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All About Julie! A Summer Box Reviewer

All About Julie! A Summer Box Reviewer - Sabbatical Beauty

 In this series, we have our Summer Box Reviewers introduce themselves and let you know what their skin types and climates are like, so hopefully you can find a "skin twin" in them! Today we're speaking to Julie! Want first dibs on the Summer Box? Sign uphere!


Hey Julie! We’re so thrilled to have you on as a Summer Box Reviewer! Could you start by telling us about yourself?

I am a true renaissance woman and I have many passions: Teaching and mentoring students and trying to make memes that teach them and keep them entertained. Learning about makeup, critiquing makeup, buying makeup, putting on makeup, talking to people about makeup, teaching people about makeup, writing about makeup. The color red. Buying weird statement pieces, like a jacket with photographs of cats all over it or sandals with dragon wings on the sides. Trying to think of funny things to say on social media, particularly about professional wrestling. Finding excuses to eat spicy food. Trying to get my dog to do funny things. Reading tarot cards. Snuggling my husband. Trying to get my husband to do funny things. Getting tattooed on occasion. Collecting knicknacks featuring She-Ra, Jem and the Holograms, Hello Kitty, and theAlienmovies. Learning to be an entrepreneur. Fighting my own depression, anxiety, and adult ADHD and encouraging others to do the same. Fighting injustice, oppression, and despair in whatever small ways I can.


Awesome. Now could you tell us about your skin type, and the the conditions for summer for you?


At present, I would say I have combination skin. My t-zone is sometimes oily, and my cheeks and jawline are normal to dry. I struggle with hormonal acne around my chin, forehead, and jawline, and milia off and on, mostly on my cheeks and near my eyes. I also have erythematotelangiectatic rosacea on my cheeks which is really noticeable. My undereyes are looking a bit more dark in recent years, which I think is mostly shadows cast due to loss of plumpness. Nevertheless, I do have some areas around my eyes where veins show through.


I live in east central Indiana near the Ohio border, where we have typical midwestern summers: hot and humid, with frequent thunderstorms. But of course, since it’s the midwest, we could have the odd day where it hails!

Great, now tell me about what SB products have worked, and have not worked for your skin, so hopefully some SB folk can find a “skin twin” in you!


My all-time favorite SB product isMarine Serum! This was the first SB product I ever bought, and the one I have repurchased the most. It was hugely helpful for me in clearing up acne and controlling sebum production, and generally making my skin healthier and brighter. I loved it so much I bought a bottle for my husband, which started him on his skin care journey. He currently owns more wash-off masks than I do and has actually written a rap about Sabbatical Beauty.


Other products that have worked amazingly for me include:Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil, which significantly calmed down my redness andRed Wine Pressed Serum, which is wonderful for nourishing and moisturizing my face in the summer, andSake Kasu Mask, which I use to spot treat pimples to much success. Another favorite isMoar Honey II, which I use any time I have a skin irritation. When I have a bad cold, I put it on my chapped nose and lips and it instigates a miracle overnight!


One product that didn’t work so well for me was theRose Cleansing Balm. I loved the scent, but found it too difficult to get all the balm off of my face when I was done cleansing. I also tried theGot Grits? set, but nary a grit came out of my nose! Maybe I’m just not very gritty.


We’re so excited to work with you! More soon!

Want first dibs on the Summer Box? Sign uphere!

Watch Julie's video about being chosen as a Summer Box reviewer below!