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OK, I'm in love

I hate cucumber with a fiery passion, so I was not expecting to like this cleanser when it came in my Sub Box. That said... I am in love with this cleanser. It is the ONLY cucumber product that I have ever liked, period. And I don't just like it; I love it. In less than a week, it's become my favorite SB cleanser, hands down. The scent is pleasant, and the ratio of mint to cucumber is perfect for me. There's no overwhelming cucumberness; it's just refreshing. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I've found that even the gentlest of foaming cleansers can cause anything from a tingle to a sting. Not this one - it's super gentle, but it still foams up wonderfully, making a quick and thick lather as it cleanses. And it leaves my skin feeling super clean, like I've just done a detox mask. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Thanks for another awesome product, SB elves!

Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil
Kathleen K. Kathleen
Holy Grail Status

I am happy to say that this oil is replacing my beloved Bamboo. I'm extremely acne prone, slightly oily, but also dehydrated. It cleanses like no other - in three days of use, some extremely stubborn old milia have come to the surface and said their goodbyes, and I think all my other products are working more thoroughly. (If your skin is dry make sure you get a serum on immediately after - it might be drying for those with dry skin.) It feels light, a tiny bit really does go a long way (I use a whole pea, not a half-pea, but still, that's not much) and it rinses absolutely clean, which the other three cleansers don't quite. I'm comfortable using this without a foaming cleanse step after, which I would never do with any of the balms. My only (minor) complaint is that it doesn't have a lovely scent, but I know a lot of people have been waiting ages for an unscented oil cleanser, so I will survive without it. LOVE this stuff.

Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil
Heather H. Heather
New favorite oil cleanser!

I just used the Vacuum Cleaner oil for the first time. It got so much gunk out of my face, I had to wash and dry my hands midway through and then continue the massage! It's gentle and, as far as I can tell, unscented, and makes for a really nice face massage. It also seems to help gently remove dead skin. One thing I love about oil cleansers is that they seem to be the best for cleaning my eyelashes , which helps with allergies. This oil is the BEST for this task by far because it is so light and rinses off easily. I followed with Aloe and Oat, but I think this could work as a single cleanser, too. The only problem I had was getting a reasonable amount out of the bottle. The directions say to use a half pea-size amount, but I basically dumped a quarter size into my palm (whoops). Overall, though, I think this would be great for folks who find the oil balms too heavy and great for anyone who struggles with blackheads.

Love it so much.. need a larger jar!

I'm relatively new to SB and really am not good at regimens but this summer I have vowed to
getting into a skin care routine to help my aging skin. These last two nights when I got home from work instead of using the harsh scrub I usually use I used the Soy and Rice Scrub. I cannot believe the difference. OMG my skin was so soft and clean. I highly recommend this product and implore the SB gods to continue creating this lovely goo. (Usually when I find stuff like this it goes out of production LOL) Sorry no pic as I am at work ;(

Camel Milk Cream
Linda D L.D. Linda D.
creamy healing

I used this for months and months along with APR and Marine serums. It was perfect for my combination skin, which is also extremely sensitive. One thing I have really noticed, other than having very soft skin, is that I don't wake up with the oily forehead or oiliness on either side of my nose. I only use a little bit. But when my jar is nearly empty, I most certainly try to get every little bit out. It goes on so easily.

Asian Powerhouse Serum
Linda D L.D. Linda D.
APH gentle and long-lasting

Adeline recommended this to me, along with Marine serum, because I have just ridiculously sensitive skin (little did I know). I don't have to use but a few drops because it goes on smoothly. I let it dry while brushing my teeth or something (at least 10 seconds) and then move to the next serum. I have not had any reaction to any of these products and I have a lifetime of itchy skin with supposedly hypoallergenic products. AND...I developed an allergy to something in my hair products which really inflamed my skin - hives, swelling, etc. I checked with Adeline because I was afraid the "something" was in the SB products. I had gone through extensive allergy testing, so I knew what the something was (MI), and Adeline confirmed that none of her products contain this synthetic preservative. Then we could use the APH to help CALM my skin. Honestly, this along with Marine Serum and a moisturizer (from SB) saved me. Um, I cannot get my photo to load right side up :)

Revive: the Sabbatical Beauty gateway product

I purchased the sample size Revive at the end of 2016. By the end of January 2017, I was a Sabbatical Beauty convert for life. This set completely changed both my face and my attitude about skincare. Morning and night, I would use the products according to the sample routine card that came with the set, starting with the Beauty Water (just a tiny tingle!). With repeated usage, I became much more aware of how my skin responded to each product - in my case, that meant dropping the Winter is Coming from my face routine (and instead, using it on my hair to tame frizz). Of all the products in the set, the APH and Marine serums are my favorites, indeed, they're some of my favorites out of everything I've tried from Sabbatical Beauty. APH refreshes, and Marine calms the redness that used to be a problem for my sensitive skin. If you're curious about the SB routine, this kit is perfect to get started.

