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Carol's First Week With The Winter Box!

Personally, I feel the Winter Box is like a nice smelling blanket that cocoons me in love. So far, I am loving all the individual scents of the products, and definitely how they feel on my skin after I’ve applied them. I have a lot of stress daily from my work and family, so I am very happy that these luxurious scents ground me and helps me sleep better (for me that’s a plus because it’s no longer just skincare). And as a skincare routine, it is definitely working some magic one week into using them, so I look forward to using them for the next few weeks to come!

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Peyton's First Week With The Winter Box!

  Skin Type and Location:   Hello, this is Peyton. My skin type is combination/aging. I live in Maryland in the United States, and it has gotten really cold in the past week. It dropped down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit! It’s also rained quite a bit in the past 48 hours, so it was cold and dry and now it’s 45 degrees, but damp.          General Impressions   I am enjoying all of the Winter Box products quite a bit. Even though I have been a SBee since April, they were all new products to me (except the Burgundy lip tint, which I have in Rose Gold Lip Tint and Merlot Sparkle Lip Tint.) This Burgundy lip tint (Coming Soon!)...

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All About Carol!

Oh the changes! I have never ever experienced real ‘effects’ in the past from using any skincare products but with SB? YESSSSSSSS!!! The first time I saw results was when I tested Dorian Gray Serum for Spring Box. The dedicated use of this serum lightened the one stubborn dark spot I have on my cheek in just under three weeks!!!

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