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Help Us Pick Our Fall Box Reviewers!

After a very difficult decision process, below are our ten finalists!

Please help us choose our final four reviewers! Scroll down to the bottom to vote! Voting closes Sunday, July 22, 2018.

Dawn Travesio

From Dawn: "Hi I'm Dawn. I live in Queens, NY. I am 52 years old with normal to dry aging skin. Sabbatical Beauty is something that has been life changing for me. Not only do the products work better than anything that I have ever tried, but there is this wonderful community of woman who are so supportive of one another. Who could ask for more? I am hoping to be a presenter because I speak from the heart and I really believe in SB and I know that I could convey that in what I think will be a very approachable manner. As the owner of a small business that basically runs itself, I have the time to dedicate myself to the process. It would be a great honor to be able to share with and maybe, to be able to inspire a few to take this ride with me."

Dawn has normal skin in the summer, dry skin in the winter, and has concerns about aging. She will be in Queens, NY during the review period.

Victoria Barrera

From Victoria: "Hi! I am 39 years old and live in Houston, TX. I am of Mexican descent; I am a daughter, sister, wife and mom to 6 big kids. I just became a Glamma a month ago to a beautiful baby boy named Rey. I currently work as a sales coordinator for a hose manufacturer. I like to binge on tv, books and wine. :) As the last days or summer end and we transition into to fall, I think the majority of us become really just with start of of a new school year (and football season for me). With all the busyness I know that self care tends to me the first thing we neglect, we don't eat right, we don't sleep right and it's get tough to find the motivation to even use a make up wipe some nights. So I would like to be a motivation to this group if lovely people, the way they motivate me to be be better. My attention to detail, product knowledge and ability to actively listen to others would make me an ideal candidate for the the review process.

Victoria has dry, aging and acne prone skin and will be in Houston, TX during the review period.

Natalie Wang

From Natalie: "I'm an occasional writer who usually writes about cats, ghosts, and angry women. I maintain that they are all the same thing. I obsess about books, cats, and makeup but unfortunately don't get to spend nearly enough time with my loves. I love SB and skincare. I am also a meticulous and detailed writer and will be able to give concise reviews. I'm aiming to do one long one and one short video a week to make marketing individual products easier. Given also my ongoing frustrations with my skin (it has been a very bad year), I think sharing and talking about it with a supportive community will help both myself as well as the audience come to terms with our skin.

Natalie has combo-oily skin that is acne-prone, and will be living in tropical Singapore during the review period.

Brittany Davenport-Jeffcoat

From Brittany: "I am a lover of natural hair and skin products. I am a new beauty and lifestyle blogger. I’m pursuing a degree in Media Communications. I’m also a wife, mother and full-time administrative assistant. I would like to be a a reviewer of your products because it would give me a good start on what items to purchase and I love reviewing products. It’s my passion. What makes me a good reviewer is that I understand how important honest reviews are. I read reviews before and after I use them and review them because I want to give a thorough, inclusive review.

Brittany has oily and acne prone skin and will be living in hot and humid conditions during the review period.

Meghan McIntyre

From Meghan: "I'm 30, work full time in the pharmacy, I'm a mom to a 5yo and a 2yo (both boys). I like food, makeup, and video games. I feel like this would be a great opportunity to show a full time working mom can still fit in a SB routine daily (time wise and budget wise!) also our climate is pretty unique here (still relatively warm and very dry) and redness/sensitive/dry skin reaction to the fall box.

Meghan has dry, sensitive skin that is acne prone and has a tendency to redness. She lives in Arizona, where the weather will be between 60-70 on average, and dry.

Nicole Rodriguez

From Nicole: "I'm an outgoing crazy mother of 2. Love the outdoors and all things girly, my most favorite thing in the world is to disappear into nature, second fave thing is a lazy spa day in my jammies, one day I shall figure out how to combine both LOL! I love skincare, and i'm a total research nerd haha I have no problem going live and looking dorky and awkward on camera (see app vid LOL) and I'm all about sharing the nonsense that is self care and life. While I realize San Antonio does not experience a traditional fall weather, we do get strange weather patterns, to include hot days and super cool nights, fall is also a heavily stressful time for most people with the return of B2S and the madness that is the day to day routine, in my case stress means additional acne, so i'd love to see how the box performs for that. There will be tons of selfies and videos and before and afters involved from me LOL!"