CALM Cream
Sonya B S.B. Sonya B.
My go-to winter moisturizer

I have extremely sensitive skin, get super-dry patches in winter, am prone to breakouts (hormonal and stress-related) and live in a desert. This makes finding a moisturizer challenging. Enter Calm cream, which I started using in January of this year. It's thick and creamy, but my winter-dry sky just drinks it up. For the long winter here, Calm cream is my go-to moisturizer; I use it as the final step before sunscreen in my morning routine, and at night, I'll put a thicker layer of it on to use as a sleeping pack.

The rest of the year, I find it's more than I need for my daily moisturizer, so I rotate it with my other SB sleeping packs, and I also use it on my feet. Calm cream is a wonderful overnight treatment for flip-flop feet!

Asian Powerhouse Serum
Sarah Lipuma S.L. Sarah L.
Lightly moisturizing and springy

This serum makes my skin feel soft and springy. It is quick and light for a summer moisturizer when you feel like you're walking into a wall of hot water outside. I put it directly on my face in droplets and not on the pads of my fingers first, because the formula is very slippery.

Summer Refresher

This is a product I'll be ordering again, for me and for my daughter who tends to love vegan products. With either double cleansing or by itself, I love the gentle effective cleansing and the cool, refreshing feel. Moreover, even though I loved the way that the Aloe & Oat Cleanser worked, I never loved the bland scent. For me, just smelling this a treat!

Summer Savior

When Janah's Strawberry Serum first arrived, I loved the scent, but just sort of left it on the shelf. Now that I'm thick in the hellish heat of summer, I appreciate it so much! It absorbs quickly, with no stickiness. The scent is refreshing & cooling somehow — when I use it after the cucumber mint foaming cleanser, my skin and senses feel alive and happy. It also leaves my skin ready for any other serum or cream I feel like using; it's the perfect summer first layer. I'm so glad I have the subscription box, because I might have missed this otherwise.

Dorian Gray's Beauty Oil
Natalie Wang N.W. Natalie W.
Such Rosy Goodness

Don't let the 'oil' in its name scare you. I live in a humid tropical climate and am prone to acne, and DGO has done nothing but good for my skin. I love everything about it; it smells like a very expensive rose perfume, it absorbs very quickly into the skin and doesn't leave you feeling heavy and oily, and it makes me look all glowy the morning after. On my lazy days, I just cleanse, tone, and slather on this amazing product.

Anti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil
Darci D D.D. Darci D.
Your eyes will thank you

This is a lovely product for the sensitive skin around your eyes. It's nourishing moisturizing, soothing, and has helped diminish the fine lines around my eyes. Now that the skin is healthier, I've noticed I use less makeup around my eyes (specifically concealer) and it applies better. No matter what routine I'm using this will always be part of it, morning and night.
While it's not one of the listed benefits, I've noticed my eyebrows and lashes have grown more, too. I finally have enough eyebrows that I can actually shape them instead of just filling them in with makeup.

Camel Milk Cream
Darci D D.D. Darci D.

I have normal /combination skin so some moisturizers are too thick for my skin. This cream is perfection. I can only echo the postitive comments others have already mentioned. It gives good coverage, isn't too thick, absorbs well leaving my skin feeling velvety. I can (& do) use this in all types of weather- including high temps and humidity. The scent is delightful, the results are amazing. This has become a core part of my routine.

Worth it! Clearer, rosy complexion

Foaming Rose Cleanser is a staple in my routine! If you need help keeping your skin clear, perhaps from minor or micro acne, this product is a must. The rose cleanser not only smells fantastic, it has truly helped my skin stay clear and bright.

Absolutely worth it's price! It helps keep my skin clear, it's a joy to use, and it lasts such a long time! Highly recommend

Sakekasu Mask
Darci D D.D. Darci D.

I use this product both as a mask as well as an overnight spot treatment.
When I have breakouts, this product helps minimize the scope as well as the recovery time. It's also been helpful with some blemishes that I thought were permanent-- they've minimized in appearance and inflammation over time.
This product is one I always have to have in stock: it's wonderful for prevention as well as a remedy.

