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All About Julie! A Summer Box Reviewer

I am a true renaissance woman and I have many passions: Teaching and mentoring students and trying to make memes that teach them and keep them entertained. Learning about makeup, critiquing makeup, buying makeup, putting on makeup, talking to people about makeup, teaching people about makeup, writing about makeup. The color red. Buying weird statement pieces, like a jacket with photographs of cats all over it or sandals with dragon wings on the sides. 

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Hayne's Fifth Week With The Spring Box

"It almost feels silly to admit but using the box has been part of maintaining my mental health this spring. Every spring, the ups and downs in temperature (and climate! snow one day, bright spring sun the next) are detrimental to my mental health. Forcing myself to slow down, evaluate my skin, come up with tips for other users – it’s helped me focus on the positives. I think I’m even enjoying the spring season for the first time." - Read Hayne's final Spring Box update!

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Cristin's Fifth Week with the Spring Box

"The Spring Box is simply perfect for all skin types as we enter spring. It’s light enough to handle warmer weather, moisturizing enough to handle the off evenings with the heater still on, and takes into account our days basking in the sun all while making us GLOW like there’s no tomorrow. The Spring Box has everything for everyone. It’s a must have." - Read Cristin's last review of the 2018 Spring Box Now!

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