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Carol's Third Week With The Spring Box

Carol's Third Week With The Spring Box - Sabbatical Beauty

Carol Spring Box progress week 3


General Impressions

Absolutely loving the Spring Box! As the weather gets hotter, I am really appreciative of the fact that all the products in this box are light weight and not of the decadent creamy consistency. Dorian Gray is absorbed like a dream, After Sun is gel like. So it is really suitable for the tropical weather!

Changes I’ve seen

Three weeks into using the Spring Box, my dark spots on my cheek and under my eyes have gotten lighter, pores have gotten smaller, less clogged and my skin tone has evened out. Even my lips seem less dry and doesn’t flake as much compared to the past.

On the note of oiliness, while my skin is still on the oily side, I realise that although my pores still produces oil, I no longer require any blotters to remove the oil. Also, The weather has been impossible the last few days and I perspire so much! But when I wipe off the sweat, my face is matte, which is totally NOT THE CASE in the past where my face will still be oily when I’ve tissued off the sweat!

AM Routine & PM routine

AM: Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil, Rose Foaming Cleanser, Maple Essence Toner, Peat, Pearl, After Sun, Bright Eyes, Blush Beauty Oil and sunscreen.

PM: Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil, Rose Foaming Cleanser, Maple Essence Toner, Asian Powerhouse, Peat, Dorian Gray Serum, Marine, Anti-aging Eye Gel Oil, Blush Beauty Oil, Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack/Donkey Cream/other SB sleep packs

Mid-Day: Will refresh with Beauty Water, Lotus Serum Mist (coming soon!) if the weather is extremely hot

Any changes I’ve made

As the weather is getting hotter each day, I find that my skin is not absorbing all the products as quickly as it used to due to the sweat that is ever present. Also, because of the heat, I am producing oil again, and I feel that the same amount of products will just sit on my skin so I am going to gradually reduce the amount I use and see how it goes!

Overall thoughts

I find it amazing how all the products complement each other and work so well together! I have tried Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack and Pearlprior to reviewing the Spring Box. While I liked them, I was not a big fan of both (because DMG peels and I apparently used too much of Pearl!!!)

In this three weeks, I have learnt to listen to my skin, adjust the amount of products my skin needs every day, and I also learnt from the other reviewers how to apply some of the products effectively to maximise the benefits. Who knew DMG will stay put and not peel when layered over Blush? Who knew that Pearl and Dorian Gray can work together to even out my skin tone within 3 weeks?

I love the Spring Box. Enough Said.