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Cindi's First Week with the Summer Box

Cindi's First Week with the Summer Box - Sabbatical Beauty


cindi summer box week 1



General Impressions

My first impressions so far have been enjoying the myriad of scents and textures in the Summer Box. Everything in the box smells different, like an ingredient out of a tropical island, and they all seem like they are going to work together really well. I was surprised with the silky feel of the cleansing grains, and overwhelmed with the fruity cocktail scent of the exfoliating toner. Thecoconut serum was much thinner that I had initially envisioned, and also more hydrating than I thought it would be as well.


Changes I’ve seen

The most drastic changes I have noticed in the past week (today is day 6), have been overall lowering of my sebum production, a nice balancing in the dry areas in my cheeks, and reducing the milia in the creases of my nose.

My breakouts have also drastically reduced; or at least no new ones have come up, and almost all evidence of pimples that were trying to emerge at the beginning of the week have completely diminished. This is probably because since starting the new cleanser and toner, I have noticed my pores cleaning out a lot faster than usual, and have had an excessive amount of grits since the beginning of the week.


AM Routine & PM routine

There are still a lot of adjustments being made to the routine daily, but here’s what I’ve gotten to so far:


Bamboo Foaming cleanser -coming soon!

Cleansing grains (every other day) -coming soon!

Peppermint Water (every other day, when I’m not using the grains)

Strawberry Exfoliating Toner (every other am/opposite the mornings I’m using the      cleansing grains) -coming soon!

Maple Essence Toner

Cucumber & Aloe Mist -coming soon!

Piper’s Peat SerumLotus Serum Mist

Coconut SerumMarine Serum (just cheeks)

Pearl Serum

Magic Dragon (just under eyes and blended to any acne areas)

Red Wine Pressed Serum 

Bright EyesBlush Beauty OilAfter Sun




Vacuum Cleaning Cleansing Oil

Bamboo Foaming Cleanser -coming soon!

Asian Powerhouse Serum

Piper’s Peat

Dorian Grey Serum

Hydra Serum

Marine Serum

Pearl Serum

Magic Dragon Serum

Red Wine Pressed Serum

Glow (dark spots/scars only)

Blush Beauty Oil

After Sun

Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack

I have used theDetox Mask twice so far since receiving the box as well!


Any changes I’ve made

So far, I have not made any drastic changes to my routine. I had initially tried taking out hydra and marine from my routine, but found that I was getting too dry; I think part of the reason for this is because the Exfoliating toner is lowering sebum production, so I need more moisture than I did before. I have started to use the cucumber mist as my first serum in the mornings, and it is working quite well. I’ve also stopped usingHydrain the mornings only, and that is working well also.

Overall thoughts

Everything in the box seems to balance very nicely; not to mention that it smells like a tropical island. While the Exfoliating Toner is helping me balance oil production and causing a tiny bit of irritation -- the cucumber mist and theDetox mask calm it right back down nicely. So, besides the toner, nothing here is very aggressive, which I imagine was intentional in order to help us transition into trying out the first gentle acid from Sabbatical Beauty. I am thoroughly enjoying the summery scents of the items, and the smooth and silky textures of the cleansers and serums.

The cucumber mist has the most pleasing and slight minty scent to it, and soaks it rapidly - if I didn’t feel the need to stretch the sample the full five weeks, I’d probably spray it on several times a day. I had a rough time trying to convince myself that thecoconut serum was hydrating enough, since it is a very thin serum likeAsian Powerhouse, but it is deceivingly hydrating, despite it’s thickness. The cleansers and the beauty water are working together beautifully for a double cleanse, and making my face nice and smooth and ready for my routine. TheDetox Mask is extremely soothing; it smells like I’ve put a fresh green smoothie on my face, which is very relaxing and really makes me feel like I’m letting it do all of the hard work for me.

Overall, the hardest part has been very slowly, and carefully, adjusting my routine as the weather warms up, and learning that it doesn’t have to be done all at once.