Unicorn Dreams Lip Scrub
Unicorn Dreams Lip Scrub

Unicorn Dreams Lip Scrub
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$ 35.00

Our luxurious Unicorn Dreams lip scrub is made with super hydrating and skin loving oils like coconut, cocoa butter and Argan Oil. Rub a little to slough off any chapped parts of your lips for a perfectly smooth, hydrated smile. Tastes *just* like birthday cake. 

Full size: $35 (1 oz).

Sugar, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil, Flavoring, Mica. 100% Vegan. 

Apply on dry lips, gently massage. Wash off with warm water, then follow with a hydrating lipbalm.

Customer Reviews

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A birthday cake lip massage

I've never used a lip scrub before, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I tried this one. It turns out that I really like it! The scrubbing process is basically a short but calming lip massage, and the scrub leaves my lips softer and redder. Plus, it smells amazing.

Magical lips

I'm loving this lip scrub. First, I tend tochew on my lips when I'm working hard (writing/reading/etc) or when I'm stressed out about deadlines. So I am often skeptical of lip products because they rarely are up to the challenge of healing. I'm happy to say that I've actually chewed less since using this because it actually rubs off the "unevenness" and that sparkly goodness is moisturizing too. Plus it smells like cake and tastes exactly like it smells. I'm so happy I started using sabbatical beauty recently, and this was a whim purchase (it is pink and sparkly with a unicorn...I couldn't not). I give it a little stir to mix in the liquidy goodness that tends to settle on the top (you can see it in my picture here). If I'm being honest I sometimes have to reapply it because I accidentally tasted too much. Definitely give Unicorn dreams lip scrub a try!

Yummy Treat for your Pout

Yes it tastes like cake. Yes I love unicorns. I also love sugar and coconut oil, which are the first 2 ingredients in this lip scrub. This is a great pre-lipstick prepper. It exfoliates dead, dry and peeling skin while adding supple moisture without it being greasy, oily or sticky. Right before applying lipstick, I'll wipe off the excess with a wet towel, then dap with a dry one. My lipstick goes on smooth and even and doesn't slide off.

Who knew this was a thing? I'm so glad I found out!

I had never heard of a Lip Scrub before this arrived in my mailbox, but I decided to give it a try. It smells delicious (actually like cake) and gently scrubs your lips to a delicious, smooth plumpness. Follow with a dab of Anti-Ageing Eye Gel Oil overnight for the softest lips you've ever felt the next day. Really nice!

Well, that's amazing.

I'm not a big makeup person, but I do like a zingy lipstick ... unfortunately, the highly pigmented lipsticks tend to be pretty drying, at least on me. So how is it that I've never used a lip scrub before? I'm hooked! Unicorn Dreams gently (and deliciously) not only scrubs off the little dry bits; it also provides lasting moisture with coconut and argan oil. This is going to get even more use this winter! (Oh, and did I mention the sparkles? And the flavor? And the scent? Treat yourself!)



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