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SB Events In Philly

OCTOBER 2019 Crystal Workshop Saturday October 26, 1-2.30pm, Tickets $10 Crystals have become popular for their healing energies. In this Self-Care Saturday event, you'll get: - To learn how crystals can be used to charge and boost your skincare, - Your very own Self-Care Crystal Kit ($10) - To design your own crystal grid using your own intuition - To sample our Crystal Elixir (water charged with crystal energy) and learn how to create your own Crystal Elixir safely - A 20% discount to shop all our brand new, unreleased crystal products! GET TICKETS NOVEMBER 2019 SEAWEED ON YOUR FACE DATE TBD Tickets $10 Join us on Saturday Nov 2 for a seaweed celebration class! Mix up a fresh ahi...

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Make An Appointment

Make an appointment to schedule a contactless pickup for your Sabbatical Beauty order! Note that our studio is closed to the public due to the COVID19 pandemic. Masks are required in the building.

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Sea Witch's Brew Mask

Channel Your Inner Ursula. Designed for all the angry, rebellious babes out there who want to rage out while they chill out. With flawless complexions, of course. A while ago a feminist meme was going around the Internet about an amazing Sea Hag body wash. A product that would be a cocktail of amazing skin-loving ingredients. Basically something that would allow you to vent your righteous rage while sporting the best skin of your life.   Given how I've argued before that skincare can be read as a form of feminist self-care, of course I had to make my own version. And thus Sea Witch's Brew Mask was born. Sea Witch's Brew Mask Contains: 2 TYPES OF SEAWEED Red Irish...

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The Autumn Moon Collection

Embrace Your Skin's Yin Energy Fall -- the time of cooler days, autumn leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, smart coats and cozy sweaters. Now if only your Fall skin could cooperate as well. As we transition from the heat of the summer, many of us will find our skin starting to dry out. We'll start feeling our skin pull tight against our face, maybe even get some dry flaky patches. We may even see more angry acne appear, as our skin struggles to deal with the sudden lack of humidity and heat. This season, I've designed the Autumn Moon 🌚 Collection to nurse your skin through the transition, so that your post-beach summer glow will gently evolve into a more peaceful,...

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