A Beauty Staple

This was one of the first SB products that I've tried and it's remained a staple. Beauty water is perfect as a toner &/or Micellar water. It's cleaning, calming, toning, is great for prepping your skin for serums and /or oils or makeup. It's helped with irritation and discoloration, especially around my eyes. This is one product I always have to have in stock!

Sarah Lipuma S.L. Sarah L.
All around great set

My once a month without fail hormonal acne scars fade quickly and the scent of the rose balm is excellent. My skin is rather clear and the pimples I do get are 1 or 2 that come and go. It may be from this set or may be from the general sense of calm I feel knowing that I'm taking care of myself and using products that nourish my skin instead of trying to shred acne away.

Nourish Oil Mask
Christina Castelli C.C. Christina C.
Oil + Mask? Yes please!

I love moisturizing, cleansing oils almost as much as I love leave-on masks. The combination is perfect! My skin feels clean and soft after this mask. There is a barely-there scent - I can't tell what is is, but it is warm and well-rounded and natural. Picture is me wearing my Nourish Mask to rejuvenate after coming home from work :)

Tea Tree & Volcanic Ash Serum
Jessica Grimm-Lyon J.G. Jessica G.
Immediately became part of my core routine

I order this serum for my husband; the review of what it is doing for him will have to wait until he starts using it consistently. However, I started using it and it quickly became part of my core routine. It has definitely helped my hormonal breakouts. More importantly, it has helped minimize the breakouts I get on my neck (which always take longer to heal and often leave discolored marks for a while afterwards). This is a fairly light serum, so you can add it to your routine without drastically altering how many serums your skin can absorb (I have found I can layer 2-3 light serums for every 1 thick serum). There is no pronounced smell either (while I like the smell of tea-tree oil in the abstract, it's rarely something I want to personally smell like). Now if only my husband can start using this regularly too!

thank you so much for your review jessica! we're so glad it works for you
Marine Serum
Heidi Stone H.S. Heidi S.
Like giving your skin a vacay!

Seriously, my skin feels so much more hydrated, looks younger and feels more supple. Marine Serum for life!

you look beautiful heidi! thanks for your review
Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil
Magic serum

My skin has been super cranky lately but it loves this serum! It's helped even the tone and added an extra glow. I also don't mind the scent; it reminds me of my nana's spanicopita!

yay, thanks so much for your review!
My first experience with SB

So, I officially have an SB problem. Thank goodness for all the promos they offer to help afford my SB addiction. I have been a skin care junkie since for many, many years now and these products just work. Even though I love the double cleanse method I do hate the cleansing balm. I have already bought the full size asian powerhouse serum and will buy the full size camel milk cream and mask. I'm on the fence with the marine, but this stuff seriously makes you beautiful. I have had hormonal acne since I was 20. Seven years later I think I have finally found my holy grail. I'm including a photo of me. Just woke up flawless. By the way, I have already placed 3 more orders that I am anxiously awaiting.

thanks so much for your review, beautiful lady!
Rose and Honey Cream II
Janah J. Janah
Saved my face!

I had an accident with my cat one day where he got scared while I was holding him and he ended up biting through my top and bottom lips. I had to have 17 stitches and I honestly thought my face would never look the same again. The doctors told me I'd probably have red scars above and below my mouth forever. I had just joined SB a week or so before the accident and my friends there suggested I try R&H on the area because the honey in it was healing. I did and the results were seriously staggering. People I worked with were shocked at how fast the area healed up. My doctors were amazed. I now have almost no visible scarring and one would have to look very close to know anything ever even happened to me. I'm forever thankful to SB for saving my face and R&H cream has a permanent place on my shelf.

wow, your results are amazing. thank you so much for sharing!
Shine Bright Like A Diamond Sampler Set
Kate griffiths K.g. Kate g.
Shine bright like a diamond

Loving this serum sampler! It's easy to adjust fog changing skin and weather conditions

thanks so much for your feedback kate!
Rose Balm Cleanser
Daun P. D.P. Daun P.
Excellent Cleanser

This is one of my favorite cleansers, and I use it daily followed by favorite facial cleanser (balms need a secondary cleanser to ensure all the balm is removed from the skin).

Donkey Cream
Linda D. L.D. Linda D.
My skin is so soft the whole day long

I have loved Donkey Cream since the first day I used it. I use 2-3 serums before applying Donkey Cream. I love the feel of my skin. I don't notice any smell. I know that concealer on my now infrequent spots really blends in well when I use this.

