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Carol's Fifth Week With the Winter Box!

Every reviewing journey seems like a lesson itself. Not only have I learnt to listen to my skin, see how my skin respond to the products I use, I have also learnt that even with the same product, I can use varying amounts to achieve various desired results: lesser during the day for just the right amount of hydration without making me oily, or more at night for ultimate pampering and supercharging it for maximum benefits.

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Carol's Fourth Week With The Winter Box

Now that I am into the fourth week of using the items from the Winter Box, I have already decided which are the MVPs for me: Botanical Gel Mask, Milk Cream Mask, and Radiance Serum. These are the items that I will definitely be wanting full sizes of when they are launched! It has come to the point where when I think I want to be pampered, I think of Milk Cream Mask, when I want to ‘reset’ my skin, I reach for the Botanical Gel Mask and definitely, for all time brightening, Radiance!

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Carol's Third Week with the Winter Box

With the Spring Box that I reviewed in March, I learnt how to ‘listen to your skin’, but with the Winter Box, I have learnt how to put on only what you need! To elaborate further, for the Spring Box, I learnt how to know what my skin wants and whether or not the product will make me oily or not. With the Winter Box, most of the items are rich and hydrating, which, by right, are more suitable for people with dry skin rather oily/combination skin. Going by the rationale that too much of a good thing is never really good, I played around with how much of the products I need to use and found a good balance!

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Carol's Second Week with the Winter Box

Then, I do believe that my face has evened out in skin tone slightly. Prior to starting to use the Winter Box, my face looks pretty ok from far, but up close, you can see the little patches of discolouration from previous acne scarring. But this morning, while examining my face for any changes to update this blog, I do see that while my face is still not flawless and airbrushed like the models in magazines, at least the skin tone seems more even than before! And I do think that is because of Radiance!

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Carol's First Week With The Winter Box!

Personally, I feel the Winter Box is like a nice smelling blanket that cocoons me in love. So far, I am loving all the individual scents of the products, and definitely how they feel on my skin after I’ve applied them. I have a lot of stress daily from my work and family, so I am very happy that these luxurious scents ground me and helps me sleep better (for me that’s a plus because it’s no longer just skincare). And as a skincare routine, it is definitely working some magic one week into using them, so I look forward to using them for the next few weeks to come!

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