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Hayne's Fifth Week With The Spring Box

"It almost feels silly to admit but using the box has been part of maintaining my mental health this spring. Every spring, the ups and downs in temperature (and climate! snow one day, bright spring sun the next) are detrimental to my mental health. Forcing myself to slow down, evaluate my skin, come up with tips for other users – it’s helped me focus on the positives. I think I’m even enjoying the spring season for the first time." - Read Hayne's final Spring Box update!

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Hayne's Fourth Week With the Spring Box

"I’m very happy with the products in the box, even the ones I was initially on the fence about. Particularly with Pearl Serum, I felt overwhelmed with the thick texture but now I can’t imagine my routine without it! It acts as a bit of a highlighter with the sheen that it gives my face during the day." - Our Michigan Reviewer, Hayne

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