Victoria's Final Week with the Fall Box


Skin Type and Location:

I have dry, aging, acne prone skin and live in hot and humid Houston, TX.

General Impressions

I believe this box is beautifully curated. For me it is much more meaningful when the creator of these products designs a routine for a specific outcome.  The outcome has been nothing short of amazing!

Changes since before starting Box routine:

I have seen a dramatic decrease in milia.  I have had some in my chin that wouldn't budge but practically gone. A lot of the smaller acne scars are gone, my pitted acne scars and pores have decreased in appearance.

AM Routine & PM routine
AM- Aloe & Oat Cleanser, Strawberry Acid Toner or Tea Tree Beauty Water, AAEGO, APH & Marine, Pumpkin Spice Latte Serum, Apple Cider and Ekaterina.

PM- VCO, Aloe & Oat Cleanser, Witches Brew Mask, Botanical Acid Toner, AAEGO, DGS, Apple Cider Serum, Glow and then Dorian Gray Beauty Oil.

Things to note for people with your skin type/climate (remind people of skin type and climate) :

The key for me was consistency with using the products.  I live in humid climate with dry skin and sometimes it’s easy to not want to put anything on my face.  The results I achieved were thanks to consistent use.

Did you think this was a good purchase? Would you have purchased the Fall Box?

I have used a lot of the fall box products in previous releases but never together in a routine like this and it was the best!  Yes, it was a great experience and had I not been a reviewer I would most definitely purchase this box.

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