 2-3 hours because my skin would literally be drenched with oil. I used Maple Essence as a toner with a cotton ball twice daily, both morning and night. After 3 days I noticed diminished pore size, clearer and brighter skin and my faint "character lines" were less noticeable! This isn't an essence. It's pure magic! Even with frequent use to keep my skin oils at bay, Maple Essence never dried my skin and its abilities to improve cellular turnover practically eliminated any dry patches I had.

I am also prone to cystic acne and with the combination of Maple Essence Toner (used twice daily), Camel Milk and Yeast Mask (used as a spot treatment 1-2 times per day) combined with Sleeping Beauty Oil at night, a cystic spot the size of a US quarter went completely flat with no redness within 3 days and the spot completely vanished within a week! Spots like these usually require me to get repeat injections from the dermatologist and even then take 1-3 months to heal. Sabbatical Beauty has saved my skin and has done wonders to boost my self-esteem.

Maple Essence Toner is one of those products that is great for all skin types, but will be especially beneficial for anyone struggling with oily or acne prone skin. For those with normal or combination skin, you will love Maple Essence for its anti-aging and skin smoothing properties. This is one product I will never allow myself to be without!

Rose and honey

I've been using this face cream for about two weeks now and my face has never looked better! I highly recommend this cream to anyone with acne prone/dry skin, this product is a dream!

Wonderful scent !

Have been using Camilla gold beauty oil since 27Nov and I love the scent ! In just a few days i can feel the difference on my face which is now smoother. Together with APH and Marine serum i hope to see more improvement on my face in near future. Thank you SB !! XOXO

That Rose and Honey Glow

I ordered the Julie Got Grits set and the Rose and Honey II sample. My skin was still glowing after a late night flight to a conference and then getting up early for my panel! I forgot to pack my other moisturizer so I used the Rose and Honey day and night.

So rich!

Love this overnight cream - it smells lovely and is very rich. I wake up with such soft, glowy skin - even when I haven't slept enough!

Perfect for dry winter skin

My cheeks, particularly, get really dry as soon as the temperature drops below 40*F. This balm is perfect for those winter nights. I use it as a sleep pack, and I always wake up with soft skin.

Vacation in a bottle

This has been my biggest splurge with SB so far. $50 for body wash seemed like A LOT! And then I tried it and was instantly transported to a place of tranquility and pines. The scent is sublime and reminds me of walks in the woods. Using a shower mesh, I get plenty of suds and it feels like silk on my skin. Luckily, it only takes a small amount to get clean so my current bottle will last for months. I couldn’t be happier with my splurge!


I bought the sample set as a way to try out a number of products that I don't regularly use. The Camel Milk and Yeast mask and the Camel Milk Cream are now in my regular rotation along with the Asian Powerhouse and Marine Serums. They are soft, smell beautifully light, and go on like a dream. The Camel Milk Cream makes my skin almost matte but maintains deep hydration all day. The Rose Cleansing Balm and Foaming Cleanser didn't really work for my skin in that they made it a little red and hot--no adverse breakouts or anything, just not for me. I would highly recommend this for combo skin, but perhaps not for sensitive skin if rose bothers you.

The loveliest skin cream

I would never have tried Ekaterina because it's expensive, but I got a sample in the October sub box . . . and was blown away by what this product did for my skin. I am very dry and very, very sensitive (allergic to practically everything, constantly battling dry, angry, painful, red, irritated skin), and my skin just drinks this product up. It leaves my skin hydrated, smooth, soft, and glowing. So I splurged and bought a full-sized jar. For the record, the price isn't as high as I thought it was originally because I only need to use a tiny amount of this cream in order to get great results. I'll attach a picture of the amount I use morning and night; I spread this tiny, pea-sized swiped between my fingertips, gently pat my whole face, and it's plenty for a normal day. I imagine I'll use more in coldest winter, but the cream is going a long way for now.

No Grits

I love this product. Although, I didn't get grits, I could still tell the difference in my before and after. My face feels so much smoother and looks clearer than its been in a long while.

I'm amazed

This is my first time using VCO and I'm absolutely amazed at how much brighter my face looks after just one use. I'm a believer.

A winter treat

This is a welcome introduction to the winter season. The vanilla sugar cookie scent is subtle and enjoyable. The balm isn't as waxy as most chapsticks/ balms I've purchased from other brands. After only a couple days of use, my lips feel more hydrated, nourished, and less chapped.


Ekaterina Luxury Cream

I can't believe it's not buttah!