Bethany Charcoal Mask
Jennifer C. J.C. Jennifer C.
Bethany Mask is great

This mask is fun and effective. I use it as part of the Julie's Got Grits combo and I love it!

SNOW Sleeping Cream
Linda D. L.D. Linda D.
Creamy and firm

I have only used it a few times, and then it got hot and humid here. So, I've put it in the refrigerator to keep it cool over the hot summer. When I travel out West in the US, the air is unbelievably dry and I really enjoy using the Snow at night when I am there.

Shamma's Beard Oil
Joe Cleffie J.C. Joe C.
Top Notch Beard Oil

I've tried a few other beard oils, and while they worked ok, they had an aroma that was a little abrasive. Your oil leaves my beard soft and helps greatly with dry skin. Plus, the aroma is very pleasant even when first applied. I will definitely be buying it again. And I would love to try the other beard products should you make them again.

Supercharge Sheet Masks

I love these Sheet Masks. They're perfect for boosting your moisturisers power and wonderful with the wash off masks too. I love anything with Rose scent and especially like using these Sheet Masks with the delicious Camellia Rose wash off mask ~ Heaven

Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil
Sarah G. S.G. Sarah G.
Holy wow.

This stuff is amazing. I was shocked at how much gritty stuff came out of my pores! I get the "vacuum cleaner" name now! Will definitely be relying on this regularly.

I love this cleanser!

I love Sabbatical Beauty's foaming cleansers and this is a new favorite. It gently cleans my skin, leaving it smooth and not the least bit dry or tight - so refreshing! The mint scent is amazing, perfect for summer. This will have a permanent place in my shower nook, right next to the SB rose foaming cleanser (my other favorite!). Last but not least, it's the perfect cleanser to use after "vacuuming" with Vacuum Cleanser Oil!

Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil
Joann H. J.H. Joann H.
I'm a believer!

This is the product that makes me a believer in using an oil-based product to clean oily skin. I love the results. You only need a few drops to cover your entire face, and then you simply massage all the clogs and gook away. It rinses off completely in warm water, which I also did not believe would happen (!), and I followed up with a foaming cleanser (cucumber and mint - another awesome product!). My skin felt very clean, was smooth and was not the least bit dry. Finished up with Marine and sunscreen and I was good to go. I plan to make this part of my daily skin care regimen - it's amazing!

Holy Lotus! Wash Off Mask
Christina K. C.K. Christina K.
Holy Lotus = Miracle Mask

This is my favorite of all the masks I've purchased from SB. Not only do I love the scent (which is particularly relaxing after a stressful day), I love the silky texture and most of all how soft and smooth my skin is after use. My skin just drinks up the serums after using this and my skin feels better than it ever has. I can't wait to graduate to the full-sized jar!

Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil
Beth Y. B.Y. Beth Y.
funny name, amazing product

Years ago I used a cleansing oil from another company (DHC) and when I got this SB product I had forgotten about that other one. But wow--this cleanser is just wonderful You only need a tiny bit to have it cleanse your entire face, and despite the fact that this oil is gentle and soothing, it cleans like a devil! I think my face must have been dirty for years. Anyway, wonderful product--and don't be afraid that it is oil--I have oily skin and it works amazingly well for me. Its sublime!

Like real unicorn fur

Not only do I love this product - smells lovely and cleanses gently - but, as my daughters said as soon as they saw the bottle "Mummy, it even LOOKS like REAL UNICORN FUR!!" Really, what more can one say?

Bethany Charcoal Mask
Victoria B. V.B. Victoria B.
No Grits

I didn't get any grits when I used this with the cleansing balm, but overall it is an excellent product. My skin is super congested and I have noticed that it has been helping combat that. Great product, would definitely recommend to anyone.

Rose and Honey Cream II
Sharon C. S.C. Sharon C.

I am so impressed and thrilled with this cream. Shortly after i put this on my face the redness is gone! NE-VER have I seen something improve my skin this quickly. And the aroma of the cream is...matchless.

Camellia Gold Beauty Oil
Michal L. M.L. Michal L.
Indispensable part of my routine

I use Camellia Gold every morning as part of my routine, no matter the weather or time of year. It leaves my skin, which is on the dry side but can get oilier in humid conditions, soft and glowing, and a little goes a long way. It’s no understatement to say that I love this product.

I love these products!!!! Worth

I love these products!!!! Worth every penny!!!

Holy Lotus! Wash Off Mask
Jennifer J. J.J. Jennifer J.
Amazing, just amazing.

