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One Week with the Spring Box - Carol's Update!

One Week with the Spring Box - Carol's Update! - Sabbatical Beauty

General Impressions

To be honest, I have Pearl and Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack samples from earlier purchases but they are never my main focus. But I was totally excited about the Lotus Serum Mist (coming soon!) and Blush Beauty Oil! Never have I been more wrong!

I was also a little skeptical if some of the items in the box will make me even oily as I already have oily skin and my weather here is hot and humid. Now that I have tried all the items in the box, I am definitely convinced they work well together for any skin combination!

Changes I’ve seen

Face looks brighter! For a while, all my huge pores and discolored patches all appeared more pronounced, but then, the entire face seems to be evening out in color gradually. I noticed three things:

My face usually pumps oil as I sleep and entire face is slick with oil and reflective like a mirror when I wake up. But I find that my face has cut back on the oil production and they sit on my pores in little dots all over my face when I wake up. Definitely rejoicing!

My hair! My itchy hands applied Blush Beauty Oil onto my hair and wow! Blush works wonders for hair with immediate results!!! Now every time I apply Blush, my hair is definitely getting all the love it can get from Blush too!

The dark spot on my cheek. For the longest time, it looked the same, so I deliberately made sure to pat Dorian Gray Serum into the skin there. And on the 6th evening, as I compared pictures of before and after I started using the Spring Box, I finally see that the patch has lightened in color!

AM Routine & PM routine


Mid-day: If I feel the need to, I will spritz Lotus Serum Mist. On especially hot days, I will take off everything with Beauty Water at my workplace, then apply Pearl Serum and mist with Lotus Serum Mist.


Every two days, I will mask with Camellia Rose Mask.

Any changes I’ve made

I started out thinking that I have to totally switched out the items that I have been using with the Spring Box and then later realized that I should have incorporated Spring Box into my daily routine. Therefore, I reintroduced Asian Powerhouse Serum and Marine back into my PM routine, and Piper's Peat Serum into my AM routine. I felt that Peat works well with everything and it enhanced everything I have been using!

Apart from Dorian Gray Serum that seems to just ‘disappear’ into my skin upon application and I am compelled to always want to use one more drop, I have slowly decreased the Pearl Serum and Blush to only two drops maximum per application for that is all I need each time I do my routine.

Also, I am a very experimental person, so I have been slathering the products everywhere too, definitely fell even more in love with Blush Beauty Oil as it makes my hair all soft and manageable!

Overall thoughts

What a journey indeed. On so many levels. Worked up my courage to apply to be a reviewer and had to tackle all my insecurities as I believed for the longest time that no one really ‘sees’ me. It is an amazing feeling to know that there are like minded people who actually do welcome me and are interested in what I think. I discovered, through the use of SB products, another side of me that is more adventurous and fun.

Skin-wise, I’m loving the daily routines when I use the Spring Box. All the lovely scents and textures work together to prep me for the day, and the fact that they actually work, has put me in a good mood.

Watch Carol go through her AM routine!