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Hayne's Fifth Week With The Spring Box

Hayne's Fifth Week With The Spring Box - Sabbatical Beauty

Hayne spring box day 35

General Impressions :

I keep writing the same thing but there is something in the box to address any problem that spring can throw at your skin! From chapped lips to dull skin to suddenly wintery weather, it’s got it all covered.

Changes I’ve seen :

Reviewing the Spring Box has helped enforce a self-care routine both morning and night. I’ve become hyper-aware of what is and isn’t needed for my skin on a daily basis, so I can use the products in the box to my advantage. The biggest change is that the combination of products has lessened the red spot flares that occur whenever I get stressed during the day. Even when I get these “stress bumps,” I manage them so that they don’t become acne.

It almost feels silly to admit but using the box has been part of maintaining my mental health this spring. Every spring, the ups and downs in temperature (and climate! snow one day, bright spring sun the next) are detrimental to my mental health. Forcing myself to slow down, evaluate my skin, come up with tips for other users – it’s helped me focus on the positives. I think I’m even enjoying the spring season for the first time. I still have the other usual spring issues (the box is not, after all, COMPLETE magic, even if it is rather magical) such as migraines, but it’s helped the other issues feel more manageable.

AM Routine & PM Routine :

AM – Goat Milk and Rice, APH, Piper’s Peat, Pearl, Blush Beauty Oil

Lotus Serum Mist (coming soon!) refresher during the work day

PM – VCCO, Goat Milk and Rice, APH, Dorian Gray Serum, Blush Beauty Oil, Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack

Any changes I’ve made :

I’ve cut out a step in my morning cleansing (just the new Goat Milk and Rice cleanser instead of VCCO) but I think with the rest of the spring box products, it’s helped my skin stay calm!

Overall thoughts :

There are some great products in the box that product both short-term results (what I like to call insta-results) and long-term results. For me, both Pearl and Blush Beauty Oil were fabulous for insta-results – I could see the difference/effect right away with these two! I would only use Blush Beauty Oil in the mornings if I woke up too late for work and my skin was quickly ready for an entire 8 – 9 hour day. Same for Pearl if I was in a rush and I felt like I needed some extra glow but didn’t have time to do a full make up routine. Pearl highlights your skin fabulously AND gives you some long-term glow with continued use. Camellia Rose Mask also is a quick picker-upper as it sloughs away all the flaky skin. Finally, Lotus Serum Mist (coming soon!) was a fantastically portable skincare routine during my workday – I was able to pat it over makeup and makeup-free skin.

Dorian Gray Serum, Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack, and After Sun worked in tandem to create some long-term results. Dorian Gray lightened out the dark spot under my eye that I’ve had for years and had been both embarrassed about and tried to cover up all the time. Even if the spot still exists, I’m proud to have done something about it and I can see it lightening up weekly.

The spring box taught me some tips that I can use (such as the “oil under sticky serums” method) and has given me some new favorites (Pearl! Blush! Rose Gold Lip Tint! Omg everything!). It’s truly been a great experience to do the reviews and be able to engage with the Sabbatical Beauty community on my journey.