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Meet Marissa, Our Winter Box Reviewer!

Meet Marissa, Our Winter Box Reviewer! - Sabbatical Beauty

In this series, we have our Winter Box Reviewers introduce themselves and let you know what their skin types and climates are like, so hopefully you can find a "skin twin" in them! Today, we're chatting with Marissa! Want first dibs on the Winter Box? Sign up here!

Hey Marissa! We’re so thrilled to have you on as a Winter Box Reviewer! Could you start by telling us about yourself?



I am a 33 year old stay at home mother of 5 living in Northern California. I have worked in the beauty and cosmetics industry for about 13 years and am a super skincare nerd.

Awesome. Now could you tell us about your skin type, and the the conditions for winter for you?

My skin is normal to oily with rare breakouts of 1-4 blemishes at a time. When the heater is on in my house, my skin gets a little dehydrated so I have to boost moisture levels in my skincare. Silicon Valley has a very dry micro-climate despite being surrounded by the ocean and forest, so even though I lean towards oily skin, I moisturize like I have dry skin. My target concerns are radiance and discoloration. I'm starting to show the first signs of aging through age spots, fine lines around my eyes and creases in my neck, so I use products to specifically tackle those target areas.

Great, now tell me about what SB products have worked, and have not worked for your skin, so hopefully some SB folk can find a “skin twin” in you!

It all works! Everything I've used is so effective. It's pretty impressive how consistently SB delivers. To narrow things down, I'll post my top 5 products I use every single day.

  • Maple Essence Toner - I use it once with a cotton pad to swipe away excess residue after cleansing, then pat it into my skin to prepare for maximum absorption of my other products.
  • Asian Powerhouse Serum - this essence is loaded with so many anti-aging ingredients like hylouronic acid for maximum hydration, sake for softening and toning, ginseng for brightening, camellia japonica extract for moisture, goji berry for antioxidants, mushroom for skin sensitivities such as acne, rosacea and eczema, and much much more!
  • Marine Serum - you know that $300 cream of the sea? How about spending only $50 without the 20 + unpronounceable filler ingredients? Marine will boost your skincare game to a luxury level you never thought you could afford. The FIRST ingredient in this miracle potion is Sea Kelp Bioferment, which means this is one power packed serum! Adeline put all the seaweeds in this one haha! Since sea kelp and algae helps with collagen production and inflammation, I've noticed my skin doesn't have any redness (even around my nose) and my skin is so plump and bouncy.
  • Coconut Serum - What can't coconuts DO? It moisturizes, hydrates, soothes, brightens, protects and smells delicious!
  • Sleeping Beauty Oil - Don't fight your oily skin, nourish it! SBO contains Blue Tansy oil which helps with balancing oil and keeping acne at bay. Retinol which promotes rapid cell renewal, is the only anti-aging ingredient with proven results. It reduces wrinkles, discoloration and scarring. Camellia oil is identical to the oils in our skin so it absorbs quickly and effectively pumping our skin with Omegas and oleic fatty acids.
  • My favorite moisturizers are Donkey Cream, Camel Milk Cream and Rose & Honey, but I switch them up regularly based on what I feel my skin needs.

    We’re so excited to work with you! More soon! 

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