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Cherry Pressed Serum

  • I designed the Cherry Pressed serum with a base of water-loving hyaluronic acid, which attracts more moisture onto your face and cherry blossom extract oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, helps repair the skin’s moisture barrier and cleanses skin of toxins. You can skip your serum step with this, Cherry Pressed Serum is both a moisturizer and a serum at once.

    Ingredient Deep Dive

    🍒 Hyaluronic Acid Solution: Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring polysaccharide in your skin which helps your skin retain moisture. Moisture retention helps oily skin to be less oily, improves dry skin, and also helps your other skincare to better absorb. Hyaluronic acid is capable of holding 1000x its weight in water, which helps your other layers of skincare to bind to your skin, for your skin to be more resilient and pliable, and to look younger and “bouncier”.

    🍒 Cherry Blossom Extract: Various studies (look here, here and here) have shown that the potent antioxidants in cherry blossom extract help to reduce the appearance of aging, prevent loss of skin elasticity, diminish redness and improve facial pigmentation.

    🍒 Hydrolyzed Rice Protein: Rice is a traditional ingredient used to treat hyperpigmentation and even skin tone in Asia. The hydrolyzed rice protein also helps to give a lighter, fast absorbing texture to the pressed serum.

    🍒 Sweet Cherry Fruit Extract: This concentrated cherry fruit extract naturally scents the pressed serum.

    🍒 Gem Essences: I’ve selected Rose Quartz gem essence here to help you feel loved (always makes you look more beautiful), Amethyst to help you to channel your highest self, and Ruby Zoisite for you to process past hurts and pains with love and kindness.

    Travel size: 0.5 oz Full Size: 2 oz

    Only one batch available, this seasonal product will not be restocked once it sells out! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ell Rieke (Olympia, US)
Skin Type: Oily, Sensitive
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Acne, Dullness
Petal soft

Plumping and luscious, soft and moisturizing without being heavy. Smells heavenly, seriously like cherry blossoms captured in a jar. My only critical feedback is that it seems like there's something in it that is a little grainy on the skin, almost like a component isn't fully integrated? I only notice this sometimes though. I bought a mini and hope to be able to get a full size one day.

JEM (Bellevue, US)
Skin Type: Normal
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging
Springtime Magic

This does it all -- serum, moisturizer, intoxicating scent, and so on. It leaves my skin feeling as smooth as cherry blossoms appear. Another vote for resurrecting this next year!

Jenn W (Corvallis, US)
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 40-49
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging, Acne, Redness/inflammation
So yummy and my face loves it!

I'm so happy I snagged a full size before it sold out. It smells divine and my skin feels so smooth. I like using it in the morning before work when my routine is more rushed. Please bring this back next spring!

Kathleen (Thorndale, US)
Skin Type: Dry, Combination
Age: 50-59
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging

I was in a rush this morning and had to cut time on my routine. I remembered that the Cherry Pressed Serum could also function as a moisturizer. After cleansing, I skipped the toner, essence, and went straight to the Cherry Pressed Serum and then bolted. Besides the delightful cherry scent, my skin felt incredibly smooth, not weighted down, and did not feel like I had deprived my skin of anything. The Cherry Pressed Serum is a good lightweight alternative for the warmer season.

Natalie B (Radford, US)
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
Age: 40-49
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging, Redness/inflammation
Sweet Cherry

This is a perfect pressed serum. It feels and spreads more like a moisturizer. There is no pilling, no oiliness or tackiness. And it smells like a cherry candy but not sickly or unnatural. It is also soothing and redness reducing on my sensitive prone rosacea having skin.