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Two Ways To SuperCharge Your Moisturizer!

It's winter over in the Northern Hemisphere, and our skin is suffering for it! Now is the best time to whip out TWO of our favorite techniques to SuperCharge Your Moisturizer! Get even more out of your favorite cream by amping up on its hydration and nutritional benefits.  The first technique is completely free of charge (you only need your existing moisturizer)! The second technique is even more exciting and effective (and we have a 20% off coupon for the second technique at the bottom of this post!) We reveal BOTH in our video below! SuperCharge Your Moisturizer! video Both Techniques! 1. Use Your Moisturizer As A Mask. Wash your face, apply a thick (1/4 inch) layer of your moisturizer on your face. Wipe...

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Free Printable: 30 Day Self-Care, Skin-Care Tracker Booklet!

In this free printable, you will find a series of prompts to help get you started on your self care and skin care journey. We understand skincare to be self-care as it encourages you to undertake a daily ritual that focuses on yourself, and treating yourself well. When you take better care of yourself, you are able to take better care of those you love.   Want a walkthrough of how to use our booklet? Watch our video here: 30 days of Skin Care and Self Care Walkthrough    Now, ready to download your free 30 Day Self-Care, Skin Care Tracker? Click Here!

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Free Shipping For Your Gift Shopping This Week!

Because we know you're shopping for gifts, we have some special offers this week for free shipping! This week's special offers: 1) FREE SHIPPING on every U.S. order, NO MINIMUMS! 2) FREE SHIPPING to Canada on all orders over $75! 3) FREE SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY on all orders over $150! Free shipping at these rates expire this Sunday, 12/4! All you need to do is to add items to your cart and you should see the rates appear linked to your address when you reach the minimum! 

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Now In Frost: The Dorian Gray Anti-Aging Set!

Newly out in FROST with very limited stock! Our Dorian Gray set features two dramatic products that pack a punch: Dorian Gray’s Anti-Aging Serum is full of active ingredients that will keep your skin looking ageless. Combine with Dorian Gray’s Beauty Oil which enhances the youthful effects of the Anti-Aging Serum. This set retails at $50 for two sample bottles of 8ml each, as well as a mini easel and mini blank canvas. Dorian Gray’s Anti-Aging Serum: Made with Retinol which combats collagen breakdown and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while ceramides, (skin-identical lipids) hydrate the skin and fill in fine lines and fermented lactobacillus encourages old cells to die off and new cells to grow. Dorian Gray’s Beauty Oil: In...

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Soon in FROST: Lip-Loving Balms and Gift Soaps!

Hey Sabbatical Beauties! On Monday October 31st we’re launching Frost, a mini-collection full of bath and body products that will make the perfect holiday gift or a pampering treat for yourself. Today we're featuring our gorgeous Gift Soap Set, our Holiday Lip Balms and Rose Gold Lip Tint! Want early access to FROST? Sign up here!   The Sabbatical Beauty Gift Soap Set Our new Soap Gift Set is composed of four delicately scented goat milk soaps. Goat milk is rich in Vitamin A and lactic acid, which help remove dead skin cells and maintain bright skin. These soaps create a gentle foam that one reviewer, Jordie B, says create the perfect shave cream when used with a washcloth. The soaps feat:ured...

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