Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil
Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil

Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil

$ 75.00

Our Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil combines a powerhouse of special oils to help with anti-aging, acne and redness. Sleeping Beauty contains Camellia Oil (skin identical, rich in oleic acids and Omegas 3, 6 and 9), Blue Tansy Oil (anti-inflammatory, balancing, helps acne, redness and irritated skin), Retinol (anti-aging and helps acne), Borage Oil (high levels of Gamma Linolenic Acid to help irritated and red skin), Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil (Helps skin regeneration, elasticity and acne), Black Currant Extract (high in antioxidants for anti-aging), and Elderberry extract (anti-aging). Use it as part of your evening routine to awake a newly refreshed version of you. 

Full size: 1oz. Travel size: 7ml. 

Instructions: Use in your evening routine. Apply after cleansing and serums, and follow with your moisturizer/night cream.

Ingredients: Camellia Oil, Blue Tansy Oil, Borage Oil, Marula Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil & Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) Fruit Extract, (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride & Phospholipids & Retinol), Elderberry Fruit Extract, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Magical Blue Black Potion!

I actually believe this stuff is a magical potion. It's a weird blue black, and smells so strange. When I use it, I wake up the next morning looking noticeably smoother and rested. I combine it with Magic Dragon at night and it works great on my super sensitive skin.


I have only used this as a night treatment a couple of times but I use it primarily in Dorothy’s Licorice Mask to help thin it out and give my skin an extra dose of love. The smell of the Tansy is a bit intense for me to sleep in it so I wanted to find a way to still incorporate it into my routine. I like to use the combo leading up to my cycle, I find it helps to calm my skin and combates any would be blemishes.

Sleeping Beauty Oil

I am in love with this oil! It has softened fine lines and shrunk pores to almost nothing! I can tell a difference on the nights I don’t use it. This will be one of my staple products from sb. Bonus I love the smell very calming at bedtime. Give it a try it will not disappoint.

Amazing, except for the pesky bottle cap

I love sleeping beauty oil. I don't know what it is--but my skin just drinks it in like an elixir. I feel it makes my skin softer and it helps my skin to really glow after putting on other serums or lotions. The only reason I don't rate it five stars (which it really deserves because it is amazing!) is because twice when ordering the travel size bottle, I've had problems with the screw top dropper part. Each time, the very first time I opened the bottle the top sort of broke and I realized this when I tried to recap the bottle. The top wouldn't align properly and wouldn't tighten down. The first time it happened, I ended up spilling and losing some of the precious oil! THat was very upsetting since (I feel) this oil is pretty pricey--at least for me. The second time, I was able to catch the bottle and did not lose any of the oil, but I was never able to recap the oil and was always worried that it was going to be knocked over on accident and I would lose all of it. I was super careful with the bottle though, so I didn't lose one drop. But still, for such an expensive bottle of elixir--I do wish I wouldn't have to struggle with the cap. It's never happened with any of the similarly bottled serums I've purchased. Oh, well. I am now out of the oil and considering springing for the full size.

Hey Melanie! We're so sorry to her about the problem with the cap! We would be happy to replace caps whenever you have an issue :) Just email us at and we will help you out!
It’s a miracle oil!

I love this facial oil and have been using it for months and almost finishing my second bottle. Thankfully I still have 2 new ones in the fridge. I looked out for those discount opportunities to get this oil because it’s so expensive! But oh, it’s so worth the cost in every drop. It smells strongly herbal and gives a grey cast when applied, but it is really great in smoothing my complexion and calming my pimples and the occasional rashes on my temples. In fact I used it under my makeup too. I found the grey cast to be only temporary and once you give it a few minutes to fully absorb into the skin layers, you’ll look just radiant and glowing.

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