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Brittany's Second Week with the Fall Box

Brittany's Second Week with the Fall Box - Sabbatical Beauty

brittany week 2 progress


Skin Type and Location:

Brittany lives in South Carolina and has oily/acne prone skin


General Impressions

Every item in the Fall Box is simply amazing amazing. Everytime I mention a product, I start with, “This is my favorite…”. It’s because they’re all my favorite. Every product works wonders for my skin.

Changes I’ve seen

My oil production has minimized to almost none. This weekend was my monthly hormonal period, and I have NO BREAKOUTS!! My texture is evening out more and more everyday and my previous acne scars are fading. I no longer need to use my priming moisturizer to add glow during the day. I have a natural glow now!!

AM Routine & PM routine

AM-   Aloe & Oat Cleanser,Apple Cider Serum,Ekaterina Luxury Cream

PM-Vacuum Oil Cleanser,Aloe & Oat Cleanser,Pumpkin Spice Latte Serum,Dorian Gray’s Beauty Oil andEkaterina Luxury Cream

Any changes I’ve made

This past week, I stopped using theVacuum Oil Cleanser during my AM routine and addedEkaterina Luxury Cream as my moisturizer. I also started usingDorian Gray’s Beauty Oil andEkaterina Luxury Cream for my daily PM routine instead of alternating them. I am currently out of Botanical Acid Toner and Witches Brew Mask due to over usage.

Overall thoughts

I now realize why I overused the Botanical Acid Toner and Witches Brew. It is because I was used to products with fillers and small amounts of actives. I now know that Sabbatical Beauty Products are very high in actives and you only need minimal product per use. I am completely sold that Sabbatical Beauty is the brand for me and that all women should use these products.  I just want to try everything. SB and the community is truly a blessing to me.


Watch Brittany's Week 2 Fall Box Routine!