This mask smells amazing and is incredibly soothing. It leaves my skin silly and even toned. This mask is my fave mid-week pick me up.

Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil
Robin W. R.W. Robin W.

This stuff is amazing. A little (4-5 drops on my face and neck) goes a long way and leaves my skin smooth and calm, minimizing both pores and redness.

Donkey Cream
Nina N. Nina
Donkey Perfection!

I'm on my second jar of this miracle stuff. Not only does it smell faintly divine, it is perfect under make-up in the morning, giving my skin a perfectly moisturized, smooth, surface. I also put it on neck, chest and (when I'm feeling extravagant) the backs of my hands and elbows. After application all is soft but never oily. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Will keep buying this forever.

One of my favorite masks!

I absolutely love this mask! It smells delightful and feels great on. When I removed the mask, my skin felt and looked amazing! The only drawback is that it does separate - so be sure to stir it! Otherwise, AWESOME mask! SB did it again!


I just started using these products a week ago and so far, I am impressed. I am in my 40s, so my skin has changed drastically in the last few years--very dry, but break-out prone, and highly sensitive. This has definitely helped with the redness and my skin feels smooth again!

Rose and Honey Cream II
Jessica Grimm-Lyon J.G. Jessica G.
Still my favorite SB product

Oh Honey and Rose, how I love thee, let me count the ways:
1) My sensitive skin loves it! If I do anything too enthusiastic and my skin reacts, all I have to do is retreat back to my Goat and Rice cleanser and the Rose and Honey moisturizer and my skin calms right back down. (I have even used it on my arms and legs when they were reacting to something--unfortunately, it's a little too pricey for me to do that regularly or I would!)
2) It is the perfect combination of nourishing, healing, and moisturizing. While I love using serums, I really feel that with this product alone, my skin would still be in a good place.
3) The smell is really deeply soul-satisfyingly amazing. I am picky about smells, but this really just smells like roses and honey, not like fragrance. It manages to be rich and exotic at the same time it is deeply familiar and comforting.
4) A little goes a long way. Like with serums, you don't want to lather this stuff on (it can be sticky if you use too much), but do want to gently spread it. When it absorbs, your skin feels matte and smooth while at the same time being soft and moisturized. I imagine that it would work well with oily skin (though I have dry skin, so don't take my work for it!)

It can be sticky. You need to be very conscious of how many/how much serum you use. Or, if you add a layer of a cream (like Camel Milk), it does reduce the stickiness.

Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil
Nina Berry N.B. Nina B.

I'm only halfway through the sample bottle of this (a little goes a long way) but I already know I'll be getting the full size as soon as the sample is done. The effect of this stuff is simply amazing. This is the real deal. Immediately after application your pores just... disappear. You wake up and you're glowing and your lines are less apparent and golly wow! It's greeny-blue and smells like medicine (hence you want to use it at night, and put on a nice-smelling face cream like Rose & Honey after) but it is MAGIC.

Unicorn Dreams Shower Gel II
Nina Berry N.B. Nina B.
Sparkly, lathery, sweet-smelling dream!

It's almost as much fun to look at the sparkly beauty inside the bottle as it is to use this delightful stuff. A little goes a long way, and you get fun lather, orange-blossom scent, and clean, slightly moisturized skin. As others have said, it smells amazing, but the scent doesn't linger, so it won't clash with any other scents you may or may not use.

Goat Milk & Rice Foaming Cleanser (Low pH)
Jessica Grimm-Lyon J.G. Jessica G.
Top two SB products I'd take to a desert island!

The truth is, I haven't tried any other Sabbatical Beauty foaming cleanser. Given how many SB products I've tried now, that is actually a testament to how much I love this one! I had tried to develop a regular face washing routine, but no matter how "all natural" or "for sensitive skin", I always found that I was breaking out more that just washing my face with bar soap in the shower. Still, washing your face with bar soap too regularly is too drying, so I was pursuing a policy of benign neglect that worked fine for my 20s and early 30s but didn't seem like a solid life plan. I purchased the Revive Set this winter and even though I was washing my face twice a day, my skin looked great! One of the first full sized products I ordered was the Goat Milk and Rice foaming cleanser and if I could only have two SB products, this would be one of them (Rose and Honey moisturizer would be the other!). It's really great for my sensitive, dry skin; my skin feels clean and smooth after washing. Also, it smells like Horchata, which is amazing! I can be sensitive to smells, but this product is subtle and lovely. Really, I could gush about this product for a long, long time!



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