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Carol's Fifth Week With the Spring Box

Carol's Fifth Week With the Spring Box - Sabbatical Beauty

carol spring box day 35


General Impressions

After five weeks of continued use on a daily basis, I must say that the products lasts and lasts. Though they come in sample sizes, other than After Sun that I had to scrape from the bottom of the jar ( but I shared that with my girl when she got the hot water splatter on her stomach), all my other products are at least a third left. The Spring Box also plays very well with the existing products that I have been using and in fact, I will go so far as to say that it complements and BOOSTS the effects of the products that I am using.

Changes I’ve seen

Through this five weeks, my skin has undergone quite a bit of transformation. What started out as being oily, clogged and heavy with dark spots is now more refined (pores are smaller!), dark spots have lessened in tone, less oily, and when I compare my current pictures with the ones I have taken before I tried using the Spring Box products, my skin does catch the light better and looks luminous, even when the phone has no filter on!

Skin aside, the time taken for the self care has also given me more patience and I am also genuinely happy! I smile more when I look into the mirror and masking has never been more fun and enjoyable!

AM Routine & PM routine

AM: Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil, Rose Foaming Cleanser, Maple Essence Toner, Peat, Pearl, Blush Beauty Oil, After Sun Face Balm, sunscreen.

Mid-day: Refresh with Beauty Water, Lotus Mist Serum (coming soon!), Pearl, Ekaterina, sunscreen (with Rose Gold Lip Tint if my lips were dry, or simply because I wanted to feel and look good)

PM Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil, Rose Foaming Cleanser, Maple Essence Toner, Asian PowerHouse, Peat, Dorian Gray Anti-aging Serum, Marine, Blush Beauty Oil, Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack/Ekaterina/Donkey Cream(depending on mood and skin)

Any changes I’ve made

Ever since I blurted out the phrase “my skin speaks to me” during one of the live feeds, I realise that yes, skin is really generally quite reflective and responsive to what I put on it. Too dry or oily? More or less of a product. Redness and itch? Maybe I want to watch out and reduce the amount I use, or maybe even cut it out from my routine. As such, I usually apply one drop (max two) of the serums and if my face absorbs it quickly, then I will proceed to add more. I no longer slather on the same amount of products regardless of the weather and what activities or condition my skin is in when I am going through my routines.

Overall thoughts

I was sitting on the fence for the longest time before I took the leap and applied to be a reviewer. Best decision ever! It was a journey of self discovery as well as a lesson learnt in how to take care of my skin and learning how to custom my application of the products using techniques shared by the other reviewers. Using the Spring Box is like Spring Cleaning my skin and resetting it to the best that it can be!