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Homebrew Beauty Kit: Carol's DIY Face Serum

$ 500.00

Learn how to make our brand new product: Carol's Sake & Rice Serum, with this limited quantity DIY Face Serum Kit! Our Homebrew Beauty Kits come complete with all the ingredients, lab tools, and bottling supplies you need to make our formula in the comfort of your home. 

Recipe and Instructions will be delivered as soon as Homebrew School begins in May. 

Kit comes with a FREE three month subscription to Homebrew Beauty School (introductory pricing $100/month). 

Ingredients Included: 

2 oz of Rice Bioferment, 2 oz of Sake Extract, 2 oz of Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, 2 oz of Prorevive Blemish Balm, 1 oz of Fermented Lemon Peel, 1 oz of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), 1 oz of N-Acetylglucosamine, 1 oz of Panthenol (Vitamin B5), 2 oz of Bio-water Bamboo, 2 oz of Quaternized Rice, 1 oz of Synercide Asian Fusion, 1 oz of Leucidal Complete, 1 oz of Day Spa Fragrance Oil, 1 oz of Citric Acid

Equipment Included:

1 Scale, 11 Beakers, 10 droppers, 1 fl oz Amber glass Serum Bottle, 1 Mixer, pH Indicator Strips

Yield: 4 x 1 oz bottles (4 full size Carol Serums). 

Separate Homebrew School Membership can be purchased here!

Sabbatical Beauty will donate ONE Carol Homebrew Kit to a SBee community member for every 50 sold.

Customer Reviews

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A breakthrough in beauty

I was so excited when Sabbatical Beauty decided to start a homebrew revolution, because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own skincare. So far we’ve learned about mixing, weighing ingredients instead of measuring by volume, and what to do if you’ve made a mistake. I’m excited to proceed further in the homebrew process, and I’m confident that I will be comfortable at trying to make something of my own once we’re through! We will soon learn how to formulate our own products, ratios, preservatives, and everything you need to know before you jump in to make a product. Don’t wait! You’ll be missing out!

A Homebrew Kit with Homebrew School that is value for money!

So I did my homework before doing this review and came across many similar homebrewing classes online. BUT upon closer look at a 150 min only workshop that allows you to bring home a toner, cleanser and serum at an attractive price, I realised the following:

A once off 150min only class means:
- How do you cram knowledge about skincare, possible chemistry and science, into that short an amt of time?
- Rush through the making of three different skincare items
-No handholding by professionals or even just a staff of the brand after the workshop (what if my toner smells bad when I get home?! How do I know it is properly preserved??)
- I most likely won't get my questions answered in a satisfactory manner in that short an amount of time (trust me, I have attended cooking lessons AND kombucha making classes)
- I will be in a room full of participants where attention of the instructor is SPLIT

And then I look at the Homebrew Kit that COMES WITH the Homebrew School:

- Personalised mentoring from Alex, SB elf who has been making our SB for years
- Continued access to Homebrew School after we purchased the Homebrew Kit
- We will harvest 4 bottles of SB's latest probiotic Carol's Sake and Rice Serum that has been tested by testers and found to be effective
- Kit also comes with digital scale, mixer, cups that can be reused again for future making if you are so inclined
-Facebook group dedicated to Homebrew where you can ask questions, compare knowledge and products made.
- And for me? Homebrew School is an ENTIRE semester duration where you learn at your own pace, and in the comforts of your home (or even while you are travelling, just watch the videos or read the notes!)

So it is pretty obvious that SB's Homebrew Kit is not just value for money, it is also sincere in wanting to enable everyone who purchases the kit to really learn and understand more about homebrewing and making their own skincare!

So Excited about Homebrew

This kit means a lot to me! It’s what got me out of a depression and a hope for my future. I purchased the kit because I have always wanted to create my own skincare line but when doing research on my own never provided a great outcome. This is an amazing thing to do for your customers and to be able to learn from an amazing brand and the founder is enough to Justify the cost for me. Their are many companies hoarding secrets and online cosmetic formulation courses that charge thousands of dollars. In a year from now I will be thanking Adeline and her staff for this opportunity when I have finally gotten my feet wet doing what I love and dreamt about for years. If you are on the fence or have reservations because of cost just remember you could be paying a lot more than what is being offered here!


Home brew school is an innovate idea brought to you by Adeline Koh and her staff. She put this class together as a way of empowering her customers by teaching them exactly how to make one of her serums. She provides everything you would need from the ingredients right down the the batteries to operate the equipment included in the home brew kit. She offers her expertise and knowledge so generously. I doubt any other beauty brand would be willing to teach you their secrets, or to help you on your way to having your own brand. I am thrilled to be able to soak up all the knowledge Adeline is so generously willing to share. This course is excellently priced for all that it offers! I can't wait to take the next class and I'm not even done with this one yet.

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