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One Week with the Spring Box - Hayne's Update!

One Week with the Spring Box - Hayne's Update! - Sabbatical Beauty

General Impressions

I first noticed the scent of the Spring Box products. I’ve never been a huge ‘rose’ fragrance fan before, and starting from the Camellia Rose Mask to the Blush Beauty Oil, I was pleasantly surprised with how ‘real’ the roses smelled! I absolutely adore the gardenia in After Sun as well.

Changes I’ve seen

I’m now in week 1 (Thursday, 2/22 - Thursday, 3/1) of product application so I wasn’t expecting much. The first few days, I completely did not realize we could incorporate some of the other SB products that we’d been using and I think that contributed to new product overload! Hence, a bit of chin and cheek breakout. However, Michigan has also been having some abnormal spring weather (even for Michigan standards, it was 60 degrees F yesterday and today we are under winter weather advisory for 8 inches of snow!). On top of which, I am just getting over flu so the breakout could be a combination of anything.

However! I have a dark old acne scar spot under one of my eyes that I’ve been very self-conscious of and I am amazed at how much it is evening out in tone in ALL kinds of light. (It will seem lighter in dimmer light but be very obvious under fluorescent light.) The Dorian Gray Serum has contributed immensely to it showing up less and less - within a week! I’ve also started to have glowier skin again, after getting a bit dull in the winter weather (I came back from a trip to Minnesota, where it was -20 degrees F some days.)

AM Routine & PM routine

Typical AM : Asian Powerhouse Serum, Piper’s Peat, Pearl Serum, Lotus Serum Mist (coming soon!), Blush Beauty Oil

Typical PM : Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil, Camellia Rose Mask, Asian Powerhouse Serum, Piper’s Peat, Dorian Gray Serum, Blush Beauty Oil, Donkey Milk Sleeping Pack

I currently don’t have a great sunscreen, otherwise, I’d love to use Dorian Gray Serum during the day as well!

Any changes I’ve made

  1. When I reincorporated Peat, the products absorbed so much better.

  2. The very first day I received the box (Wednesday, 2/21), Donkey Milk Sleeping Pack was one of the first things I spot tested and wanted to try. I used it on a very bare face (literally cleansed with Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil as I didn’t realize we could use other SB products!) and it felt like it tightened my skin and started to flake. I’ve found out that it pairs beautifully with Blush Beauty Oil in particular and doesn’t cause the tightening or the flaking! It has shown great instant results for spot treating acne.

  3. Someone also mentioned following the Camellia Rose Mask with Holy Lotus Mask, and it was a match made in Holy Lotus Camellia heaven.

  4. The first time I used Blush Beauty Oil, I didn’t realize it was a lot ‘heavier’ than Piper’s Peat, which is the only other oil-type of SB product I had used. I used about 3 - 4 droplets and it seemed to ‘sit’ on my face, with little absorption. When I lightened application to 1 - 2 droplets, it was perfect as a final finishing moisturizer.

Overall thoughts

This box, believe it or not, smells and feels like spring! From seeing the delicate petals floating in Blush Beauty Oil to smelling the soothing After Sun ‘walk in a gardenia path’ balm all the way to the slight gold sheen of Rose Gold Lip Tint (coming soon!) reminding me of a gentle sun ray . . . It’s been a fantastic way to feel the emotions of spring in a climate that is very back-and-forth about the actual season. I’m still learning how best to aim and spray Lotus Serum Mist (also coming soon!) so I hope to report back some tips and tricks for next time. Additionally, my husband has started part of a routine using products from the Spring Box (Pearl, Dorian Gray Serum, Blush Beauty Oil) and I will be updating on his one-week results next week!

Hayne's PM Routine!