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She's a Sabbatical Beauty: Laura Bailey Porter

She's a Sabbatical Beauty: Laura Bailey Porter - Sabbatical Beauty

she's a sabbatical beauty laura bailey porter


Hi, thank you so much for talking to us today! Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Laura. I’m 34 and live in the Kansas City area. I have combination skin, with more breakouts in the summer and more dryness in the winter and hormonal breakouts.

Can you tell me about how you felt about your skin before you tried Sabbatical Beauty? How did you feel about the products you were using at the time?

I was having a lot more breakouts than I would like to admit because I wasn’t taking care of my skin very well. I was also having lots of trouble finding products that I liked. Acne products were too harsh and everything else felt too heavy.

What were your biggest fears and struggles about trying new skincare lines?

I always bought my skin care products from the drug store and was finding the products I was used to not working on my skin anymore. I started searching for something better and was really intrigued with korean skin care. When I actually went to buy korean skin care I was totally overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Do I just get random stuff from Amazon? Do I spend hundreds on korean brands at Sephora, that I’m not even sure I’ll like? I felt totally lost and overwhelmed. I spend HOURS pouring over blogs and websites and reviews trying to decide what was worth spending money on.

How did you discover Sabbatical Beauty?

During my time researching korean beauty I saw the facebook at for Sabbatical Beauty. I signed up for the email coupon and facebook group and browsed the website a bit. I decided against buying because I was a bit afraid of the prices, and had decided to try cheaper products first.

What made you decide to try Sabbatical Beauty?

The facebook group. Reading all the positive, supportive posts of products as well as of eachother.

What results did you hope to see with Sabbatical Beauty, and did you achieve those results?

My hopes were to be mindful about taking better care of my skin. I wanted to see overall improved skin health through fewer breakouts, smaller pores, smoother texture and increased brightness.

Now that you have integrated Sabbatical Beauty into your regimen, how do you feel about your skin?

I feel really good about my skin. My breakouts have improved, and even when I do breakout now I’m able to reduce the duration of the irritation drastically. My skin feels and appears smoother, and my pores smaller, but definitely still need work (just keeping it real). I stopped using foundation for several months, and now wear a very light weight foundation just because I want to.

Many people tell us that they find the Sabbatical Beauty Facebook community one of the best parts of the brand. What’s been your experience in the community?

The community drew me in, and is the reason I stay. It is a safe, helpful, kind place, especially for  social media that seems to be regularly far from those things.

If you were a SB product, which one would you be?

APH; Kind of in the back, just trying to help everything go together nicely and making things easier for people.

Thank you so much for talking to us today!