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2 Weeks With the Spring Box! - Carol's Review!

2 Weeks With the Spring Box! - Carol's Review! - Sabbatical Beauty

General Impressions:

Love love love the Spring Box! Even my daughter (commonly known as ‘The Monster’) loves the lip tint! She doesn’t get what Sabbatical Beauty means and can’t get the pronunciation right half the time, but she calls anything from SB THE SPRING BOX THINGS. So there you go, major impact on our lives!

Changes I’ve seen:

The dark spot on my cheek has definitely faded. And I have discovered the milia lurking on my chin, under my lips, has lessened! Both in quantity and size. Also, my face has been purging grits and sebum clogs like nobody’s business this past week! I reintroduced Peat back into my routine and while I have been using Peat for a while prior to testing the Spring Box, I have never had my skin decided to eliminate the clogs like this! I would suddenly feel the urge to touch my face, and come away with a loosened grit. Or I will feel some bumps on my face, and just a little nudge, out comes the hardened clog. Maybe because my pores are cleaner now, I feel that my skin is absorbing everything better? The first few times I tried SBO, I wake up with shiny skin the next morning and had to continually adjust the amount I use. But with cleaner pores and Blush Beauty Oil? My skin is matte almost immediately upon application. Hooray!!

AM Routine & PM routine:

AM: Double cleanse (VCCO and Rose Foaming Cleanser), Maple Essence Toner, Peat, Pearl, Blush Beauty Oil, After Sun and then sunscreen.

Mid-day: (I do this when I perspire a lot and feels icky) Beauty Water to cleanse, Maple Essence Toner, Pearl, Lotus Serum Mist (Coming Soon!)

PM: Double Cleanse (VCCO and Rose Foaming Cleanser), Maple Essence Toner, Asian Powerhouse, Peat, Dorian Gray Serum, Marine, Blush Beauty Oil, Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack (on alternate days. On days which I do not use Donkey Milk Gel, I will switch with Donkey Cream/Ekaterina/Sake and Rice, depending on skin needs)

Also, I mask with Camellia Rose on alternate nights. Since my skin is pretty oily, I can take the frequent masking.

Any changes I’ve made:

Ever since I have reintroduced Peat back into my routine since the last week, it seems that everything is working well together and my skin is happy, so for this week, I’m keeping things as they are. I’m happy to let my skin continue to purge and slurp up all the serumy goodness of the Spring Box!

Overall thoughts:

Definitely loving ALL the items in this box. I find it amazing that they complement each other so well. For the first time in my life, I have products that actually make my skin brighter and the spots fade, and I don’t look like a walking oil field 24/7.  I’m ready to throw all out the half used products that I hoarded since time immemorial!!!