Nicole has hormonal acne prone combination skin with some sun damage. She'll be living in South Central Texas during the review period.

Peyton Norton

From Peyton: "I’m a 50-year-old female, I have one Elementary-school aged child and, while I am a lawyer by trade, I am a stay at home mom. I live in Maryland, which is hot and humid now, but going to be drier in the Fall. My biggest skin concerns are to keep a clear complexion (I get chin acne when I’m stressed or when I don’t take proper care of my skin) and fighting the signs of aging. I’m personable, well-spoken, and exact. In addition, I generally manage to be witty in conversation. I have done three SB videos; two unboxing videos and one in which I did my full A.M. routine. Both were well-reviewed by other SB Facebook group members.

Peyton has normal/combination skin with signs of aging, and will be in a hot and humid climate during the review period.

Bevin Choban

From Bevin: "I turned 30 in the past year, which sparked some quarter life reflection and recommitment to being healthy in mind, body and spirit—but with a new feminist paradigm that focuses on empowerment instead of ‘fixing’ myself. This leg of life is about what refreshes and inspires me. This is how I found SB! My good friend Kate Browne shared an SB video by Adeline about self care that really resonated with me. That sparked my curiosity about SB and led me to the FB group, where I was a long time wallflower and more recently a delighted customer. In my professional life I have the joy of working with college students who are passionate about community development and nonprofit work (my background) and at home I enjoy being mom to 3 furry kids and partner to a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd and video game enthusiast—and by proxy I might spend a little too much time playing the Sims. I am being 100% honest--the idea of getting to preview a whole SB box just makes me giddy. The kind of excitement I get about a brand new notebook with zero writing in it. So many possibilities! I also love the idea of sharing my product experience with people who may identify with me and my skin type. One of the best parts about SB is that I see a variety of women I can relate to sharing their experiences and tips. It's wonderful as a customer to ask product questions and get feedback from people who've tackled the same skin issues. It would be really rewarding to return the favor."

Bevin has combination skin that is prone to redness, is fair and very sensitive. She has some signs of aging. She will be living in central Illinois during the review period.

Teresa Sherman

From Teresa: "Hi My name is Teresa and I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids. I am an inspiring Esthetician but right now I run a blog. I was diagnosed with Rhemotoid arthritis (RA is a autoimmune disease that attacks your joints and other parts of your body) about a year and a half ago. I try to love each day with love and kindness because you never know where life will take you. The reason I want to be a reviewer is to show people that Sabbatical products work. I am a skin care junkie and love to be able to give my view and results to other to help them make a decision on products to purchase that may help them achieve great results. I depend a lot on reviews when making purchases and usually research for awhile before pulling the plug so if I am able to help someone make a decision by them seeing my results than it makes me feel good. What makes a good reviewer is believing in the product and being transparent. I have come across fake reviews and regretted my purchase. A good review is honest and covers all aspects of the product.

Teresa has combination skin and will be in a hot and humid climate during the review period.

Elizabeth McGowan

From Elizabeth: "I’m from Michigan, 39 year old wife and mother to 2 children. I am also a “mother” to 10 teens who are in the foster care system. I love that my job is to love others, it’s hard but also rewarding. As I am a giver of my time and all my attention to others I suffered with depression and seeking a healthy way to take care of myself... finding SB on instagram help me get out of that funk. I want to share with other women how important self care is. For mental health and of course helps physically. I would love others to know they are not alone feeling like they are empty cups and can’t give anymore of themselves and can be filled back up in a healthy way that benefits your skin at same time. Win! Win! I am so glad I found SB

Elizabeth has acne-prone aging skin with some dark spots. She will be living in Michigan (high 70s, not so humid) during the review period.