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Meghan's Third Week with the Fall Box

Meghan's Third Week with the Fall Box - Sabbatical Beauty

meghan progress week 3 fall box


Skin Type and Location:

Dry / sensitive / acne prone skin. Phoenix, AZ - hot and dry desert climate.


General Impressions

I’m extremely impressed with Botanical Acid Toner. This stuff is amazing, and I can’t believe how well it improves absorption of all of my serums afterwards. Letting this sit for the 20-30 minutes before proceeding with the rest of my routine is ESSENTIAL to how well it works. I am really looking forward to Dorian Grey Beauty Oil twice a day to see it’s improvement on my chin and forehead, and if there’s results versus just the once a day.

Changes I’ve seen

I’ve seen my skin continue to stay hydrated, redness reduce in cheeks and forehead and nose, and now I’m even seeing texture improve on my nose and cheeks, and it’s improving on my forehead too. I’ve had a texture issue almost all of my life on my forehead but now it seems to finally have an end in sight!

AM Routine & PM routine

AM Routine -

Aloe & Oat Foaming Cleanser

Botanical Acid Toner (Coming soon!)

Tea Tree & Volcanic Ash Serum

Apple Cider Serum (Coming soon!)



PM Routine -

Vacuum Cleansing Oil

Aloe & Oat Foaming Cleanser

Botanical Acid Toner (Coming soon!)

Dorian Grey Beauty Oil

Pumpkin Spice Latte Serum (Coming soon!)

Snail Serum ORMoar Honey 2 Serum

Any changes I’ve made

I’ve only addedSnail orMoar Honey and Tea Tree & Volcanic Ash Serums to try to clear up my chin that’s been an issue. These are my usual non Fall Box items that I’m interested to see how they work with the Fall Box items, if there’s any issues that present itself or if they continue to flow together wonderfully.

Overall thoughts

I’m really happy with how my skin has improved in just over 2 weeks with the Fall Box.  It continues to hydrate and cure redness, but now I’m even seeing the texture improving on my cheeks, nose, and forehead! I can’t wait to see what another 2 weeks does.


Watch Meghan's Week 3 Fall Box Routine!