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Dawn's Third Week with the Fall Box

Dawn's Third Week with the Fall Box - Sabbatical Beauty

dawn week 3 progress fall box


Skin Type and Location:

My skin type is Aging and Normal. I live in NYC where August is alway hot and humid.


General Impressions

Week 3 and my skin keeps getting better! Using all the fall box product has really rejuvenated my skin. Everything in the Fall Box just works sooo, well together. All the products address my aging skin problems. My fine lines and dark spots continue to diminish. Which in turn keep me motivated to really take care of my skin.   

Changes I’ve seen

This weeks changes have continued to be noticable, mind you they are small but they continue to show improvement.

AM Routine & PM routine

Bright Eyes Eye Gel -AM only

Anti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil -PM only

 Vacuum Cleansing Oil - PM only

 Foaming Cleanser with Aloe & Oat - AM and PM

Botanical Acid Toner AM and PM

Witches Brew Mask PM only

Apple Cider Serum - AM and PM

Dorian Gray's Beauty Oil -  AM and PM

Ekaterina Luxury Cream -AM and PM

LIFT Serum -AM only

Pumpkin Spice Latte Serum -AM and PM

Any changes I’ve made

This 3rd week, I have decided to add Dorian Gray serum to the fall box serums. I also have started using Snow sleeping pac.  Witches’s brew mask every is still in the rotation, just fewer times a week. Due to the fact that I am running low. In it’s place to continue masking every other day I have added Dorathy’s Licorice Mask.

Overall thoughts

I couldn’t be happier that I had the opportunity to be a Box reviewer. It has afforded me the chance to improve my skin drastically and meet a wonderful, inspiring group of women. To me Sabbatical Beauty is more than just skin care, it’s really soul care too.

The Sabbatical Beauty community is a pleasure to behold and be a part of,  from it’s member’s accomplishments to how we all rally words of encouragement for one another when one of us is having a hard day. As I start my 4th week on Monday I am already sad that the review period will be coming to an end soon.  Like I wise woman once told me to be sad that it ended, be happy it was.


Watch Dawn's Week 3 Fall Box Routine!