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Sabbatical Beauty Scholarship Finalists 2018

Below are our eight finalists for the Sabbatical Beauty Scholarship 2018.


We have two full scholarships of $1000 and a third prize of $300 to give away, and each recipient will also receive a $100 gift card to Sabbatical Beauty.

Please help us make our decisions about the winners by watching their videos below, clicking through to read their research, and to vote on your favorites. Please share this page too, so their research can receive some well-deserved attention!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to vote!

"Beauty In/Action"
by Darci Doll

In this project, Darci Doll will be studying beauty companies which fight against negative stereotypes about beauty and promote a conscious message of empowerment. She will share her research in a series of videos, blogs and submit an article for publication in a National Magazine. Click here to read more about Darci's research and why she wants to receive a SB Scholarship.

"Empowerment Through Health & Fitness" by Lore McSpadden

Lore is applying for the scholarship complete the writing, photography, and videos for their upcoming e-book, 30 Days of Kind Movement,an intersectional and body-positive guide towards developing an empowering and sustainable relationship to movement. This project is designed to help people embody their capacity for empowerment through self-care. Read more about Lore's research here.

"Community-Supported Self Care" by
Madeleine Ferguson

In this project, Madeleine proposes writing a zine about the ways in which online communities can help foster self-care and healing of trauma. Find out more about her research here.

"Other Mothering" by Kel Hughes

Through qualitative methods, Kel's study examines the role of Black female teachers identified as “othermothers” in suburban settings with three questions -- what is the experience of the suburban othermother; what is her essence; how does she see herself and her responsibility to her community? Find out more about Kel's research here.

"Racing Women: Women of Color Triathletes"
by Gabriela Nunez

My aim is to create an online resource for women in the sport of triathlon to share their stories and inspire other women to join the sport. Triathlon training and racing provides an active form of self- mental and physical care. The combination of swimming, cycling, and running helps me cope with anxiety, and helped me get through intense post-partum blues after I had my son. The sport makes me feel proud of myself and is an empowering way to fight any negative body image narratives in my head. Because of the joy and positivity that triathlon brings to my life, my goal is to share the sport with other women and encourage women to participate. Read more about Gabriela's work here.

"Uplifting Mother Scholars" by
Chicana Motherwork

The Chicana M(other)work Collective is applying to complete the remaining work for their forthcoming book anthology, The Chicana M(other)work Anthology: Porque sin madres no hay revolución, under contract with the University of Arizona press. The CMW collective is a group of five Chicana mother-scholars across different universities and working within different positions in academia (e.g. graduate students, staff, professors). This anthology brings together emerging scholarship and testimonios written and created by self-identified Chicana and Women of Color mother-scholars and allies who center mothering as transformative labor through an intersectional lens. Learn more about their research here.

"Body Functionality, Body Image & Disability" by
Erin Thomas

Scholars and activists have explored the relationship between body functionality (things the body can do) and appearance (the way the body looks). Erin is particularly interested in understanding how women with physical and mobility disabilities think about body functionality, including its relationship to appearance and how it contributes to overall body image. Women with physical disabilities are exposed to and expected to conform to the same dominant cultural body and beauty ideals that are known to be detrimental to women’s body image, while also experiencing differences in body structures and function that may additionally influence the way they think about body image. Unfortunately, body image research to date has largely excluded this population. Find out more about Erin's work here.

"Disability in the Library" by JJ Pionke

JJ is applying for funding to attend two continuing education seminars to continue his work on disability in the library. Within the SB community, discussions of disability happens quite frequently in terms of talking about depression, struggles with identity and fitting in, self-care, and of course the positive support as each person in the community grapples with their lives and the things that happen to them. JJ sees both seminars that he wants to attend as enhancing my abilities to understand the narratives that he is hearing in his research and in the SB community, both in terms of the numbers and stories. Find out more about JJ's work here.