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Victoria's Second Week with the Fall Box

Victoria's Second Week with the Fall Box - Sabbatical Beauty

victoria week 2 progress



Skin Type and Location:

Victoria is 39 years old, lives in Houston, TX with dry, aging and acne prone skin.


General Impressions

I’m having fun experimenting with the products and combinations of them.  I’m obsessed with the Witches Brew Mask and lip tint.

Changes I’ve seen

My skin no longer feels so dry.  In the past I have felt that my skin was so dry that I felt like I was physically thirsty, especially around my lips; I longer feel this way. I finally feel like I’m naturally glowing!

AM Routine & PM routine


Aloe & Oat Cleanser

Tea Tree Beauty Water orStrawberry Cocktail Exfoliating Toner


Pumpkin Spice Latte


Merlot Sparkles Lip Tint


Vacuum Cleansing Oil

Aloe & Oat Cleanser

AAEGO orBright Eyes

Botanical Acid Toner

Witches Brew (twice a week, alternating betweenDetox andSoy & Rice Scrub Mask)

Dorian Gray Serum

Apple Cider Serum

Dorian Gray Beauty Oil

Any changes I’ve made

This week I will be using PSL in the AM and Apple Cider in the PM. Also adding other SB products like DGS and Strawberry Toner.  Hoping that using the Grays will pack a bigger punch. I am alternating my masks as I need to conserve the remainder of my Witches Brew ;-)

Overall thoughts

I am excited to see the results of integrating other SB products into my routine.  So far I am impressed and very happy with the improvements.


Watch Victoria's Week 2 Fall Box Routine!