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Marissa's Third Week With the Spring Box

Marissa's Third Week With the Spring Box - Sabbatical Beauty

Spring Box week 3 Progress - Marissa

General Impressions

I’m really enjoying my new Spring Box routine. My skin looks so radiant and bouncy! I have the highly sought-after chok chok glow, and I don’t want to cover it up with makeup!

Changes I’ve seen

My skin is brighter and has a supple dewy glow while feeling smooth and bouncy. My acne scars are starting to fade, my pores are smaller and I’m using less product.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM - single cleanse, Maple Essence toner, Asian Powerhouse, Tea Tree & Volcanic Ash, Marine serum, Lotus serum mist (coming soon!), coconut serum, Pearl serum, Magic Dragon, Anti-Aging Eye Gel Oil, Blush, SPF

PM - double cleanse, Maple Essence toner, Asian Power House, Tea Tree & Volcanic Ash, Dorian Gray serum, Marine, Moar Honey II, Magic dragon, Sleeping Beauty Oil, Anti-Aging eye gel oil, After Sun, Donkey Milk Sleeping Pack

I use Camellia Rose mask every 2-3 days then rinse off and follow with a foaming cleaner.

Any changes I’ve made

Sometimes I use Camellia Rose Mask at night vs only in the morning. I use less amounts of each product. On days when I don't have time, I'll just cleanse with Tea Tree Beauty Water and only use the contents of the Spring Box.

Overall thoughts

My skin is usually congested in the spring and my pores look bigger, but my pores are actually getting smaller. These products were such a great addition to my Kbeauty skin care wardrobe during my seasonal regimen transition.