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Carol's Fourth Week With the Spring Box

Carol's Fourth Week With the Spring Box - Sabbatical Beauty

Carol Spring Box Progress 28 days

General Impressions

I’m starting to understand that a lot of thought must have gone into deciding what products are to be included in the Spring Box. I admit that I already own Pearland Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack prior to testing the box, and I was not entirely impressed with them (I did not give them enough chances LOL) when compared with other items like VCCO and Peat. BUT. BUT. BUT!!! When I started switching out my usual routines and used them together, boy do they complement each other! I am now a convert to Pearl and Donkey Milk Gel, not to mention my LOVE for Dorian Gray Serum and Camellia Rose Wash Off Mask and Blush Beauty Oil!!! Blush does put all other skincare/beauty products to shame!!!

Changes I’ve seen

Due to the changes in weather, my skin has been getting more oily again suddenly. Previous amount of products used have led to my skin secreting oil more than usual. The dark spot on my cheek has continued to slowly even out, and I do think that I look more ‘glowy’ in pictures! Of course, that means I have developed a streak of vanity that wasn’t there before in all my 39 years and I am starting to love taking selfies now!

AM Routine & PM routine

AM: Double Cleansing with Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil, Rose Foaming Cleanser, Maple Essence Toner, Peat, Pearl, Blush Beauty Oil, After Sun and sunscreen.

PM: Double Cleansing with VCCO, RFC, then MET, Asian Powerhouse, Peat, Dorian Gray Serum, Marine, Blush Beauty Oil, Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack/other SB moisturizers according to skin needs.

I also mask with Camellia Rose Wash Off Mask every alternate day (The sample lasts and lasts! Hooray!!!)

Any changes I’ve made

Because the temperature has rocketed these few days, I perspire so much more, all the goodies that I apply takes a longer time to soak in and dry. My skin also tend to produce more oil when it is hot, so I have decreased the amount of serums/oil I am using by half yet again.

Overall thoughts

Thanks to the opportunity to try all these products, I have learnt how to adjust which product to use, and how much to use depending on the weather conditions and my own skin needs. In short, I have learnt to ‘listen to my skin’ because it really do talk to me. After watching the reviews of my fellow reviewers, I have also learnt to decipher the ingredients list on the products, as well as try out some of the techniques that they share on the application of products. It is a very steep learning curve in terms of self care and rediscovering my skin needs, but I am loving every minute of it!!!