I'm not a fan of pumpkin spice anything so I intended to pass on this serum. But I ended up with a sample size PSL in my subscription box and let it hang out on the shelf until another SB-er shared a "recipe" for incredibly smooth skin (Like Buttah!) that included this serum. After Beauty (or Peppermint) Water and Maple Essence Toner (another surprise), apply PSL serum and then follow with your favorite serums and moisturizers (I like Lift and Camel Milk Cream). My skin felt so incredibly creamy and smooth, I will absolutely stock up on this serum the next time it comes around. (Though, since I'm publicly anti-pumpkin spice, I may have to hide my purchase or change the label.)

As a bonus, if there is any PSL lingering on my face or palms after I've applied it, I blot the backs of my hands with it to smooth those out as well.

Tea tree = happy me

This is a gentle but incredibly effective treatment for breakouts. Also works as a preventative if used in advance of hormonal breakouts. One of my top five SB products.

Loving the new formulation!

The champagne and gold creme has the same beautiful, celebratory-feeling smell I remember from last year, but it’s reformulated to be less thick. I can tell right away that it absorbs better, and it made the backs of my hands immediately smoother feeling and looking. I think this formulation will last me longer, and I’m looking forward to enjoying it!

Great moisturizer

I really like the eye gel. The sample size actually contains a significant amount, the gel stays put and absorbs well into my skin, and I wake up feeling moisturized after I use it. I gave it 4 stars because I wish it came unscented, though I haven't experienced any irritation when using it.

Love it!

I love this stuff! I keep it in my fridge and spritz it on cold! My husband even likes it and usually he hates having anything on his face, so it’s definitely a win for us!

Not so good

A friend of mine gave this to me after she tried it and didn't like it. Within 10 minutes of putting it on, my entire face felt like it was on fire and turned super red! My esthetician yelled at me for using it. Back to professional products for me!

The creamiest, the dreamiest...

I know that's a line from a Velveeta cheese commercial, but it applies to Donkey Cream too! :-) This is my absolute favorite moisturizer EVER. Just thick enough, without being greasy heavy. Donkey Cream leaves my skin feeling amazing - soft and smooth, happy and healthy. I also love that DC is balanced enough to work for me through all seasons...not too heavy for summer, while still being enough during the dry months of the winter. Truly, the PERFECT balanced moisturizer.

I love this cream!

Honestly, I don't think I can do without this cream anymore. Within a day I noticed my skin was supple and less "tired" looking. After several weeks, I also noticed that some of my dark spots are less apparent and I generally less have redness. Not to mention, my skin doesn't feel tight even though I just put the cream on in the morning and evening. With other moisturizers, I have to constantly reapply every 3/4 hours, especially during winter.


Delicate, soothing smell (if you're a fan of the sake and rice sleeping pack, you want this). Cleanses better than products I've bought in retail stores. Leaves skin feeling smooth, clean, lustrous. This product deserves more attention than it receives.

Soothing, Relaxing, Moisturizing

With the same scent as the Sake & Rice Sleeping Pack, this shower gel never fails to calm and relax me. Since I use the sleeping pack at night on my face, I've come to associate the scent with winding down for the day. When I shower first thing in the morning, I've noticed that it helps me to compose myself for hectic days. I feel indulged when I shower with it.
It lathers up very well. My skin feels soft and moisturized all day, it's so gentle. As a bonus, the bathroom smells wonderful when I've finished my shower.

I forgot to mention...

This Cabin Fever stuff. It is a large bottle and lasts *forever* because you only need a little to make a lot of suds. And it makes a glorious bubble bath too!

Learning to Love My Skin!

I'm so impressed with the condition of my skin since using the Got Grits. My complexion is smoother, softer and clearer than ever! I will definitely be using this product again, I'm hooked. I'll be exploring other sets Sabbatical Beauty has to offer.

Sticky on my skin

The Asian Powerhouse and Dorian Gray were so sticky on my skin that I could not use them and was glad I only bought trial sizes. The Bright Eyes is great though

I want to bathe in donkey milk!

I'm in love with donkey cream! I almost didn't purchase it because I've always hated milk. Even the smell of milk makes me sick. However, it quickly became my favorite thing that I purchased. Shortly after my first SB purchase, I came down with the flu. Whenever this happens, the skin literally peels off my nose in sheets for at least a week afterwards from all the nose-blowing. My nose started peeling as usual and that night on a whim I tried slathering some donkey cream all over my nostrils. I usually can't put lotions directly on them because of my allergies, but it didn't bother me so I went to bed like that. Woke up the next day and the peeling was gone. And there was no redness! It was like it never even happened! I didn't have that little-kid-sick look anymore. Since then, I've been slathering it on every night before bed and my skin has never been softer. I usually can't put heavy creams on before bed, even though my skin is dry and needs it, because I break out. Not with this stuff. It's amazing. I don't know how something can be both light and rich at the same time, but it is. I don't know how I'll live without it ever again.

