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All About Cindi: A Summer Box Reviewer

All About Cindi: A Summer Box Reviewer - Sabbatical Beauty
Cindi Summer Box 2018

In this series, we have our Summer Box Reviewers introduce themselves and let you know what their skin types and climates are like, so hopefully you can find a "skin twin" in them! Today we're speaking to Cindi! Want first dibs on the Summer Box? Sign uphere!


Hey Cindi! We’re so thrilled to have you on as a Summer Box Reviewer! Could you start by telling us about yourself?


I have a tendency towards all things natural, which I have always been drawn to, but that need really revved up when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, and started purging my house of all the chemicals we owned. I started making a lot of things myself, and found a lot of joy in finding more and more about Aryurvedic and Naturopathic medicine through independent study.


I love to be outside. I love to swim. I love hiking and just spending the day on a boat or the porch. I could live at the beach. I would love to have a job that involves spending a lot of time outside. I have plants all over my house to try and remedy my the limited time I actually have to be out in the woods where I’d rather be most of the time.


I am a mom of a 2-year-old, and a six year old German Shepherd mix pup. My husband is extremely supportive, caring and kind, an amazing cook (I know, I’m spoiled), and I thank god every day for the blessings in my life.


I love every type of food! But I have Celiac Disease, and I have Hypothyroidism; so sometimes my meal choices are limited, but this is always pushing me to try something new, which keeps things fresh.


By day I am a Warranty Administrator for an Automotive Group. I edit, code, and submit warranties for four of our manufacturers. It’s a hard job, but I enjoy it. I’m usually happy in a working environment where I can set my own goals, am constantly doing something new, and am always busy.

Awesome. Now could you tell us about your skin type, and the the conditions for summer for you?


I have combination skin: mostly oily everywhere except my cheeks, eyebrow area, and the bridge of my nose, which tend to get dry. I fight intermittent acne on my temples and jawline mostly. I have milia on the creases of my nose, sides of my mouth, and my chin. I also have early aging on the corner of my eyes, labial lines, and forehead. I also have dark spots all over, which popped up out of nowhere during my pregnancy.


My summer conditions are up and down living in West Virginia. The temperatures here can range from 55 (low - night time) to 98 (high - midday) in the summertime. You never know when it’s going to rain, or for how long. It can get very humid some days, but usually doesn’t last for more than a few days.


Great, now tell me about what SB products have worked, and have not worked for your skin, so hopefully some SB folk can find a “skin twin” in you!



VCCO/Oil Cleanser: PM - the most important part of my day, by far; sometimes ill massage this in for half an hour. I’m not satisfied until every bit of congestion is gone. It works.

Beauty Water: AM second cleanse. Perfectly balancing and setting for serums

Bamboo Cleansing Balm: great forBethany andsakekasu days when I really want a heavier oil cleanse; smells downright incredible - like you’re caught in a rainstorm.



MET: AM - this is an excellent way to activate your skin and get it ready for your serums. It just melts right in and makes it feel so good



APH: PM first step essence; really preps you for your evening moisture; softens away the inflammation like magic

Piper’s Peat: AM/PM, great for minimizing pores; I spot treat this on my acne and milia areas

Dorian Grey: spot treat on early aging areas around eyes, labial lines, forehead and neck; also helping with scarring and dark spots. Feels like silk going on; but too heavy for acne areas

Marine: PM - dry days only. Great for dry cheeks and nose-bridge areas; putting away for winter

Hydra: PM - great for acne and hydration and complexion balancing; putting away for winter

Lotus: AM - great for hydration, aging and oil balance - using instead of marine and hydra for summer and spring

Pearl: AM/PM - balances sebum production, gives me a nice healthy glow

Magic Dragon: AM/PM - under eyes for dark circles, and blended into breakout areas. Feels warm on skin. One of the few I can feel working when I put it on

RWPS: AM/PM - helps with dark circles, hydration, pore reduction and complexion. All around favorite product.

Glow: PM only for dark spots


Moisturizers/Beauty oils:

Blush Beauty Oil: AM/PM - just a few drops. Amazing for a daily glow and complexion balance

After sun: AM/PM - AM only on dryer days, PM for hydration and cooling the skin down.

Rose & Honey: PM - incredibly hydrating and softening - putting away for winter


Eye gels:

Bright eyes: AM - really wakes up my eyes and makes me look away even if I’m not

AAEGO: PM - incredibly softening and hydrating, helping with eyebrow growth, dark circles, and under-eye wrinkles



Bethany: spot treat on active acne areas only; really helps calm down angry pimples that are dying to get out

Sakekasu: all over for oil balancing, acne and aging; not over-drying

Blueberries & Cream: incredibly moisturizing when I feel like I need to repent for overdrying my skin to fight acne. Really warming and soothing. Makes my skin feel like silk and warm blueberry pie.

Holy Lotus: great for any day: can stay on for a long time without irritating; helps with hydration, oil balancing, complexion and aging. I could use this every day!

Camellia Rose: great for a complexion reset; skin always looks more even the next day

We’re so excited to work with you! More soon!

Watch Cindi's video about being chosen as a Summer Box reviewer below!