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Rachel's Fourth Week With The Summer Box

Rachel's Fourth Week With The Summer Box - Sabbatical Beauty

rachel week 4 progress summer box


Rachel has normal to oily skin with a tendency for clogged pores and acne. She lives in sunny Singapore, where temperatures average 30-35°C/85-95°F, and humidity ranges between 70-90%.


General Impressions

This was a week of too many snoozes. Some mornings I’ve had to cut my routines waaay down just so I could leave the house on time! Luckily for me, the Summer Box has had my back all the way, and my skin is always happy no matter how little I put on it. There are so many great multitasking products in here – even if you have the most minimalist routine, with these babies you'll be good to go.

Changes I’ve seen

As always, my main trackers of efficacy are my cheeks. This week was a little bit of a bumpy (get it??) one. In the first half of the week, they were kind of inflamed, red, and raw, and there were a few spots on each side waiting to come to head. I just kept at my routine and threw in a few extra serums here and there where I felt my skin needed a boost.

Over the past three days, things have definitely gotten markedly better. This morning, actually, I woke up with some of the best skin I've had in months! The bumps on my cheeks had flattened out nicely – there was no more pus and gunk underneath waiting to surprise me, and everything was almost completely smooth.

Apart from my problem cheeks, the rest of my face has been consistently soft, smooth, and plump. I haven't had any new spots anywhere else since I started using the Summer Box.

My skin tone is also much more even now, and whatever redness (apart from that caused by my clogged pores) I used to have is now a thing of the past – it’s given way to the Summer GLOW!

AM Routine & PM routine

AM Routine:

Peppermint Water (removes sleeping pack)

Oatmeal & Rice Cleansing Grains (good for physical exfoliation,coming soon!)

Bamboo Foaming Cleanser (coming soon!)

Janah’s Strawberry Exfoliating Toner (coming soon!)

Cucumber & Aloe Mist (occasionally,coming soon!)

Coconut Serum

Red Wine Pressed Serum


PM Routine

Vacuum Cleansing Oil

Mask (Detox – in the Summer Box, orDorothy)

Bamboo Foaming Cleanser (coming soon!)

Janah’s Strawberry Exfoliating Toner (coming soon!)

Piper’s Peat Serum

Coconut Serum

Marine Serum

Radiance Serum

Moar Honey II Serum

Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack

Sleeping Beauty Oil

Any changes I’ve made

This week, I cut out Peat from my AM Routine, simply because I didn't really have the time to pop on an extra serum. I didn't notice a huge difference in my skin during the day since I still had Coconut working its magic.

At night, I'm working on getting more healing serums in there (like Moar Honey II) to soothe my cheeks, as well as throwing in a few things that will help with the leftover scars and redness (like Radiance Serum and Dorothy Mask).

Overall thoughts

This week taught me that patience is everything. The Summer Box does deliver some pretty instant results, as do most of Sabbatical Beauty’s products, butreal and permanent change in your skin takes time. The Summer Box is a great investment in your skin, plus it gives you an idea of how long it'll take for your skin to really start changing for the better.

Click to watch Rachel's Week 4 Summer Box Routine!