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Natalie's Second Week with the Fall Box

Natalie's Second Week with the Fall Box - Sabbatical Beauty

natalie week 2 progress


Skin Type and Location:

Natalie has combo-normal skin with some hormonal acne and lives in Singapore.

General Impressions

I think I’ve decided that this is a fantastic box for exfoliating and brightening. Pumpkin Spice Latte (Coming soon!) is an okay serum for me, the real game changers are the Botanical Acid Toner (Coming soon!) and the Apple Cider serum (Coming soon!). I’m so buying these full sized when they come out.

Changes I’ve seen

My skin is just a lot less clogged, and is a lot smoother. You can see how the acne is mostly gone. The other day I also touched my skin in the mid-afternoon and I was stunned at how soft it felt, and non-oily too! (I wasn’t wearing any makeup that day.)

AM Routine & PM routine

AM:Aloe & Oat, Botanical Acid Toner (Coming soon!), Pumpkin Spice Latte (Coming soon!), Apple Cider serum (Coming soon!) ,Donkey Cream

PM:Vacuum (if I have makeup on),Aloe & Oat, Botanical Acid Toner (Coming soon!), Pumpkin Spice Latte (Coming soon!), Apple Cider serum (Coming soon!),Dorian Gray Beauty Oil

Any changes I’ve made

I’ve swapped out Ekaterina from the regime to use theDonkey Cream instead as I feel that it’s a lot more effective for my acne. There are days when I don’t use Apple Cider, and choose instead to use more moisturising serums likeAsia Powerhouse serum,Marine, or oil balancing serums likePeat.

Overall thoughts

As I said in my last live video, this is probably not the best box for me in terms of - can I live still with just the items in the box? (Answer is no) However it’s been a good set of products that have introduced new things into my regime. I’m always so focused on acne busting I’d rely largely on retinols and Donkey Milk products, but the acids have worked so well in helping me get my skin to place where I’m happy with.


Watch Natalie's Week 2 Fall Box Routine!