Deidre's Fourth Week With The Winter Box

deidre winter box week 4 progress


Skin Type and Location: I have dry skin with signs of aging. I live in Lexington, VA, which is in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so it’s super cold and often wet.


General Impressions: Overall, the Winter Box’s products have not only made my thirsty skin more hydrated but more resilient. They work hours after application, so that even if I miss a routine, my skin still feels supple and moisturized. Whether I’m sick or so harried that I just fall asleep without doing my evening routine, it doesn’t matter. My skin will weather the, uh, weather.

Changes I’ve seen: Along with the increased hydration, my skin is more resilient. Last year, I would have to re-apply moisturiser or use hydrating face mists periodically throughout the day. My makeup and the climate would drain all moisture from my face, and I would spend upwards of an hour applying so many products to try to restore it. But in the morning, I wouldn’t see great effects and would start all over again. Now, my skin seems to be working like skin should, protecting me from the weather. I credit the Winter Box for that.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM: Wash with VCO. Apply Radiance Serum, Glow Pressed Serum, Bright Eyes Eye Gel, and Donkey Cream. True story: Because I use Donkey Cream twice daily, I ran out of my travel size from the Winter Box, and I just couldn’t live without it, so I purchased a full size.

PM: Wash either with Bamboo Cleansing Balm or Rice Against the Patriarchy and follow either with VCO. Apply Radiance Serum, Glow Pressed Serum, Anti-Aging Eye Gel Oil, Winter Is Coming Facial Oil Balm,  Donkey Cream, and Snow Sleeping Cream. On alternating nights, I will mask with the Botanical Gel Mask, the Milk Cream Mask, or Witches’ Brew Mask. On my body, I will apply a moisturizing hydrocortisone cream on active eczema spots and then go over those spots and my entire body with the Day Spa Body Cream. After I wash my hair, I will wring it out in the shower and again with a soft towel; when it is damp, I apply Coffee Hair Oil.

Any changes I’ve made: I’ve added Glow Pressed Serum, Winter Is Coming, and Bright Eyes to my routine.

Overall thoughts: I never thought my skin would feel comfortable, but it does. And not just comfort--GOOD.


Watch Deidre's Week 4 Winter Box Routine!


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