My new bedtime ritual

I find myself actually looking forward to my new ritual of using several SB products right before bed these days instead of feeling like it’s yet another chore. The last part of this soothing practice is to put this sleeping pack on my skin. I love the consistency and smell which have become signals for my day to be over and I love the way my skin looks and feels the next morning—brighter and softer to the touch.

The family that uses VCCO together...

It’s pretty great to find a cleanser that is actually good for 50+ dry skin and 16 year old acne-prone skin. My son and I both use VCCO so I appreciate that a little goes a long way AND that it is obviously working to gently cleanse both of our faces.

Fabulous and Fresh: Me time Everyday!

Fabulous!! I first received the Cucumber Mint Vegan Foaming Cleanser in one of my monthly subscription boxes. I went to FL this past summer and left it behind in the shower, and literally almost shed a few tears. LOL. This cleanser smells amazing and the texture is so soothing when applied. I look forward to this deep yet gentle cleanser (my skin feel so clean and non oily afterwards - even after I use my vacuum oil) every day! There's just the right amount of foam and the smell is fresh and relaxing. This is by far my favorite foaming cleanser I've ever used (although I do alternate between this and the rose foaming cleanser). Right now, I'm being extra frugal with application amounts of the cucumber mint because I'm #gradschool broke, BUT even a nickle-sized amount works. It's perfect. Thanks Sabbatical Beauty for this one. This product is solid/ a staple in my skin care routine indeed!


This body cream is hands down, far and away, ABSOLUTELY my favorite SB product. I can say without exaggeration that I will never use another lotion on my body. The scent is ethereal, the texture is similarly heavenly, and the way my skin feels when I'm done - and for the rest of the day - is greater than any treat I could have ever given myself. This is DEFINITELY a treat that you'll not regret.

Wonder tonic!

I use this in the mornings as a pre-serum treatment (it works well with TTVA+Marine and also with Radiance). It leaves my skin calm and glowing. It's now an essential part of my daily routine.

Love it!

The asian powerhouse serum and marine essence serum combo is just perfect for me! My skin had never feel softer and fresh at the same time! I wear them everyday before I apply my moisturizer and they make a great base for my foundation. Couldn’t turn back now!


My package was a gift, and I'm using it faithfully and hoping for great results, how can one make a 90 year old look 16 again??????
Love you, Irene (grandma)

Every Day

I use this every day with Asian Powerhouse Serum. I have very sensitive skin and this never harms me. I wouldn't change my routine for anything

Not sure

I'm not sure that there's been enough time of use for me to fairly comment on its efficacy.

Get A Quick Glow

Going out to dinner at the end of a looooong day? In a hurry in the morning? Need a quick post-workout cleanse? Beauty Water could be your new BF. Whisk across your face with a cotton pad, and let its magic cleanse away the day. Let it sit for a few minutes while you get dressed (a tip I read from another Sabbatical beauty), and it just seems to prep your skin for whatever next step you need.

This is luxurious

I love this more than anything because of the smell (no WAIT! It's a tie with the Lotus mask). It is heavenly and reminds me of lovely family homes and Summer in Colorado. It calms me and makes me happy and does good things for my skin. I bought a stash during one of the sales and am keeping the big jars in the refrigerator.


I ordered this when there was a serum sale, along with Glow. I put it on every day after Glow, after Marine, and after APS. I never ever thought I would use serums, let along 4 every day, but I do. I have no reactions (and I am extremely sensitive to products, with numerous allergies). I cannot say I appear more beautiful or younger, because this I cannot judge. I CAN say that I love how my skin feels, and I feel like I am doing good things to help combat the daily stresses at work or with sick family members. It starts my day off in a very positive way. For this serum? The color is beautiful, and on top of the other serums, I use very little. So it's going to last a long time.

What a lovely texture

I had never used this, but now I put it on every day after Marine Serum, after Asian Powerhouse Serum. It is so light and thin and easy to spread on.

Asian Powerhouse Serum a daily first

I have extremely sensitive skin, and have developed severe allergies to synthetic preservatives. Adeline recommended I try this (along with Marine Serum). I start with this every day, or every time after I wash my face in a day, and I have never had a reaction to this. It is not viscous and provides a light layer.

The smell of roses

Sabbatical Beauty products have many wonderful smells; however, the smell of roses is one of my all time favorites. This brings me back to my family's home that had a large wild rosebush outside of our bathroom. That smell wafted into the house and in the early mornings we were greeted with this lovely smell. It means love to me. So, Every time I put this on my face, I relax, I feel love, and I think of my Mom and Dad, and brothers and sisters. You can't beat that with a stick!!

Camel Milk & Yeast mask is a staplle

This mask leaves a matte finish when drying and I use it as my "go-to" mask for irritated skin. It calms my skin. My skin feels very smooth afterwards, too.



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