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"Community Supported Self-Care" By Maddy Ferguson

Madeleine Ferguson

Why Do You Want A Sabbatical Beauty Scholarship?

I would like to have some time to write this summer. As a mom of two young children, student, and small business owner, it is almost impossible to find the time. This scholarship would take some of the financial pressure off and allow me to do so.


Research Statement by Maddy Ferguson

To say that trauma is my life is such a complex statement I could write volumes explaining it, however, I will do my best to sum it up in a paragraph:

The first part of my life was spent experiencing trauma. As a result, I have made the decision to dedicate the rest of my life dedicated to and studying and spreading awareness of the effects of it.

Trauma is a human condition, although there are different levels of it, it unites us all. Women are uniquely at risk to certain types of trauma, which is why I feel research within the supportive environment found in Sabbatical Beauty's community would be so helpful to furthering understanding of the ways we can help each other evolve as human beings.

We already know how trauma happens. We have lived it. What we need to figure out is how to overcome it. I see it happening all the time in this amazing group of women.

I would like to spend some time this summer researching and writing about this group, then compile a zine or chapbook about my experience with you guys that you can distribute because it has been so healing for me, and I would love for people to be able to better understand this aspect of Sabbatical Beauty, and trauma healing through community supported self care in general.

I would like to use the scholarship to create some more time for myself to spend with the community, as well as to write and reflect about the ways women are made visible and connected to each other due to technology whereas in the past it would not have been as likely to happen.

Here is the timeline for my project:

By May I would like to have enough notes to create an outline and decide the final format (zine, chapbook, etc.)

By July I would have a rough draft ready and begin to revise (I revise obsessively and will probably disappear off the face of the planet in this phase)

By August I will have the final project ready and get it into downloadable .PDF and printable format for distribution.

I have really enjoyed spending time in the group and writing is one of the coping skills that has gotten me through my darkest times, so I would love to spend some time this summer combining the two and researching ways community supported self care impacts the success rates of trauma healing. I believe this information could be very valuable not only to women in our small community, but to the world. Thank you for reading.

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