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Deidre's Third Week with the Winter Box

Deidre's Third Week with the Winter Box - Sabbatical Beauty
deidre week 3 winter box progress


Skin Type and Location: Hi,y’all! I’m in Lexington, VA. I have dry skin with signs of aging and some hormonal discoloration. Also, this week, I have a sinus infection, so I have a nose so tender from using a literal box of tissues. It’s a little flaky from all the tissue abuse.


General Impressions:If you have SKIN--any kind of skin--I think this box is for you! Also, a word to all you folks who have oily but flaky skin. That’s usually because skin is still dehydrated. I had that too. Sabbatical Beauty has changed that. The best thing about this box is that you can put on as little or as much as you want, adapted to your skin’s needs.

Changes I’ve seen: I feel like I keep repeating myself: My skin is supple and silky. Let’s talk about skin when you’re sick. I don’t know about you, but my skin suffers too when I’m sick, partly because I’m lazy from exhaustion but also because the meds wreak havoc on your skin. Decongestants dry you out, and that doesn’t limit itself to the grossness inside your sinuses; that’s your skin too. Sabbatical Beauty’s Winter Box has changed the quality of my skin when I’m sick. I give a lot of credit to Rosehip Healing Oil (Coming Soon!), which comes in theDeluxe Box, for keeping my skin healthy and supple while I’ve been sick and not as good at my routine. I have been rolling it all over my face, attending closely to my nose, twice daily, though more often to my nose. This morning, I applied Rosehip Healing Oil followed bySnow Sleeping Cream to my nose. I did that because myDonkey Cream is running low (NO!!!!!!), yet I wanted that extra love-n-care to my little snout.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM during week 3/sick week: wash withBamboo Cleansing Balm and thenVacuum CleansingOil (VCO, not in the Winter Box). ApplyRadiance Serum,Anti-Aging Eye Gel Oil (not in the Winter Box), Rosehip Healing Oil, and Donkey Cream. Periodically through the day, I apply Rosehip Healing Oil and either Donkey Cream or Snow Sleeping Cream to my nose to mitigate tissue abrasion.

PM: Bamboo Cleansing Balm,Rice Against the Patriarchy, and VCO. Mask with Milk Cream Mask (Coming Soon!). Apply Radiance Serum, AAEGO, Rosehip Healing Oil, Donkey Cream, and Snow Sleeping Cream.

Any changes I’ve made: This week, I’ve applied Rosehip Healing Oil a lot more.

Overall thoughts: I have turned to the Dark Side: I am a Sabbatical Beauty. No other product has helped me feel this good, even when I am so, so sick!

Watch Deidre's Week 3 Winter Box Routine!