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Hayne's Week 3 Spring Box Update

Hayne's Week 3 Spring Box Update - Sabbatical Beauty

        Hayne Spring Box Week 3

General Impressions

The thoughtfulness in putting the Spring Box products together has really impressed me this week. It’s got a product to address each possible spring skin issue that occurs! I love that it’s not geared towards a specific skin type as I’ve been able to share the products with my husband, who has a lot drier skin than I do - specifically, flaking in his chin/stubble area.

Changes I’ve seen

My skin tone has evened drastically. Which is great BUT also highlights the red stress spots that pop up. For a day or so, I was worried that I was breaking out but noticed that it’s actually because the rest of my face has evened out in tone.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM : VCCO, APH, Lotus Serum Mist (Coming Soon!), Blush Beauty Oil

Also, some days I’ve simplified routine to : VCCO, APH, Blush Beauty Oil

PM : VCCO, APH, Dorian Gray Serum, Blush Beauty Oil, Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack

Simple PM : VCCO, APH, Pearl Serum

Any changes I’ve made

I have been having an overall stressful week at work and that has contributed to more breakouts so I’ve incorporated a simpler routine for the last half of the week. I’ve appreciated the simplicity of APH layered with Blush Beauty Oil as the oil soaks in beautifully as part of a 2-layer routine. I would highly recommend this for people who find it overwhelming at first. The same goes for Pearl - if it seems to not soak in well, simplify routine down to 2 layers of APH and Pearl Serum.

Overall thoughts

While a multi-step routine has been great as a wind-down to my day, I’ve realized this week that a simplified regimen is absolutely possible with the Spring Box. It’s helped me focus on certain skin issues (stress-related breakouts).

My husband has also been doing a routine for the past week and a half with me, and Blush Beauty Oil in particular (in addition to Pearl) has helped show improvement in the flaking on his stubble area.