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Madeline's Fifth Week With The Spring Box!

Madeline's Fifth Week With The Spring Box! - Sabbatical Beauty

Madeline Spring Box Day 35


General Impressions: By now, I’ve figured out how to use the products to get the most out of them.  Initially, I used too much of everything, but watching the other live videos of the other Spring Box reviewers, & reading the comments has helped me learn.  Now I just use 1-2 drops of serum on my fingertips & pat them in, then add more as needed. The weather changes my skin’s demands, too. Spring can be a fickle time for our skin!

Changes I’ve seen:  More even skin tone, dewier, rosier skin; fading of brown spots/sun damage, & subtle lessening of fine lines.  As I adjust the amounts & what I am using, and take notes, it helps me understand the products better. My skin is definitely better hydrated all the time!  Not using a separate moisturizer for years, just a combo sunscreen + moisturizer, had some negative effects. Sabbatical Beauty’s oils and creams are erasing years of neglect.

AM Routine & PM routine:  AM - after cleansing, Lotus Serum Mist (LSM Coming soon!) - 2 sprays done in circular motion (see Hayne’s video on this), Lift serum neck & jawline, Dorian Gray Serum (DGS), Marine serum, Pearl Serum (couple drops at most - to highlight, or maybe 3 drops if all over) - allow extra time for this to soak in, then AAEGO under eyes; Glow serum patted on dark spots, then Blush Beauty Oil (BBO) few drops rubbed between hands & blotted on - but if warm & T zone shiny, I used After Sun (AS) on this area.  Sunscreen, of course! (a must when using retinol such as DGS).

PM - Asian Powerhouse Serum (APS), Peat serum, DGS, Marine serum, AAEGO under eyes, Glow serum to dark spots, then BBO &/or AS followed by Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack (DMG SP).  NOTE: I apply most all of serums, etc. to face and neck, & DGS to R hand (so that I can compare to L hand as the weeks go by).

I know these are a lot of products to use, but I normally have time to do this; if you are in a rush, especially when getting ready for work/the day, I’d skip some of the serums & stick to one issue you really want to work on, then use BBO/ASand sunscreen.  You’ll probably need a light moisturizer (After Sun?)if you have dry/combo skin because I had mine in the sunscreen.

Any changes I’ve made:  I’ve tried to mask more often; my skin loves it & it is such good self care!  I continue to spot treat areas rather than slather everything on, & I give more thought to what I’m doing.

Overall thoughts:  Watching the videos from Marissa & other Spring Box reviewers, as well as reading comments in the SB FB group has been so helpful in learning about SB.  Korean skincare is very different from how most of us in the U.S. learned it. The ads for products sold here in the U.S. & women’s magazines were my teachers growing up.  NOT science-based, NOT necessarily good for our skin, & sometimes hard on the budget. If you truly want your skin to glow, to look younger than your age, to treat your acne more effectively, to develop a skincare regimen that actually works, & to feel & see the results of this self care, then go to SB’s website & FB group & dive in!