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Madeline's Fourth Week With the Spring Box

Madeline's Fourth Week With the Spring Box - Sabbatical Beauty

Madeline spring box day 28


General Impressions​:

Donkey Milk Gel SP is a winner! I had a couple tiny breakouts nose/forehead (used too much BBO I think) & they healed in a day using DMG SP to spot treat in addition to all over face at night. My skin always feels softer after masking with Camellia Rose mask; use it on face & neck for sure.


Changes I've Seen​:

Brighter skin tone, continued fading of brown spots, &some finer lines are softening.. I feel no need for makeup unless L brow area is too red. Eyelid rash is all healed up!


AM Routine & PM Routine​:

AM​: Continuing LSM (Lotus Serum Mist - Coming soon!), Peat, Lift (neck & jaw area only) & DG serums; new serum Marine & I apply it especially to red areas (base of throat, R cheek, L brow bone).. Continuing to battle rashy/red areas; added Calm &/or WICto these areas at base of throat, R cheek. As they heal, skin gets flaky, so then I use Hydra if wasn't prior to that. I also use Cortisone OTC if itchy.

PM: I skip LSM & Lift at night, added Marine. I've started using After Sun rescue balm instead of BBO on T zone areas if oily. Continuing DMG SP on face, & Sake & Rice or Snow on neck (mainly due to running low on Donkey Milk Gel SP)..


Any Changes I’ve Made​:

Stopped DGS to brown spot L brow bone due to increasing redness, kind of taking the place of some of the brown. Think I need to apply DGS there with a cotton swab because it's much small now. Using Beauty Water more, sometimes after cleansing X 2 to make sure products are cleaned off skin. Added Marineserum for red areas, i.e., nose, rashy areas, base of throat. Warmer but seesaw weather day-to-day means skin hydration is varying, so I am adjusting the amount of Blush Beauty Oil accordingly. Sometimes I dab BBO on dry lips, & tiny amount over my hair if it’s flyaway.


Overall Thoughts:

​I need to increase masking using Camellia Rose Mask; it’s really soothing & gentle but my skin is softer & brightened afterward. I would like to try streamlining the AM routine more as if I am working 40 hrs/week, like most SB’ers. I need to pay more attention to drinking water as the weather warms up.