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Dale's First Week With The Summer Box!

Dale's First Week With The Summer Box! - Sabbatical Beauty

dale week 1 summer box

General Impressions

While I just started using the box this weekend, I loved EVERYTHING I opened on Friday during my unboxing.  The entire box says, “Hello Summer!” It’s been a work weekend--one of those wake-up-behind weekends. I only got in one routine each day, but, surprisingly, even that made a difference!

Changes I’ve seen

My skin is smoother and plumper—in a good moisturized way— than it has been in a while.  I am less oily in my t-zone throughout the day. I’m eager to see what happens next week as the weather warms and I integrate all of thesummer box into my routine.

AM Routine & PM routine

My morning routine begins withBeauty Water with Rose, Lavender and Silk.  I love the gentle exfoliation and moisturizing--a nice welcome to the day.  My skin feels clean, but not stripped of moisturizer. I then use myCucumber Mint Vegan Foaming Cleanser.  My skin feels even more balanced after this cleanser.  My skin feels really soft after Cucumber Mint. After my double cleanse, I move to myDorian Gray's Anti Aging Serum.  This serum makes my skin HAPPY!  It leaves me moisturized, including places I can get really dry like my cheeks, above my eyebrows, and at the corners of my eyes.  My skin looks plumper withDorian Gray.  This is a daily serum for me.  I end my regular routine withAnti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil.  This gel-oil helps keep the corners of my eyes moisturized, which eliminates the emphasis on the lines at the corners of my eyes.  

Any changes I’ve made

I have added thePeppermint WaterandCoconut Serum into my routine--replacing myBeauty Water with thePeppermint Water and using theCoconut Serum before myDorian Gray.  I love what I am seeing so far: smoother and plumper skin with less shine and more glow.

Overall thoughts

I cannot wait for next week when I add in all the products because of the results I got this week using only two new products for such a short time.  My summer skin routines have been the worst because I never moved into a summer routine. Sometimes I was causing more problems for my face because I treated my skin as if it needed winter skin care.  I am looking forward to this summer and to better learning how to get my summer-skincare game on. Thank you for letting me share my journey with you. Next week, I’m bringing in all the entire summer-box players!  <3

Click to Watch Dale's Summer Box routine!